Fuji’s Latest Camera is Tailor-Made for Selfie Fans

Fuji’s rush to add models in its X-series of mirrorless cameras continues unabated, with the recent announcement of the X-A2 model adding to the already impressive repertoire of devices.

Designed to cater to a new and fast-growing segment of users, the X-A2 is touted as the “ultimate selfie” camera with a 175-degree flip screen that allows you to see what you’re shooting when the lens is aimed at your face. There is also improved autofocus performance, as the camera automatically turns on face and eye detection when the screen is flipped up in order to ensure clear and vivid portraits.

Fuji announced that the X-A2 will be available in retail outlets by February and will also be sold in bundle offers that include optically-stabilized, wide angle lens. The model shall be available in brown, white and black options. While not as fast or convenient as phone cameras, it shall undoubtedly take far better pictures.

The X-A2 continues with Fuji’s adherence to a retro aesthetic style in its X series. It looks and feels extremely durable, with its vintage style adding to a touch of class. Its cheapest bundle offer is likely to start at $549, which includes video recording at 1080p as well as an in-built microphone for audio recording.

In the announcement, Fuji also stated that it would be updating its premium slimline compact camera – the XQ2. Three new colours, namely silver, white and black shall be added, along with a new processor to power the device, and a “Classic Chrome” film simulation mode.