3 Rugged Smartphones for the Adventurous in Pakistan

Some people like to live their lives on the edge and take their phones with them on rock-climbing, mountain trekking, mountain cycling, etc. Unfortunately, modern Smartphones are not suitable for that because of their fragile bodies and displays. No need to despair though. For those who want to stay connected via their smartphones, take snaps and share them online, rugged smartphones offer the answer.

Here are some of the most indestructible smartphones that you can take with you on your trips. They may not have top of the line specs but then again, they were built to survive wars. And that’s one thing they do well.

Cat B15

Caterpillar, the brand that does heavy duty machinery, has their own smartphone options. The most popular of them is the Cat B15. They run Android and are water-resistant and drop-proof. In addition to that, Caterpillar promises 16 hours talk time on the B15, making it ideal to avoid charging woes on long trips.

The Cat B15 is impervious to drops from 1.8 meters (5’11”). So the next time you drop your phone, there’s no reason to panic.

You can buy the Cat B15 here

Motorola Defy

At first glance, the Motorola Defy doesn’t look anything that screams ‘ruggedness’. That because Motorola takes the typical touchscreen and reinforces it. For people who want normal-looking yet a drop-proof, scratch-resistant  and water-proof smartphone, the Moto Defy is a good choice. A phone that has the best of both worlds.

You can buy the Motorola Defy here

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro


This Samsung phone has all the prerequisite features such as shock-proof, water-proof, dust-proof and so on. But it also comes with an enhanced walkie-talkie feature for people who like to keep in communication with each other in case of no cell reception.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro here

These phones may not have the latest OS updates or even the best specs in the market, but that’s why they are designed to appeal to a niche market. If you happen to travel a lot and want to have your smartphone with you at all times, then these are some options that are available for the Pakistani consumer.

Happy adventuring! Oh and feel free to suggest any other options in the comments below!

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