QMobile Blatantly Copies OPPO R5 Ad Campaign

QMobile has recently added a new smartphone to its Noir series, dubbed the Z7. The key selling point of Noir Z7 is its thinness and stylish design. The company is busy promoting this smartphone on TV, print and digital media.

A key visual posted on QMobile’s Facebook account shows the thin frame and claims to be world’s sexiest and slimmest phone, which is just 5.1mm thick.

unnamed (1)

The gold color design gives it a convincing premium look, but there are several problems with this campaign:

  • Z7 isn’t world’s slimmest smartphone
  • The ad campaign and artwork has been copied from OPPO
  • The key visual tries to deceive potential customers by stating 1.8mm thickness of screen glass


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Last year in October, OPPO the announced world’s thinnest smartphone R5 (at that time, the record has been broken by ‘Coolpad Ivvi K1 Mini’ since then). The company has also launched a special gilded version of R5 in certain markets with Pakistan to follow in March.

oppo r5

The artwork QMobile has copied was used to promote the gold version of R5, which focuses on the meticulous sleek design. It seems like QMobile’s creative agency ran out of ideas so they blatantly copied the design and tried to play smart by labeling it world’s slimmest phone, which it definitely isn’t.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • SSyar

    oh.,, ye to gherr aeeni hey,, to ab kya hoga :/ !! Adalat jayen gey kya !!

    • 1.

      Actually… they can be sued for this.

      • sufyan

        Pakistan mei sue nai sirf susu hota hai :)

  • Saeed

    Ditto copy of Oppo concept, image and even the color of the picture. What a team and what creativity – DIl Bagh Bagh ho gaya :)

    This is copyright issue and Oppo should claim to Qmobile for billions of dollars :)

    • Radz

      kesi creativity kn c team? lol.. everyone knows they are ripping off foolish peoples by re-branding different fones around the world.

    • Anon

      mil hi na jayen unn ko, sue kerna hai tau sab se pehle inn development authorities ko kero jo har jagha yeh bhains jaisi cat-eyes laga dete hein, jitni bhi slow guzaro gari chud jati hai

      • Anon bhai

        Next time try to drive over the cat-eyes in a speed over 60mph. You wont feel a thing. This is actually a misconception that these cat-eyes are there to slow the car down. It is actually used in Japan to tell the drivers to speed by the area. Humariha thora ulta scene hai. Development authorities are using it as an alternative to speed breakers :p

  • maria

    QMobile’s creative agency ran out of money. you know how much Kareena cost them?

    • Anon

      how much?

    • G.G.G

      maybe 15 cror or more

      • Khalid Yaldram

        kash mera pass 15 cror hota tu kuch waqt ka lia kareena mil jati : ( so sad ghreeb hona ka yahi nuqsan ha

        • G.G.G

          chalo udass na ho……Iman to hai na

          • Khalid Yaldram

            thanks :) ap na dil khush ker dia

      • df

        5 crore

      • Azhar Jalil

        How many money they spent in the name of advertisement, almost million of rupees. OK if there would be the limitations on airing TVCs and companies will give the benefits to the purchaser by reducing prices of there products. I am sure prices go down 50 percent.

  • Geek At Large

    What do you expect from cheap copycat brands? They are all feeding off of Google’s leftovers. If Google makes Android proprietary or closed source, hundreds of Chinese and Asian companies would be filing for bankruptcy.

    • Mohammad Ali

      as well as Google toO :D

  • Guest

    Ab Aapko QMobile ads nhi dy ga :D


  • Osama

    OPPO ko Q par case krna chyeh, yeh Pakistan ka naam badnam kr rhay hain

  • Ahmed

    What do you expect from these Chinese trash market companies.

    • Aamir

      bit harsh dont you think?
      Aap ka kya bighara tha?

  • Mohammad Ali

    in term of view of price bracket it’s actually a thinnest and sexist smartphone

    • aurangzeb

      sexist. lmao

  • UMar

    Hmmmmmm their phone is not their but it is a rebranded edition of Gionne Elife s 5.1

    • Usman Ahmed

      This is the same commercial in India use for Gionee Elife s5.1

  • abid

    gud and I wish kay hmm issi tarah hr product jo jo advertisement me joth bolty h koo online expose kry

  • DJ

    3rd Class China made Mobiles With Best Indian Actors/Models and End Results you get Shit.

  • akki

    Ad clip edited and copied from gionne elife s 5.1

  • Guest

    No surprize!

    QMobile’s marketing head moved to Haier, right?

