Punjab to Get Free Public Wi-Fi Across the Province

While it looks too ambitious even by international standards, Punjab Government yesterday approved the deployment of free public WiFi access the province, reported Express Tribune.

According to details, Free public WiFi will be made available at important educational institutions, hospitals, railway stations, airports, metro bus routes and bus stands, among other places.

While this WiFi will be free of charge for anyone, the aim is to to promote information technology in Punjab.

Free public WiFi will be made available at important educational institutions, hospitals, railway stations, airports, metro bus routes and bus stands, among other places

Express Tribune said that Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister, has given a go ahead for the project and Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore will be the first ones to get free public WiFi.

This network of free WiFi will expand further to stretch across the province.

The purpose of this programme is to promote education in the province with the help of modern technology.

Along with approval of Free Public WiFi across Punjab, CM also approved a proposal to provide tablets to teachers of mathematics and science subjects from Class-VI to X.

Students of Class V to VIII of public sector schools who obtain prominent positions in annual examinations will also be given tablets.

Shahbaz added that the Punjab Information Technology Board has also started the programme of digitalisation of textbooks with the cooperation of Punjab Textbooks Board.

“Punjab government has digitalised all science and mathematics textbooks from Grade 6 to 10, while CDs of the books have also been produced.”

Via Express Tribune

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    • It will take load off the mobile networks. Even in south korea (which is launching 5G next month) mobile networks make free wifi hotspots to keep the load on wifi and not on mobile network.

      • the revenue of telcos will decrease due to the fact that people are moving towards mifi devices.if they will get free wifi everywhere who will pay to telcos??

        • Yeah sure you can carry mifi device (they have battery issue) but it is still not convenient to carry it everywhere. People will still pay to telcos but for limited amount of bandwidths. Internet is like addiction the more you use the more you want to remain connected. It will probably attract more users. Also internet is now a sort of basic necessity and government should be responsible for providing very basic form of it. Telecoms will install wifi hotspots at same locations to compete this free service by providing fast speed at cheap rates compared to 3G and 4G.
          Source: This is how it works in South Korea which has the fastest internet in the world on average.

      • btw next month of 2018 maybe.
        or I will comment here next month and will ask you about the launch.

        • They are launching it they even bragged about it in MWC. Obviously we wont be able use them as we dont have devices to consume 5g service.

  • Great step, love u shehbaz sharif sab. :-) Its better than Imran Khan Shokat Khanam looting scheme. In fact shehbaz sharif is not begging for money, which should be noted by the closed eye men, the double standard Imran Khan!

      • Also shame on you who is supporting juaism, dharnaism.. have you any proof of the money donated by us go to shokat khanum?? Well, it was better instead of begging he should have earned it for his hospital… which is not named after public hospital but on his monther name.. he can sell it whenever he wants, who knows if he will want to earn double money doing or playing jua?

        • I support dharnas as long as they are to evaluate rigging and implementing electronic voting for next elections. This is democracy everyone has right to protest. Everything else you just wrote are speculations.

    • Take a look people. This is the reason why Pakistan is in terrible situation and will remain so for a foreseeable future as status quo will keep feeding off of the ignorance of such kind.

      Wifi > Cancer Treatment. #patwarilogic

      • Come on politics should be based on the work done not fanboyism. You should praise SS for good things and criticize for bad things. In a same way you should criticize IK for his wrong decisions. BTW I support PTI.

        • If you believe that PPP and PMLN do anything for “public welfare” then I won’t argue. Personally I believe that their actions that even sound philanthropic on paper are driven by their personal motives, either financial or political. What percentage of people who go to government hospitals have smartphones anyways?

          • PPP does nothing for anyone period. PMLN on the hand does something for themselves which in turn somehow gives benefit to the people. My point begin hospital and technological development are not comparable. I completely agree Education should have highest priority health after that and somewhere down this line Technology. But still it is a very good initiative and deserves appreciation as when people can communicate with each other the country moves forward.

