LINE Brings Cricket Livecast With Waqar Zaka

LINE, a communication platform with 181 million monthly active users globally, brings the experience of watching cricket matches held in Australia and New Zealand with friends via its new LIVECAST feature to users in Pakistan.

The show will include participation of popular celebrities like Mathira, Ali Azmat, Noori, LAAL band, Shiraz Uppal, and the renowned TV show host Waqar Zaka who is joining live from Australia.

Waqar Zaka has been providing interesting stories related to the cricket matches as well as exclusive scenes of the event, interviews and conversations with the players and people attending the matches.

“It is wonderful to be a part of truly life platform, LINE. It gives an opportunity to connect with numerous fans of cricket in real time and give them a taste of the atmosphere that exists down under,” says Zaka.

All the content from him will be released on his LINE Official Account (@WaqarZaka) as declared on his official Facebook page.


Furthermore, the participating celebrities are excited to have cameras put in their living room for the show called ‘Chak De Pathey’. This will connect them live with LINE users who will be able to hear their views and opinions about the cricket matches.

They will also connect to Zaka to share more vivid stories from the games. LINE viewers are encouraged to interact with the celebrities on the LIVECAST and ask them questions, comment freely about the game or simply watch it together with their friends.

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The representative of LINE Pakistan said

“LINE Pakistan has initiated this program to provide the most delightful live mobile streaming experience to Pakistani audience. The show has exciting stories about the cricket matches and interactive stories with players.

Also, it will air the scenes on ground, uncensored fun and celebrities being themselves, which will only be found on LINE.”

To enjoy all the exclusive cricket content of the cricket matches by Waqar Zaka and other celebrities, you can download LINE and add LINE Pakistan Official Account (@linepakistan).

  • Saad Durrani

    Worst idea ever!

  • Ali Salman

    Waqar Zaka ? Really ? Such a chaay admi who should be thrown in Arabian sea …if you just want to make something famous by making it controversial then chose such ghatia log.

    • Khalid Yaldram

      good why you want throw waqar zaka in Arabian sea why not in Bori (prepared by Altaf bai)

  • Usman Ghani

    Waqar Zaka ? Really ? Such

  • kaleem

    plz semd me waqr zaka line yeplz plz

  • khabaib

    Waqar bhai line per kis Tara jawoon

  • rao mudasser

    waqar bhi such mein kuch khalareo nay namak haramee ke pakistani koom key saat

  • Tahir Nazir

    Have you an android app for Propakistani?

  • Tahir Nazir

    LINE app is not so famous in Pakistan so far. It might be an alternative platform in future indeed of Facebook.