Warid offers free 7 days LTE Trails upon SIM Upgrade

Warid today announced that all new prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy a free 7 days LTE trail with a data allowance of 500MB, following a change or purchase of the new LTE SIM.


This can be done by either visiting the Warid Business Center or one of the franchises.

Warid’s free LTE trials are presently being offered by the company in six cities including:

  • Karachi,
  • Lahore,
  • Islamabad,
  • Rawalpindi,
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad.

A unique feature has been introduced to help customers track their mobile data usage involving notifications as data is consumed. This is especially useful as the data usage reaches the set limit. Warid postpaid customers get notifications as they are approaching their data limit so as to not avail any extra charges.

Warid prepaid customers, however, receive notifications with every MB consumed and get bonuses as more data is consumed – for example after 10MB of data is consumed, an additional 10MB of data allowance is made free to the mobile user.

Moreover, Warid also offers its users credit protection whereby once a customer has consumed data worth PKR 200, internet data is made unlimited till midnight.


To ensure that Warid continues to offer its users the most advanced technologies, the company is investing approximately US$500 million over the next five years to expand its network across the country.

Warid has a reputation for using only the best of telecom technologies: it has partnered with Ericsson, the world leader in LTE/wireless broadband technology, as its sole technology partner for the launch of its LTE network.

With the launch of its LTE services, Warid becomes Pakistan’s first operator to transform from 2G to LTE technology. The company is persistently working to expand its LTE footprint in Pakistan further and aims to cover 10 more cities within the next 10 months and 20 cities in the next 20 months.


    • its official price ?

      can we really get 150Mbps or just like peeeTCL evo that say upto 9mbps & i can’t even get more than 512kbps

    • 150 mbps…wake up my dear…they are on limited spectrum and speed is half as compared to zong…even i observed 0.7 mbps in the central area of faisalabad on Nexus 5…:(

        • It reffers to a Range of continuous values in which any possible value can a spectrum of 10 MHz means there are 10×1,000,000 hz in which any value can occure. Specteum of light means a range of light with all possible colors. It can be spectrum of opinion in psychology..

            • No… it means range of frequency alloted to each operator.. it works in pair format. Like 2×5 MHz means 5 Mhz for downlink towards customer and 5Mhz uplink for data uploading towards centeral system.

                • Bilkul nhi… 10 mhz mai 42 mbps max speed hoti hy agr HSPA+ TELechnology use ho. Agr HSPA use ho to 21 mbps max. Waisy actual speeds to 2-5 mbps tk arahi hy mostly…mbps and mhz ka aaps mai link zra technical sa hy..filhal ap ko smjh nhi aay ga

                  • means 5 Mhz fer 21 Mbps speed maximum hoti hai.
                    Mein 11.20 Mbps speed tak hasil krraha hun mobilink k 10 Mhz spectrum per. aur mere mobile ki maximum speed 21 Mbps hai.

                    • All are offering H+
                      Then how technology is different
                      Maximum speed that telenor gives is 7 Mbps.
                      But now ni more than 2 Mbps. Sometimes 0.30 Mbps

                    • Dear… max speed is theorotical limit…actual speed is 3-5 mbps all around the world. H+ is being offered because it is better than earlier H …

                    • People go over 10… but i m talking about regular conditions when there r multiple users over same tower

  • what is the maximum consistent speed anyone has received on Warid LTE please share screen shots.


  • there is no tax on GPRS and internet usage but we are still paying tax
    if we just want to use internet, that’s why I think the concept of
    Separate Balance for Data usage (on which No Tax is imposed) should be

  • Are Warid going to deploy seamless LTE coverage in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad??????What will happened once Warid customers will drop from LTE to 2 G (EDGE), because they do not have 3G buffer as ZONG have.

  • Warid ka AGR koi LTE pkg lega to 2g ka b pkg le kyun AGR LTE covrege area me na ho to 2g k paisy katengay acha tareka by kamane warid

    • no. 2g coverage mein separate bucket is not required, for reliable and seamless connectivity i prefer Warid over Zong. atleast i dont have to make sure that my data connection is connected and is working when i move out of a wifi location. baqi sab ki apni apni choice hy i prefer reliability over speed (even if zong gives better speed in my area)

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