Pakistani Websites Sent Notices for Fake Aamir Khan Interview

In a development that is seemingly getting more commonplace by the day, Pakistani websites were caught making up a fake interview, this time with Aamir Khan.

Khan is currently riding high on a wave of fame due to his new movie, PK. The websites in question probably decided to cash in with an exclusive. And that too with questions related to religion, in reference to the movie.

Countless entertainment websites in the country reproduced the interview and chances are, most will be getting served with a legal notice soon.

Finding the original source seems to be a bit of a tall order at the moment since most websites have deleted or redirected the links of the said interview.

If you’re curious, here is the forged Q&A session.


Anand Desai, who is the managing partner of DSK Legal, was responsible for the sending out of notices. He said:

“Mr Aamir Khan was shocked to find an interview attributed to him on several Pakistani websites in relation to his latest film PK. He has never given such an interview. It is clearly a fabrication by someone trying to impersonate him, done with the intent of drawing visitors to their website, and is defamatory to our client.

Today we sent legal notices on behalf of Mr Khan to the websites. The impersonation is a very serious infringement of our client’s rights, and we will take legal recourse. Mr Khan will be filing a criminal complaint with the Cybercrime Cell, Mumbai Police after he returns to Mumbai.

Via Hindustan Times

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  • Where is HAMZA ALI ABASSI when you need one.. :( another attack on the Pakistaniat that we so boast a lot about… :/

  • I already had doubts on the accuracy of the interview posted on this website in another article. Yesterday, a staunch Muslim guy had commented on that article that he loved Aamir Khan for his witty answers. I replied him that none of Aamir Khan’s fake answers were satisfactory because the same bulls^*t applies to all religions including Islam and all religions are designed to control people and their minds so as to profit off of them.

  • Ha,Ha, Pakis are good at this. But again may be it is a publicity stunt. I have not seen this film and will never see it as I do not watch Indian movies as a policy. Nevertheless, see I have made a comment.

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