Industry First: Mobilink Offers Free Minute for Every Call Drop

Mobilink has launched “Minute Back on Call-Drop” offer as a means to compensate its customers for dropped call and enhance customer experience.

Despite the low call drop rate on its network, as claimed by the company, Mobilink customers will now receive one minute of free talk time for each drop, which will be available to the customer within 4-5 hours of the incident.

Service has been activated free-of-cost for all Mobilink customers and comes without any subscription or services charges.

If you don’t remember, Mobilink enhanced its network through Ericsson not too long ago for an upgrade and as a result, they feel confident enough to offer such a service to their user-base.

Not to be mentioned, the free minutes received against this offer will be available for only on-net calling.

This is the first time an offer like this has been released by any telco and will undoubtedly be credited as the company putting its money where its mouth is. By taking this initiative, Mobilink is inviting other telcos to match it for quality of service on their network.

Wasif Mustafa, Head of Marketing Mobilink expressing his views on the offer said,

“The launch of Minute Back on Call Drop service clearly differentiates Mobilink as the most caring telecom among its competitors. The outstanding customer experience we offer on our robust voice and data network is now coupled with the promise of enhanced connectivity across the country. The offer of returning air time to our customers for each call drop further highlights our philosophy of keeping the customer first in our business priorities.”

The “Minute Back on Call Drop” offer will be available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The customers can conveniently dial *567*2# free of charge, to see details about winning their minutes back after a dropped call.  Once the additional minute is received, the customer can utilize this extra minute within the next 24 hours. A maximum of 10 minutes can be received by an individual customer within a single day.

  • Umer

    Mobilink-Sab Keh do.

    • BadarUI

      Hahaha ZONG Ab bana DHONG
      Mobilink HAR DIL KA LINK

  • IrfanAmir


    • Safeer

      I see what you did there :D

      • abobobilly

        WHAT? What did he do there? :S

  • Sirius

    they are fooling Pakistanis, if we avail such minute even then they are getting from us call connect charges, now they drop your call more frequently then gave you minutes then you foolish men again make a call to lend them 20 pasas…..

  • zaheer

    Mobilink Partnered up with Ericsson or Huawei ?? …

    • Muhammad Fawad


  • BadarUI

    Good Service. Wel tell me networks and their vendors. E.g ERICSSON… HUAWEI… ZTE… etc

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Telenor network is way better and no need to offer such guarantee… :p

    • KK

      انگور کھٹے ہیں۔

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Ha ha ha… my bill for telecom reaches 1.5 k + ..and i have no need to get such kind of assurity because of excellent service during last 5 years..stay stuck with MAY BE LINK.. and get Free

        • MaaZ
        • Ahmed

          Pathetic Telenor we have used it as corporate for more than two years and even now whole company is saying Telenor is worst operator of pakistan

          • Bilal Iqbal

            In what aspect. Because i am using it since many years on postpaid and used it in far flung villages too.. now 3G is also amaizing..prices are acceptable…i have no complain yet.. might be your experiance would not be as good… :/

    • Adeel


  • Rehman Khan

    You guys have lost it. Just because someone is offering such an offer doesn’t mean they want to ‘fool’ you. You will have to pay the call set up charges any way if the call was important. They are ‘compensating’ as its written above by giving an extra minute which if does not give you anything, will at least offset your call set up charges on the lowest call packages if you want.

    Har baat mein negative cheez highlight kerna. Starting from Malala to Army to Government to Telcos. For gods sake just try and think positive once in your life without expecting a benefit out of it.

  • Ummah

    on both incoming and outgoing ya phir just outgoing calls per

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    How to report drop calls, do mobilink uses some tools that detects whether call is being disconnected by parties will or disconnects due to network.

    • RF Engr

      Every Network has a record of no. of Call attempts, Calls Setup, Calls Established, Calls Ended, Calls Dropped & the call was a Network Initiated Release or User Initiated Release.

      So, disconnecting the call at 00:59 does not work ;)

      • DH

        What they don’t have is stats on user terminated calls because of poor voice quality. Technically also a dropped call. For this they use drive tests that compare sound quality on the calling end to the receiving end.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    It is good that they are concerned about the dropping calls.