Modders, Rejoice! Android Lollipop Gets the Popular Xposed Framework

Modders rejoice! Specifically those who held off from updating to Lollipop. One of the best reasons to root your Android devices has always been the Xposed framework. And now its available the latest Android version.

For those not in the know, the Xposed framework lets you modify and tinker with every aspect of your phone. All without flashing of any ROMs.

Xposed Framework gives you all the tweaks you ever wanted without flashing a new ROM

It took so long to come out because the developer had to rework through all the changes that the ART runtime and Lollipop both introduced to how Android devices work.

It is available right now as an alpha build which means that only the not-so-faint-of-heart should apply because it may have its share of bugs and issues to quash out. We should mention that currently, some Samsung users have reported issues with it.

Furthermore, only users of ARMv7 based Android devices can test it, as the Intel version is yet to follow. Its only available for 32 bit phones currently and a 64 bit version should follow soon. For the adventurous and the Android modders, you can get it right here.

Keep in mind, Xposed still requires root access

Flashing a ROM is tricky business. Applying an Xposed tweak is easy and simpler.

If all you want are a couple of tweaks to your Android OS, then Xposed can work better. Bear in mind that both ROM flashing and Xposed require root access. At least with Xposed you don’t have to clear any caches or worry about flashing the correct Google Apps file for your ROM.

If you like staying with a particular version of Android, say like KitKat or Jellybean but still want some tweaks here and there that are found in newer Android OS versions, then Xposed can help you too.

If you need only a few extra features, Xposed is much better than flashing a new ROM

This is particularly helpful to those who love hardware maker’s skins like HTC Sense, Touchwiz or something like Moto X’s exclusive software features but still want more additional features. Flashing a ROM would’ve meant foregoing these exclusive features.

In fact, those who like using the pure and vanilla versions of Android OS but need a tweak or two here and there, Xposed is their best bet. Tweaks can range from those which can improve appearance or performance. You can choose your pick of tweaks.

So here it is folks. Love Xposed? What are your most favorite tweaks and why?

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  • Inam

    Finally, about time!

  • desprt343

    dont bother,its alpha version and u have to flash it from recovery.

  • Guest

    It’s not for touching roms… So Samsung users don’t even bother bricking your devices after reading this article.

  • Shuja

    It’s not for touch wiz stock roms… So Samsung users don’t even bother bricking your devices after reading this article.