SMS Service for Shaukat Khanum Donations Banned by PTA

The management of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Peshawar recently started a campaign for collecting donations to help with establishment costs. The campaign included an SMS drive, which has run into issues as PTA has banned it without providing any reason.

Through the SMS campaign, people could easily donate PKR 20 by sending a blank SMS to 7770. Now, the message simply fails to go through and a ‘Message Not Sent’ error is shown.

As you might already be aware, Imran Khan recently appeared on a TV channel to kickstart the donation process for the Peshawar branch of Shaukat Khanum, which is supposed to be operational by the end of the year. The telethon managed to attract over PKR 65 crore in 3 hours.


Update: PTA has Reinstated SMS Based Donation Service for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital


Speaking on the PTA ban on SMS donations, Imran Khan said that PTA should be facilitating charities like these instead of banning them.

  • This is definitely a political act. Cheap tactics. They are not doing their job of providing services and uncensored internet to Pakistan or if no uncensored, properly moderated one. e.g. They must end blanket ban on youtube and block objectionable urls.

    However, banning sk donations was shameful and cheap decision and was politically motivated by party in power.

    • Who will decide what content is objectionable or not? I doubt it’ll be consumers who will make that decision. Some government official who isn’t even computer literate will decide for us.

  • I believe this is not intentionally / or political move, instead its a technical issue. You should suppose to contact PTA or any technical person first before posting it. According to PTA law there is a limit of sending messages, so in this case, since the amount of received donation messages reaches higher numbers, and as they send confirmation messages in return, they must have sent more than the allowed limit by the PTA. This causes the suspension of their service. As far as I know the SMS limit is not limited to individual users (sim based) but also for the corporate users using telco API/ SMPP connectivity.

  • I just tested it – and the system acknowledged the donation – just now donated at 2:42PM 19th Jan – almost an instant reply back

  • Shameful act by Govt!, Donations should be as easy as possible, Like in US and UK banks, when you are transferring any amount to other bank they usually ask you to pay some cents or penny for Hospitals or Charitable homes.

    • In Pakistan they charge Rs. 50 per transaction which goes towards the Bank Shareholders’ Welfare Fund.

      In Europe SEPA transfers are free throughout the EU region. In Pakistan even domestic transfers are charged money.

  • Looks like the author of this post knows quite handsome tricks to promote business. Now everyone will check if its working or not and apparently it will get IK 20 rupees. Great dude!

  • Fake advertisement ko to rok nhi sake zor shoukat khanum per chal gya,, lanat ho noora league pta per

  • @aamir7:disqus, I know you support PTI blindly but if there isn’t an issue then don’t create one.
    Your confirmation report is your leader video and normally reports you confirmed with your sources from PTA and give reasons.
    very shameful political act by Propakistani and for the same reason you blame others and follow yourself.
    This is not your first time and you are same “Deedth as your Leader” me !

    • @amir Liaqat, I dont know what’s your problem? If you hate PTI or IK that much then don’t read articles about IK. Simple is that….

      • People like you have no sense.
        you never heard anything like business ethics.
        First of all this is tech blog and second specially for you if there is anything political then I have complete right to comment on my views.
        Who the hell you to say this to me?

  • Shame on PTA. The management acts like personal servants of NS. At least some reason should be given for this shameful act.

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