QMobile to Feature Priyanka Chopra for its New Smartphone Brand LINQ

QMobile is about to launch its new smartphone brand with the name of LINQ in Pakistan and to start-off the things, company has signed Priyanka Chopra to endorse its new range of LINQ smartphones.

Reportedly LINQ Smartphone range will include Android phone with better than QMobile specs. While we don’t have exact details as of now, but unofficial word is that LINQ Smartphones will bring more-RAM, enhanced operating system and better storage capacities. Yes, they will be supporting 3G networks.

Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO of Qmobile, confirmed ProPakistani about the launch of LINQ and said new smartphone range is more innovative, qualitative and is specifically tailored for youth.


Priyanka Chopra and Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO QMobile, posing together with LINQ Smartphones

Unofficial reports suggest that company will launch three smartphones with starting price-tag of Rs. 12,000 that will go up to Rs. 30,000 for high-end device.

We assume that LINQ smartphones will try to contend power hungry smartphone users, who were otherwise not willing to embrace QMobile.

Despite having over 50% market share in Pakistani handset market, and having Z4 and Z3 on the offering, QMobile has struggled to establish its footing in mid-to-high-end market.

LINQ smartphones is clearly an effort to change this.

With Priyanka Chopra onboard, LINQ smartphones are expected to gain popularity among the young who prefer high-end gadgets at a price that is affordable.

LINQ is likely to be launched this Sunday.

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  • Dear Zeshan, why you hiring Indian actors and actress for the promotion of QMobile. Pakistani actors and far better than Indian actors. Me and my friends have stopped using QMobile only for this reason. Lets use this advertising money within Pakistan. I hope you will re-visit your decision.

    • Which Pakistani actress? Meera? Or Resham? How about Veena Malik? We all know how many die hard fanboys these blockbuster superstars have.

      • O bhai chahe Emma Watson ko hi q na rakh lo Advertisement me. jis ne nhi khreedna wo kbhi ni khreeday ga chahe PC ko rkho ya BC ko.
        Mobile k features dekhe jatay hain,Ad mein rakhe gae Actors nhi

        • Kia logic hai. Sadion se ads main celebrities use kiye ja rahe hain and you’re saying they make no difference.

          • Ap ki logic to meri logic se bhi alaa hai, yani jo cheez “sadion” se ho rhi ho wo sahi hoti hai. Wah, O bhai insan agr sadion walay behaviour pe hi chalta rhe to kbhi taraqi nhi kr sakta. insan cheez hi aisi hai k us ka behaviour or taste badalta rehta hai. Ab celebs wali advertisement ko bhool jao.

      • What I dont understand is the need to use bad song parodies, dances and models to promote phones.

        Has the mindset of Pakistani population fallen that much?

    • Indian actresses are great attraction for QMobile target market. Strictly speaking in business/marketing terms.

  • What’s wrong with hiring Pakistani celebs to promote your phones? Its not like Priyanka dekh ke mey ap logon ka ghatiya phone khareed lu ga…

    • Flipping question around, what’s wrong with hiring non-Pakistani celebs?


      They’re all human.

      • Yar ap hmesha achi baat krte ho lekin ye chawal maar di. :( ENJ NI HONDA. If all are human hire Molvi Fazlullah or Mmulla umar in ads LOL.they are famous and have huge fan following.

        • Well, of course there are limits. For an absurd example, no sane person would think of hiring a man for an advert about women’s shoes. Or hire a blind person for an advert about motorbikes. (Unless Google comes out with self driving motorbikes :):):)

          In this particular case, if the “model” hired is not in any way offensive to Islam or Muslims or Pakistanis, who cares about the nationality, colour, religion, age, gender, etc etc etc. It simply does not matter.

          • U r right. If they can hire pakistani models/ celebs for modeling and movies and the same reaction comes from Extremist indians then why not this one.. :)

          • You are almost absolutely correct, Shahid. And I say “almost” because although it’s great that QMobile is hiring Non-Pakistani celebrities for advertising their latest phones, I think our own celebrities should be given a sporting chance as well sometimes. There is a wide plethora of amazing people like Humaima Malik, Marwa Hocane and her sister, and Ayyan, etc who would be perfect for the job.
            And anyway, their inclusion in the QMobile ads, or rather lack-thereof, would be forgivable if the Indian folks treated our celebrities the same way. How come they almost never hire our celebs for their mobile phone adverts?
            You have to admit that the people in the advertising department of QMobile are, to a certain extent, brainwashed, prejudiced and biased.

            • I don’t understand why you have to compare Indian mobile ads with Pakistani mobile ads at all. It makes no sense. Since when did there become a reciprocal quota system for celebs? “We will use 2 of your celebs for our ads if you use 2 of our celebs”??? Seriously, what made you even think along these lines?

              And for the record, it is undeniable that more Indian and Western celebs are known to Pakistani audiences than Pakistani celebs are known to Indian or Western audiences. So why again would you want 1 for 1 equivalence of celebs in ads??!?!?

          • But what’s the point of hiring Indian celebs??
            Anyway, their company their money their rules. SANU KEEE??

            • Easy: they are simply more famous (that is why they are “celebs”) than Pakistani celebs. Or how many times are we going to see Shahid Afridi in ads???

      • You are right, I guess its only business and the businessman would like to take their message to maximum people, via the channels which attract most people’s attention. Q-Mobile seemed to have made a choice which has got people’s attention (42 comments and counting so far on this news) :-)

  • Jab Q ka koi smartphone launch hota hai to indian actor pakar aaty hai wena faisal qureshi or umer akmal her ad main hoty hai..

  • Is there a shortage of models in Pakistan? Why are our corporations hell bent on casting Indian models for their commercials?

  • You know what is the full meaning of Qmobile its QUN Mobile (kyun) :-) ye mobile hai hi Q is dunya mai? :-) :-) ye sirf pathaan hi buy karskte hain bhai… bekaar hai bilkul quality bhi or performance wise bhi. :-p

    • Masha’Allah, brother. I love how you said “ye sirf pathaan hi buy karskte hain bhai”. Faith in my fellow countrymen has finally been restored.

  • i am using q mobiles since 2010… aur mn ny khabi q mobile ad diekh k ya ad mn ksi model ko deikh k nhi khreeda.. mery khreedny ki reason hoti hy low price and more features…and its all abuot q mobile

  • not only Qmobile i see 60% ads are Indians, i mean either they are made india than same ad is aired in Pakistan or Marketing agency is hiring indian starts .. i dont understand hamarye stars ko mout pary gye hai ?? ho kia gia hia in marketing agencies WTF Dude?

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