  • Farha Khan

    Apple also uses the similar creative.. so i don’t see the big deal

  • PakGeek

    The phone which is released already in India… this complete Ad is airing on Indian channels from some months ! Q-Mobile using their Ad… That Indian Brand and Q-mobile have many same phones but only logo difference :)

  • Ateek Sheikh

    This is not copied blatantly from oppo instead this and almost all of the Qmobile Z series is copied and fabricated with just Qmoblie stamp from India’s mobile maker Gionee.
    Here is the link for you. http://www.gionee.co.in/s5.1/
    I’ve actually said about 3 months ago to a fellow that a new mobile of Qmobile is coming with 5.1mm thickness.

    • Anon bhai

      yaar app tou psychic ho! Kashmir kab azad hoga? :p

  • LOL :D
    Correct it coz you didn’t know anything boy, it’s the ad originally from gionee elife s5.1 smartphone in india not the oppo r5 idiot!

    • Guest

      Article is about Ad not the phone.
      Idiot dosron ko kehtey phirtey ho.

      • Ad also don’t created by QMobile and please give me the link where i can see the same ad of oppo r5 ?

  • Shazia Malik

    sbhi copy kartay hain, koi product ko copy karta hai, koi ad ko copy karta hai to koi blog post ko copy karta hai.

  • Fidu Didu

    it isn’t a ditto copy .. first of all, plain colored wallpapers are not copyrighted and secondly, the phone bezels in both pics are different which means it is not copied .. using the same theme is not a good practice though … but you simply cannot label a smartphone for that @syed talal

  • waleed

    Actually Qmobile z7 is copy of Gionee Elifes5.1

  • Ali Mohsin

    When I watched the aggressively marketed ad of Qmobile Z7 with the catchy jingle: “Aray Haseena, Dil Mera Cheena”.. all I could think of was the same ad with the same cast which I had seen earlier on an Indian TV channel for one of their phones (which people here are telling to be Gionne Elife S5.1)..

    So, in my opinion, it’s not merely a copy of Indian marketer’s idea.. rather it’s a full-fledged stealing of their brand without getting any right or license and should be punished.

    • Khan

      sharam nahi aati, Indian TV channel dekhte ho !

      • Ali Mohsin

        lol… good one bro..

  • Anon

    you guys are criticizing the ad, the point is the product i guess it will appeal to the customer who might be interested in the product, conveys the point of differentiation (well to an extent atleast – it mightbe the brand’s slimmest phone) ….so what if it resembles another ad, dont so many mobiles look like each other ? the point is find better things to discuss, farigh baithay thay tau socha ke artile likh doon, jaisay mein ne socha yeh comment ker doon. mere bhai creative sa design banna aur agency walon ke pas chala ja kya pata tujhe job hi mil jaye.

  • Saqib Ali

    @Creator of this Article… Every innovation in this world is an idea taken from very best things existing in this world so I believe you can stick to that rather mocking Q Mobile.

    • Guest

      There is a difference between ‘taking idea’ and ‘copying shamelessly’. Period.

      • Saqib Ali

        I agree if you are referring to the add but I dont think making a mobile with same specs but lower in price is shame. We call it luxury with comfort of pocket.

        • Guest

          It was about Ad.

          But another point is, if some company spends billions on research & development and creates a high quality phone. Another person just copies the research and starts making lower priced phone (because he didn’t spend a penny on research)?

          • Saqib Ali

            I am not a fan of Q mobile. I use Korean phones(Originals) which are better than any Samsung or other Mobiles in market becz they provide varsity of specs for their local Koreans in very smart price. Coming to your point for spending billions and then copying, well its a world we live in. We all are thief actually, this is how we survive. Logically, Q mobile is no comparison with whatsoever company making slimmest mobiles in world. But just to be providing better mobiles locally is all that gets attention of customers. Xiamo or Gionee mobiles are 35,000 PKR while Q-mobile is providing with just one less of GB of RAM in 24000. In last, billions of Dollars doesnt matter, what matters is the race. :)

  • Babar Khan

    Please look at this Gionee Mobile add:


  • Ali_Amjad

    Actually, the same add is also being aired on Indian channels for Gionee phone

    • Ali_Amjad

      And I guess, they are both are from same parent companies, operating with different names & logos in India & Pakistan

      • Videovertex

        Ye ki na asal baat jab aik hi khet ki mooli hai to copyright violation kasi?
        Oppo Gionee Qmobile sab aik hi cheez hai.

  • ScarletCrimson

    Breaking news!! Q-Mobile is s***. Yeah, we already knew that.

  • مہمان

    لڑکی کے کولہے سے ایڈ اسٹارٹ کرنا ضروری تھا… کمبخت چین سے جینے بھی نہیں دیتے

  • Videovertex

    Yar ye to Ad hi itna bakwas hai na sir hai na peir.

  • Mohsin Mahesar

    They copied xperia z3 deaign

  • visit the same company site without the indian parameter in the URL.

    Gionee is not an indian company :-)
    In fact Gionee k kuch phones india may micromax ki branding k sath bikte hain

    • Ateek Sheikh

      :) :)

  • Ateek Sheikh