            • My idea of supporting and appreciating initiatives is a whole lot different than you. Your appreciation of initiatives is solely based on “benefit for people”, mine isn’t. I take national preferences, financial feasibility and long-term strategic planning into consideration as well. However, you’re entitled to your opinion. I hope you don’t appreciate Benazir Income Support Program (who said PPP does nothing) and Laptop/Peeli Taxi scheme as they do benefit the general public as well.

              • No i dont support Benazir income support. I don’t support laptop scheme because it is useless and we making our country more and more dependent on windows product ( I am IT professional) taxi scheme it self is ok but implementation is flawed. How can gov let a taxi be used as a private car? I respect you opinion of course that is what freedom of speech is you can have different opinion. But for me pmln is doing a good work and they should be appreciated for the good work and criticized for only wrong decisions like not making next elections biometric.

              • you have anything good to say about PTI?
                why do all of you people talk about others that they are bad? show something better in you, but unfortunately there is nothing changed in KPK and never will.

                • :) I support PTI and as long as PTI s there I will probably never support pmln as PTI has right priorities according to me. For example police stations should be improved first and education and IK has the courage to take bold steps no matter how important you are he can still make you leave a party unlike pmln where you party member is destroying cars of people in front of camera and pmln did nothing.

                  • well you think there is only PMLN and PTI.
                    all you said is that PTI is following PMLN but PTI is better..no body can understand your argument.
                    First, I didn’t see any practical improvement in Police in KPK, btw for online FIR you still need to go to police station, this system has no use, I mean in Lahore if I go for FIR they simply say no, because anyone can go to police and say I lost my car. purse,gold etc etc and if your FIR lodged then police bound to work on that and accept your argument, that is why there is problem and that problem was not police fault, its actually our fault which lead to this situation.
                    second you say metro, you know better PTI views about mtero, and the so called patwaris are the first one to computerized the land records and those who called them with that name remain as patwaris.
                    For education, I can only say that Punjab had more schools, high schools, colleges and Universities per ca-pita population.

                    • You need to read carefully. I said PTI have right priorities. This is police fault if can’t take care of fake firs. On papers you cannot do analysis of any sort but once its digital you can do analysis of any sort.
                      For you higher population and schools you should also mention that punjab is consuming resources of other provinces which makes punjab kind of bully just because it little more powerful doesn’t give it right to start feeding on other provinces.
                      First east Pakistan got saperated and now we are going in the same direction, apparently punjab didn’t lear a thing.

                    • Mr. we lost east pakistan becuase we didn’t gave the resources which they deserve and because of this now Pakistan will lose Punjab, Punjab gets 45 % resources and have 45 % population. Resources always distribute on the basis of population not the animals or land.
                      Second, kindly mention the priorities of PTI?
                      First priority is that we didn’t do anything and stop others also. I remember shutdown to rebuild, these are the stupid priorities of PTI. Only wants government which they had in KPK and try to destroy or demoralize others, else you better check the stats of your government, their budget, their spending’s etc etc. Only PTI supporters believe in words of mouth
                      for fake FIR’s , I can only say that there are some obligation and duties of citizens towards the state, which people like you didn’t know or didn’t accept and blame others only.

            • tech, hospital, education???
              meri jaan you need tech in education, health etc etc

      • I know how the actual poor man suffrs in shokat khanum, i have hundreds of examples to prove how insanely people are charged there. Free cancer treatment? My foot!

        • there is free for needy persons but unfortunately these needy persons were approved on the basis of influence/references etc etc or you can say simply politics like we have everywhere.

      • there are many hospitals created bu shareef family on their personal money not the public funded ,did u ever mentioned them ?? baatain krwa lo aap se ..har hceez ko shaukat khanum se compare ,do u even know ,the land on which shaukat khanum was built’that land was donated by nawaz shareef

        • yes they may have created many hospitals but after creating those so called hospitals and then they multiplied that amount by 100 times and looted public fund, so yes they have build many hospitals by indirect public fund.

          • any proof or IK told these lies? well actually I know
            let me tell you this, every political party owns NGO, nawaz, mqm, JI, PTI etc etc and they get millions of aid on monthly or early basis, even more than shaukat khanam, there are many other NGO’s run by non political persons.
            please tell me about advertisement and begging in front of people for money like IK doing and using their money to visit UK for funding and money spend on these partys to collect funds.
            all these travels and partys used same funding to collect more funding.

