7 Futuristic Smart Devices That Will Transform Your Home

One of the crucial things we learnt from CES 2015 is that the Internet of Things is well and truly here and is expected to start transforming our lives in a big way. Dozens of internet-connected home gadgets were announced at the consumer electronics roadshow which gives a vision of a future where you will not need to switch the lights on when you enter a room, or turn the oven off when a cake is done baking. Smart gadgetry will do all that and more.

Smart devices rely on Bluetooth, motion sensors and facial-recognition technology to identify when to tweak settings such as room temperature, lighting or switch devices on or off. Companies working to develop such devices range from startups funded through platforms such as Kickstarter to industry heavyweights such as Samsung and Whirlpool.

Some of the innovative products that were showcased at CES 2015 are listed as follows:

Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washing Machine:

Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washing Machine

The dual washer/dryer device is scheduled to launch this spring and relies on thermostat detection to trigger a “quiet” mode when people are home as well as delaying cycles for off-peak hours when electricity costs are lower. When you are not home, you can easily manage energy usage and control key features through your smartphone.

Keen Smart Home Vent:

Keen Smart Home Vent

Heating and cooling your home becomes a lot easier with the Keen Smart Vent. The device connects to smart thermostats and uses sensors to monitor a room’s optimum temperature, adjusting it by opening and closing vents accordingly without any intervention on your part.

iDevices Switch:

iDevices Switch

A product from HomeKit, Apple’s official venture for smart devices for homes, this device plugs into an outlet and turns your iPhone into a remote on-off switch for lamps and other appliances. It can also function as a timer and trigger events in other iDevice switches.

iHome SmartPlug:

iHome SmartPlug

This product, compatible with Apple’s HomeKit App, allows users to control smart devices through the Siri voice assistant. It is more or less a direct competitor with iDevices Switch.

Incipio Smart Wall Outlet:

Incipio Smart Wall Outlet

The outlet allows users to control an array of electronic devices from their smartphones. You can setup automatic actions like turning on the lights when you get home. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Zuli Smartplug:

Zuli Smartplug

This product, which plugs into wall sockets, picks up Bluetooth signals from nearby phones to determine when to turn on lamps, fans and other devices. It also have a handy switch that over rides mobile devices.

First Alert Onelink:

First Alert Onelink

This smart thermostat allows owners to set temperature schedules in advance and alerts them when its time to clean filters and other maintenance.