Get 2 Mbps PTCL DSL Connection for the Price of 1Mbps

PTCL is once again upgrading its 1Mbps DSL connections to 2Mbps speeds without any extra charge till March 31st, 2015, said a note published on its website.

Customers can either retain their 2Mbps DSL speeds after the end of promotion period by paying extra (Rs. 1,549 per month) or they can down-grade their DSL speeds back to 1Mbps to keep paying their usual Rs. 1,250 monthly fee.

Here are promotion features:

  • 2Mbps Broadband promotion charges: Rs.1,250 per month.
  • All Regular 1Mbps customers are being upgraded to 2Mbps.
  • Valid Up to 31st March 2015.
  • Rs 1,549 will be charged for 2Mbps after promotion period.
  • No extra charges will be charged to customer before  31st March 2015.
  • All customer who do not wish to continue with 2Mbps will have to Opt out by calling 1236 and reverting back to 1Mbps.

PTCL has been following this practice of forcefully upgrading the DSL speeds for its broadband customers, where they have to opt-out themselves to avoid extra charges.

While customers are usually not happy with such time-bound promotions that charge them more after expiry, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority seems to be okay with it as it has never hindered PTCL in continuing its long-running strategy of upgrading customers without their consent.

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  • Faizan Ali

    there is a typo in the article, the promotion end date is “till March 31st, 2014” where as it should be 2015 I guess ?

  • Mudassar

    Another funny offer from Peetcl :)

  • Eli Ehsan


  • adil

    Badmashi hai yar ptcl ki

  • Saqib


  • Guest

    I was looking forward to take a PTCL connection of 1Mbps, then in my area Telenor 3G was introduced where its speed crossed 4Mbps, and its cheap package 5GB, I changed my mind! PEETCL it’s time to bring GOOGLE OPITCAL FIBER technology in your system, otherwise you’re a losssssser!

  • Paindoo

    What about the 2Mbps connections? Are they also being upgraded to 4Mbps?

    • Rehmat Ali

      Paindoo 3 Mbps ka tum ne kiya karna….. Bhainse charani hay :D

      • Paindoo

        Haha :D
        Something like that :P But seriously, do you have any idea?

        • It never going to happen. :P
          PTCL is trying to make 2Mbps minimum speed.

  • Arsalan Shah

    What about current 2Mpbs customers? Will they be offered their packages at a discounted price of Rs. 1,250/month?

    Pathetic policies of a pathetic company. Every company mainly focuses on KEEPING THEIR CUSTOMERS, rather than upgrading/bringing new customers. Yes, that needs to be focused on too, but regular customers are usually a priority as if the REGULAR customers leave a company, the company dies.

    PTCL did the same for Evo, what it does for Broadband, but those stup*d people sitting at the top don’t realise, that every customer can purchase 2, 3, even 5 evo devices with every promotion, but if a regular customer leaves DSL, they will NEVER be back.

  • #changePTCL

    Sick of their FOR CERTAIN PERIOD offers , instead of increasing the base speer level they are just looking to make more money!

  • MMMTheHacker

    Wow propakistani. This promotion started in the end September 2014 and you are posting about it now…….

  • Fakhre Alam

    i am searching for a 3g/4g router for my home, once i buy or import it i will kick ptcl’s modem in their butt.

  • usman

    Im pretty happy with such offers from PTCL!
    I get to enjoy higher bandwidth for the same price for a couple of months and when the promotion ends, just one call reverts me back to my previous package.
    I personally hope PTCL continues such offers.
    I’d also like to mention here, that I’m a satisfied PTCL Customer, Alhumdulillah.

    • Saqib

      and when one of the such offers end, a new one comes, and I subscribe it again :D

  • Shahbaz

    well h had dsl connection two days befor i mean i had a new connetion i pad for 1mbps for what my 1mbps is daracted pormotet 2mbps or i should call the head office