Cyber Security Bill to be Introduced Tomorrow

The government has by-passed the Cabinet in case of “National Cyber Security Bill” made part of the National Action Plan (NAP) that would be presented in the Parliament on Friday. This was revealed at a meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication (IT&T) that met with Mohammad Idrees Khan Safi in the chair here on Wednesday.

Briefing the parliamentary panel, State Minister for IT&T Anusha Rehman said that the National Cyber Security Bill for controlling cyber terrorism/crime is a vital step towards protecting national integrity and security against any possible hacking, data intrusion or illegal access to sensitive government affairs.

She further said that the Bill was sent to Prime Minister and later to the Cabinet, however fearing a delay in approval by the Cabinet the Prime Minister was requested to send it to the National Assembly. The prevention of Electronic Crime Bill (PECO) 2014 prepared / drafted through the input of the Ministry, all stakeholders and law enforcing agencies is being presented shortly for approval.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr Ismail Shah said that Telecom companies have been directed to verify 103 million SIMs in 90 days through the Biometric Verification System (BVS). However, SIMs in use for the last two years by a subscriber would not be blocked. He further said that Pakistan is the only country in the world where SIMs are being issued through BVS. The Committee recommended introducing mobile BVS to facilitate consumers in getting their SIMs verified. The PTA chairman seconded the idea and said that the proposal has already been shared with CMOs.

In order to resolve the issue of unauthorised SIMs (due to identity theft), it was decided to deploy BVS at sale channels of CMOs for issuance of SIMs. A Joint Working Group (JWG), constituted by Ministry of Interior, comprising members from MoIT, MoI, NADRA, FIA, IB, CMOs and PTA, finalised modalities of the new system which has been successfully implemented on all sale channels of CMOs (approximately 70,000) across the country with effect from August 1, 2014.

Chairman PTA further said that 31.81 million SIMs have been regularized while 20.15 million issued in pre-BVS era have been blocked and can only be re-activated after successful biometric verification. According to him: SIMs activated in pre-BVS era (no activity), 3.14 million SIMs blocked; SIMs activated in pre-BVS era (one activity), 2. 02 million SIMs blocked; total SIMs with no activity in last 18 months 14.99 million blocked.

PTA chairman further said that a policy direction, in accordance with section 8 (2) of Act be issued by Azad Jammu Kashmir &Gilgit Baltistan councils to enable PTA to proceed further in the matter on receipt of Policy Directives for auction for 3G/4G spectrum auction.

Information Minister Pervez Rasheed informed the committee that earlier objections were raised on spectrum auction (3G) process through a point of order in the Senate of Pakistan; however, later international consultants were hired for the process and all rules and regulations were duly followed. Therefore, reservations were addressed and sought the Committee’s consent to dispose of the issue; and the body disposed of the matter accordingly.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that the country is facing serious cyber crimes threats in absence of any law. He urged the government to consider seriously the National Cyber Security Council Bill 2014 moved by him. The Ministry assured him that his input would be incorporated in the upcoming bill. The committee made a sub-committee to discuss “the Protection of Cyber Crimes Bill 2014” moved by Senator Karim Ahmad Khawaja.

via Business Recorder

    • Rasai main se comment karne se kuch nahi hota itna shok hai na to jinho ne band karaya hai to un k samne jao

  • That would be fun, if you stand in front of parliament and ask parliament members about the details of this “Cyber Security Bill for controlling cyber terrorism/crime is a vital step towards protecting national integrity “!!

    I doubt that, they cant even say it right! :P

  • Prepare to see many things made illegal that were not illegal. More attakcs on our internet freedoms. That is ALL ordinary people will see. It will be an internet martial law in Pakistan.

    And there will still be bootlickers who say “but anything is worth it to protect against terroristm”. These bootlickers are hard-core idiots who are scared of personal responsibility and freedom.

    • Aby o phappey kutni kabhi kisi cheez main koi achai bhi dekh liya karo har wakt burai ka hi rona rotey rehna ,khud tu tum jessay 100% Angel ho na real life main ,chu… kahin k.

      • why call yourself guest? you should use your real name! after all, you might be a terrorist.

        But we know you as Bootlicker #420. Because 100% you will not find acha result from this legislation.

        • Chu… agar ye country itna bura hai tu chala ja na kisi aur country,har wakt rona rota rehta hai ,chala ja jahan tujey 100% azadi ho aur tujey rokney wala koi na ho.

          • Har baar hamare mo pe yeh bat hi kyun mar di jati hai ja dosra mulk jahan tujhe azadi ho why not make this country a placplace in which we will have freedom 100%

          • Your attitude is understandible. Bootlickers hate anyone who does not worship rich and powerful people like they do.

            Keep licking! Keep being grateful for the breadcrumbs the powerful give you!

  • Why does this article roam around the verification of SIMS issue?
    Nearly all your recent articles repeat the same information over and over again.

    • Dont you dare object at the press release of hard working govt. It has blessings of his majesty and the real king makers as well. Cant you see that they are securing your future? They can talk about sim verification anywhere and everywhere. They are saviors of Pakistan. We are indebted to them. All hail….

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