Qmobile Lifts an Indian TVC and Airs it in Pakistan for its Z7 Phone

It seems like our recent revelation of Qmobile copying an Oppo’s R5 ad campaign wasn’t the end of the story.

After doing some more digging around, we found that it was not the only case of lazy creative work from the one of the most popular phone brands in the country.

Brazilian Model Larissa Bonesi who appeared in QMobile (Read Gionee) TVC

Qmobile is also ripping off a TVC made in India by a company called Gionee for its S5.1 smartphone.

This doesn’t stop here actually as Gionee S5.1 is apparently the same phone that is launched in Pakistan. It has stripped down specs but the design remains the same.

The Qmobile advert for the Noir Z7 is literally the same; in fact, it uses the same footage featuring a Brazilian Model Larissa Bonesi and all they did was replace the Gionee logo with their own.

Even the tag line, and phone models in the TVC remains the same.

Have a look for yourself.

Gionee S5.1 Advertisement:

Qmobile Noir Z7 Advertisement:

Two points here.

First, Qmobile are coming across as ridiculously cheap and really should get their own media agency to do some work. They may be the most popular brand in the lower segments of the market but have struggled to have the same impact at the higher end smartphone market.

Marketing and brand perception are just as important as your product, somebody just ask HTC who learned this the hard way. So you can’t take shortcuts and you certainly can’t rip off whatever you like and casually pass it as your own work. It does irreparable damage and its just not worth it.


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Another interesting implication of the video is the question, are the Gionee S5.1 and Noir the same smartphones? If yes, it seems like Qmobile and similar brands in other countries are simply buying phones from same manufacturers in China and acting as glorified distributors.

This question has come up before as well and many believe that Qmobile uses the same source as Micromax in India, but now a similar TVC too? in two altogether different countries? Does this ring any bells?

Do they actually have any legitimate claim?

The only possible explanation is that QMobile is owned by the same company as Gionee. Otherwise, such actions are ridiculous even by Pakistani standards.

We don’t have a lot of copyright protection in the country but if you are one of the most recognizable brands and still resort to copying and ripping others off, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If this were a western country, they’d probably be served a lawsuit already.

Qmobile Official Response:

We made all possible efforts to get QMobile’s take on this, and in fact we delayed the story to give them enough time for a response, but nothing has come up as of yet.

We will update the post if and when we hear anything from QMobile.

  • This is not the 1st time Qmobile is doing something this kind. Even Qmobile’s 1st Smart phone if you remember Noir A10 featuring Fawad Khan in TVC was copy of indian phone Micromax Canvas 2. This is just 1st time they even copied whole TVC with smartphone.

  • why suddenly all hate for Qmobile on Propakistani? All those phones are made by private companies in Shenzhen, China. Gionee, Micromax, Qmobile and Voice all buy those phones and sell them after re-branding. You can start your own brand too and start business in same way. You can find all these details if you do a little search on Google.

    • Micromax and Gionee have their manufacturing facilities. How about using Google search for that?

      • Micromax manufacturing facility started just last year.. They started rebranding Chinese imported mobile phones in 2008 (WIkipedia)
        Gionee’s manufacturing facility is based in China.and many brands in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc are selling their rebranded phones

    • Qmobile Z4 is rebranded version of Fly IQ453 Luminor,
      Z5 is gionee elife e7
      A900i is a rebranded version of Gionee Ctrl V5

      They are doing this since their first phone. i only know about few phones because its been discussed in XDA forums a lot. Same Custom ROMS , MODs and rooting method works on original and rebranded version.

    • Matter is not from where they are getting phones or why they are re branding, the matter is they copied full TVC of Gionee. which is unethical due to short skirts of girls in ship and “S*xiest” word.

  • You guys do realise that all these small companies develop these phones in collaborations, and have made small brands in different countries to capture the market, if qmobile is launched in india, no one would buy it, similarly is the case if gionee is launched here. majority of the phones of these companies are the same.

    • I Agree, I believe it is the official advertisement developed in
      collaboration by the two companies. You can see that the logos change on
      the back of the phone in the video, The Gionee one says Gionee and
      QMobile ones say QMobile.

  • lolzz post dalne se pehle search to ker lya karo bhai… ye ads Gionee aur Q mobille ki joint production thi and micromax, Gionee, Qmobile ye teen same hi hain….

    Hope you ll delete this post soon

    • Any source for this info sir??? that these 3 companies r the same!!! apko qmobile k CEO ne btaya ???
      they proved with giving enough info what about u?

