Google Translate Update Adds Camera & Real Time Translation

Google translate has offered great bit of help to people traveling and/or living abroad. It has offered quite intriguing features such as taking photos and accessing its tranlsation in as many as 36 languages. Guess what, it has gotten even more advanced at being your go-to travel companion. The new update for iOS and Android brings along a couple of exciting features in Word Lens and Translate app.

Word Lens – Point and Translate

Until now users were required to snap photos before getting access to the translation in 36 languages. Word Lens has expedited this process like never before. Now you simply point your camera at something and it is translated on your display straightaway.

It’s a relief to know that you need not have Internet or data connection enabled to enjoy this luxury. While Google strives to add more language options, this is presently available in English, German, French, Russian, Portugese, Spanish and Italian languages.

Translate app – Real Time Audio Translation

Android has had the real-time conversation mode since 2013. However, it has only gotten faster and more effective with the latest update. Translate app plays the role of a third party between two individuals speaking completely different languages and translates their voices as they speak.

All that you need to do is to tap the mic as you begin conversing in your language. Tap once more and the app will identify the language you have opted for. From then onwards, you may continue to talk without having to tap anymore. Text displayed from each side should effectively eliminate the remnants of any language barrier.

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