Ufone’s Celebrates Its 14 years Journey

Ufone celebrated its 14th anniversary with a central cake cutting ceremony held at Ufone Tower in Islamabad, while cake cutting ceremonies also took place at all other Ufone offices nationwide. The event was attended by the Executive Management Team along with a large number of Ufone employees.


Everyone was seen attending the ceremony with cheerful faces as Ufone vows to celebrate this year with its key three attributes; ‘khushyaan’, ‘raabtay’, ‘muskurahataen’ by rejoicing them throughout the year.


  • Geekpk

    They should celebrate by improving their network. Lately Ufone has been pathetic.

    • guest

      Ufone is working to get best possible service to masses without foreign help or agenda

  • Arsalan Shah

    Lol. Not everyone seems ”that” cheerful.. even in the picture you posted :P