      • I think we should use our common sense .. ager ad copy hota to india wale foran copyright ker dety so of course ye ad un ki marzi se chala hai #Rizwan

  • QMobile is not a vendor which manufactures mobile phones. They does not even manufacture casing of their phones. They actually buy phones from 3rd party phone manufacturers and give them their Brand Name “QMobile”. I ask propakistani what difference does it make that if a born copier copies add campaigns or commercials or whatsoever if their product itself is a COPY.. :P. Every literate Pakistani knows everything about QMobile. Its better not to waste our resources on such topics as those illiterates still gonna ask “sab se bari screen wala mobile dekhao and the seller will respond aap QMobile le jao”…. :)

  • what ever u say but SAMSUNG was also doing something like copying IPHONE and got penalties and after that it had become famous enough that people didn’t care about its being copied because it was satisfying people needs..
    same way i like QMOBILE……On the other hand both brands are of same company than we cant say its copying dude…..its strategy my dear…

  • Actually I’ve heard that QMobile is actually owned by an Indian. Since an Indian doing business in Pakistan wouldn’t be a popular decision, QMobile has not been “directly linked” with the indian owner. That could just be a hoax but there is such possibility

  • Just like Propakistani copies articles, images from other technology blogs and publishes on their blog after minor editing.

  • Dear Fellows !
    This writer is a sick !
    This phone ODMs by Gionee and Q purchased from Gionee , This add TVC related with a deal between Gionee and Q that marketing will be supported by Gionee , thays why sameTVC telecast just by adding the Q logo there !!!!
    No copy at all , i am not a Q fellow nor belongs to any Chinese vendor but i am part of this mobile phone industry amd know this fact and deal between Q n Gionee !!
    Pro Pakistani better you take some evidence or feedback before lauching any issue for anyone otherwise you will loose your ranking as well as your honor to this field of e-publications !!!

    Ali Yousuf

      • Are you serious Amir? Everyone knows this! Don’t tell me you bought into the Pakistani phone hai thing? Even if you did, didnt you ever wonder how or where their manufacturing plant is or how Pakistan suddenly managed to leap into producing phones faster than Pakistan produces babies?
        Its a great company boss, but they just buy from “ODMs”. Google this term and you will understand.
        And google the about the phone I am writing from to understand that such import companies exist all over the world. Its a great business model.
        The Qmobile i9 was made by an ODM named Tinno. Its avalible in different parts of the world as:
        Philippines : MyPhone – Agua Rio
        India: MicroMax – Canvas 2 Colors A120
        Russia: Explay – Fresh
        France: Wiko – Rainbow

        Educate yourself, who cares what people ‘say’. You should know the facts

      • and i agree with ali yousuf….. i too am noticing these types of useless posts on this reputed website. You can comment about “qmobile airs an indian TVC in Pakistan” but “STOLEN” i mean is there any kind of conflict between you people. Everybody knows That they import mobiles from Gionee and other manufacturers around the world. what’s the big deal

  • If both companies are owned by the same parent company and even the phone model, features everything is same, i dont think there’s anything wrong with it.

  • Qmobie and I ball(Indian) are owned by a group of people. In hong kong, there is a guild where members are required to pay million dollars(US) annually. Here, Chinese manufactures of mobile phones exhibit their works. Customers can negotiate with the Chinese and buy the mobiles under their brands. Each brand sells in different countries under a stipulated guidelines of the guild. Q, micromax, I ball etc have no r&d or manufacturing units in their respective countries. All these handsets are manufactured by a single company and its subsidiaries. Case is same for Chinese made automobiles(read electric bikes in south Asia and south east Asia).

  • Lakin ak baat hai jo bhi hai jessa bhi smartphone ko pakistan main introduce krane wali company hai

    Ham mazeed dheet bn k kehtay k unhon ne hari copy kr li hai

  • What do you expect from Qmobile, they have cheap low quality phones with big features which I don’t think will lost longer. However, no personal experience with Qmobile.

  • Sub choro Bachi check karo.

    Bachi kitni FIT hai yaar……….is ki copy to kehin bhi nahin hogi………….WOW……double thumbs up.

  • Maybe the ad company is the same, i.e. they went to an ad company in India who just sold them an ad that they had already created for another company and thus they may well have copyright authorization to use the ad. Which isn’t too uncommon actually. However not getting a response from them is bizarre so the case may-well be it’s unauthorized use of an ad. Who knows?

  • Here’s another side to it… How about i simply buy YOUR Ad when i’m re-branding YOUR phone?

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