    • Oh, Shahbaz Sharif is not begging for money? Do you know why???


      Some people just do not understand that NOTHING from the government is free, in fact it is paid for by the people.

      • Even Imran Khan’s led party deducts extra tax on internet packages!!! Shy dont they use that tax money to build hospitals?? Why they use that for dharnaism???

  • Shame on Punjab government, instead of spending government budget on public welfare they are wasting money on useless activities. They must learn from SIndh government where millions are being spend for public welfare (hundred of projects are underway for development of Sindh like SIUT children, Cardiac Hospital, Maternity Ward at JPMC,hundred of schools/colleges/universities in Sindh etc..

  • Public places per free wifi,, to sim biomatric krwane ka kya faida,, bombblast hon ge iss free wifi se, lanat esi policies bnane walo

    • Aur kya chahiyey aap ko Punjab mein?

      Lahore ko Paris bana diya hai, aur rainy season mein Venice ban jata hai… is se zayada kya karay Captain Driver ki biwi ka Abu (Sher)? Jaltay hee rehna bas -_-

      • Go spend just a day helping a relative in any of Punjab’s government operated hospitals and you will change your mind about what we need.

        If you do not change your mind after a visit or stay at a public hospital, you must be blind.

        • Mr. Shahid, I think you are unaware of the word “SARCASM” ? Right?
          Read my statement again, and don’t act like an intelligent Patwari.

  • Laptop
    metro bus
    and now wifi

    WTF yar

    We need clean water electricity free education improved security system and jobs

    Bas kar do bas

    • it is! but we also need regular bijli supply first, its the single most annoying thing in pakistan, already hurting everybody living here. those who want to invest run away as this is a major issue besides taliban and corruption

      • agreed, but what I wrote is ” what they can do ” means this is in their reach, for other things we knew about here what are the interests of the big democrats, they are and most of the so called our leaders in Assemblies are not willing for these facilities to avail by public, petrol goes down to 40 or above but other things are still there… most of the authorities are not willing for public.

    • public bus stop pe kharay huay “yaar free wifi zone ha but signals nai aa rhy” 10 min k baad pata chalega k bc lite e nai ha is wajah se signals nai aa rhy :D

  • They must invest in Govt schools where most of the schools without basic necessities strange decisions again people are dying because they cant get pure water,food and medicen what the hell they are doing

  • IN a country where 250 people are burnt alive (by locking inside a factory and setting it on fire) and no body gets caught, where education in rural areas is at its absolute worst state, where medical facilities and processes at government hospitals are even dreadful than the illness you went for…

    I’m heartbroken.

  • Will these run off Solar Power? Country is struggling for Electricity and half the time this WiFi’s won’t be working. Secondly current speed for 8 MB paid Internet is delivered at 1.5 MB and it’s still shared…Looks like this WiFi will work at 56 kbps.
    Lastly we are dealing with telephone sims being used for wrong purposes and with this free WiFi get ready for more bad News.

    • Wifi routers are such low power that indeed many can be run off solar for daytime use.

      Also, I am thinking they will use some sort of authentication system like the current Brain or Wateen wifi uses: you have to register with phone number or something to verify your identity before you can use them. Plus most of the time you cannot change your phone’s MAC address so they can also track you as you move around the city (<= dangerous!!!)

  • Good step, keep it continue but also check the conditions of Govt Hospitals their is no facilities for patents please must see this side also.

  • And all those given free access to wifi know only ‘one thing’ about internet. Free internet means free xvdos.

  • Yaar ye pesse kisi ache kaam main lagado.
    Pata nai free wifi se kiski jaan bache gi yaa fees jama hogi

  • is
    this a joke or something when more than 75% of the population is
    illetrate and don’t know what is a smart phone is.. some shezada must
    have open an internet company or a wifi router company.. i don’t know
    what sort of shitty think tank this shitty CM has.. rather than spending
    such precious revenue on such useless projects for the people who dont
    know what a wifi is..
    first on education.. educate them first.. so that they get to know what
    exactly this thing is.. then go for such innovation.. bloody useless
    point scoring morons..

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