What Blackouts? LG Develops Battery Powered TV for Pakistan

No matter where you are in the world consumer’s demand and deserve an uninterrupted television viewing experience. LG Electronics has has developed the new LG Battery TV Plus specifically for the Pakistani market, ensuring their latest in home electronics can power through blackouts or any other power supply surprises.

LG Battery Plus TV:

The LG Battery Plus Television (LB552R) has a powerful battery at the heart of the unit, enabling the television to charge throughout the day. So when the powers go out, it still remains on. To guarantee functionality, LG has also equipped the television with a built in satellite function that enables the television to still receive the full line-up of channels regardless of whether the power is out or not. Every feature of the TV is able to run seamlessly through the internal battery power supply.

The LG Battery Plus TV can last up to one hour on battery and has an in-built satellite function

Also included in the unit is the built in time-machine television recorder that lets viewers save their favorite programs directly to the television unit. With the included storage system on the TV anyone will be able to go back and watch their favorite programs at a time convenient for them. All this is possible without any extra equipment or installation needed.

Battery Details:

The back-up battery on the LG Battery Plus TV is able to power the unit and built in satellite device for up to 60 minutes. The battery is also changeable, giving consumers the option of replacing the battery without the need of replacing the entire television. Households will be able to save money as the built in satellite and recorder replaces the need for an outside satellite dish or DVR system.


Like all of LG’s TV’s numerous channels will be able to be broadcasted through the unit, both in HD and regular display. People can display their own programming as well using the built in MHL Cable ports, USB ports, and one of the 2 AV reports. Any owner that also has an Android powered smart phone will be able power the TV using the Smart TV Remote app, recognized for its ease of use.

Speaking on the new unit entering the Pakistani market, Mr. D. Y. Kim, President, LG Electronics Gulf FZE said:

“Our consumers are the center of our company and it’s our job to make sure we deliver products that meet their needs. The LG Battery Plus television will be a great addition to any home as it incorporates our award winning Home Entertainment technology in a package that fits the region. We know our Pakistani consumers will be very pleased with this new product.”


  • malik_ali

    good features but how a tv can pick satellite signals without dish antenna ??

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Lo g….kitchen jay bhar mai…jo time bijli band mai khwateen or bachy kr laity thy..wo bhi gay…

  • Alif Anaar

    kia faida jab light nahi ho gi to cable bhi nahi chale gi. ab ek battery cable walon ko bhi bana do LG :P

    • Atifsh

      change your cable operator, most works fine without electricity these days unless its a major breakdown.