Warid Makes It Easy to Get LTE Handsets

Following the successful launch of its LTE services, Warid has become Pakistan’s first operator to progress directly from 2G to LTE technology. Along with this news, the company has another announcement.

Warid Telecom has taken an initiative in collaborating with Bank Alfalah Limited that will allow Warid customers (with Bank Alfalah credit cards) to purchase LTE-supported handsets, with 0% markup and on a simple installment plan.

This offer comes with LTE Mobile Internet Bundle absolutely free and applies to all the latest Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Huawei LTE-supported devices. Warid subscribers can avail this offer with 8GB high speed monthly mobile internet bucket for up to 12 months, depending on their installment plan.

The latest smartphones can be bought from selected Warid Business Centers including iPhones that are exclusively available here. Customers can avail 5GB of free mobile internet per month for 3 to 6 months depending on the handset purchased.

In addition to these offers, Warid has recently announced its partnership with ‘Daraz.pk’, an online shopping portal that delivers the latest smartphones. This initiative is aimed at making LTE-supported mobile devices conveniently accessible to Warid Telecom’s customers from the comfort of their home.

  • DJ

    Just like reconditioned cars why not banks offer financing for used or Refurbished mobiles. so every one can buy smartphone at lower prices using same mechanism they do for cars.

  • aeoveu

    Has Pro Pakistani ever given thought to the fact that the way they word their articles about Warid makes them sound like massive Warid fanboys?

    No harm in being a fanboy of any operator, but when you report in journalism, you keep your fanboyism off the keyboard.

    And yes. We get it. They’re the first (rather, only) operator to support 2G and 4G – its not an achievement, nor does it set them apart in anything (whilst you guys are adamant on making it Warid’s USP – like their ads). Everybody knows they didn’t partake in the 3G spectrum auction, and thus, are legally not allowed to deploy any 3G services.

    Can we please have some unbiased journalism here? I understand you guys have a sizable readership and sometimes do have good news on your site, but when somebody is a fanboy, that very fanboyism creeps into the articles.

    • Ameer

      I totally agree with you.

    • eye opener

      Dude its a press release can’t you see?

      • Taha Najam

        Implying a press release is not written by a person?

    • Ammar

      Oye badaass kahen k it’s a press release.

    • DJ

      Down Vote Yes you Deserve this ..

  • Umer

    such a cry baby without even reading that it is a press release

  • Faheem

    Warid still is outstanding in terms of quality and unbeatable network. Your words only seem to have hatred for warid

    • adil

      I dont see any hatred in this article beside he’s praising warid work

      • Faheem

        I didn’t say that for article. Somebody above in the list commented why admin is publicising warid by uploading such news. I pointed him out. I myself use it and very happy with warid

        • Taha Najam

          You sound like a fanboy. See how that works?