3 Featured Pakistani Apps of the Week: Cricket, Education and More!

The Mobile apps landscape is home to new apps with every passing second. Pakistani startups and app developers are no exception to the wild and crazy world of mobile apps that people can install on their mobile devices and use.

In all this time, local app developers have made huge strides in tightening up their app features and the quality both, making them sought after in the hyper competitive app development market place.

We take a look at 3 mobile apps from Google Play Store that enterprising Pakistani devs have developed, listing the reasons how far they have come ahead whilst at the same time offer them constructive feedback in the process.

Cricket Jersey Maker CW15

(Virtual Proz)

Cricket Jersey Maker CW15

We have seen how popular the last football world cup was. Many Pakistani fans put their favorite football jerseys as their profile pics in order to show their support for the teams. Jerseys displaying their favorite player name and number happen to hold a charm for people. Which is exactly what the Cricket Jersey Maker app for the Cricket World Cup 2015 is aiming for.

The app is simple enough to use. You are presented with a selection of team jerseys from the cricketing nations that are participating in the CW15. You can input your name and the number that you want at the back of your sports jersey, with the app taking care of the rest and generating your dream jersey.

You can easily share your creations on Facebook and Twitter. The app serves its purpose just right, though it does have a bug where the Back Button doesn’t exit the app like normal Android apps do. Still as far as functionality goes, Cricket jersey Maker CW15 ticks all the right checkboxes.

World Cup 2015-Live Scores


World Cup 2015-Live Scores

The app name says it all. Users can check out their favorite teams and the match results from both the Groups. The application lists all the information down in the form of neat categories such as Fixtures, Teams, CWC Hitorym Venues, Today’s Match, Points Table, Comments and Favorite Team. You can even get notifications for your matches in the notification bar.

Though the app is chock full of functionality and features that a stats-obsessed cricket fan would ask for, we noticed two lingering problems that are a no-no in the mobile apps world of 2015. The application UI is a hodgepodge of outdated clip art icons and bad font choices. Apart from usability, Pakistani app developers should hire a copywriter that doesn’t make their app name sound like something an 8 year old can write.

Google Play Store has powerful SEO features that enhance app discovery, a feature that makes use of properly formatted app descriptions and app name. Plus any good mobile user would think twice before downloading an app with no proper word capitalization or even gaps between the dash in the app name. These issues can be easily fixed in a future update, so we hope that the developer takes care of it.

Factor Monsters

(Knowledge Platform)

Factor Monsters

We saved the best for the last. And that is Factor Monsters, a fun game that’s as entertaining as it is informative. This one is for people who are struggling with maths, especially with factors. The game features a quirky art style that is guaranteed to make it a hit with kids.

There is one issue when designing games that feature a high level of complexity, such as Factor Monsters. Since this is a game that can help hone the mathematics skills of people, a helpful tutorial that walks first-time players through everything would have been welcomed.

Factor Monsters

It could have dramatically increased the enjoy-ability of the game. I had to figure out the game with a trial-and-error process that took too long. Perhaps rusty maths skills are to blame for this. But here’s the thing – if a game takes too long to figure out, chances are the people are not going to come back and try it again.

Getting that right balance between learning and replayability is right so we hope the developer includes an intuitive tutorial process in a future update.

ProPakistani will be regularly featuring the best apps from Pakistani devs so if you have suggestions, email us!

These 3 mobile apps from Pakistani app developers showcase how we have quite a ways to go. But what they currently lack in ideas or execution, they do present a hopeful picture of so many Pakistani app developers making their own in the mobile marketplace. Change is constant and we hope more companies invest in this wave of the future while remembering one cardinal rule of app development- its all about the users.

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