Warid Beats Expectations by Grabbing Over 50K LTE Users

As you might have read about the news that Pakistan won a Global Mobile Award in Barcelona earlier this week, for successfully auctioning spectrum for 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, but one of ProPakistani reader thinks that Warid Telecom should be given a separate award for launching 4G LTE services without spending a single penny on 4G spectrum and yet they successfully launched the service in six cities of Pakistan.

This doesn’t end here as Warid surprised the market by managing to have grabbed over 50,000 LTE users with-in a month of its commercial launch. That’s almost 9 times of Zong’s 4G customers till the end of January 2015.

Interestingly, as some had feared, Warid managed to maintain its undisputed and proven superiority of network quality, for both voice and data users.

For those who aren’t aware, Warid didn’t buy additional spectrum for its LTE services and instead spared some spectrum from its 2G network and consumed it for LTE operations.

However, it merits mentioning here that this was possible only because Warid had lesser number of customers. For a reference, Warid had only one third customers of what Mobilink had while the spectrum size of both operators was same, which means Warid could easily afford to spare some spectrum for LTE operators, which it did.

Additionally, in order to offer better data experience that will also save spectrum, Warid has contracted SpiderCloud for small cell deployment. Through this arrangement, company will be able to serve the data needs of its customers through power full small cells that are reported to have achieved 34 Mb/s per radio node on 5MHz spectrum, which is far higher than what other telco can deliver on 3G/4G/LTE.

We know that Warid is already planning for WiFi offloading, that will further enhance and optimize the utilization of spectrum available to Warid.

And no doubt they can buy additional spectrum during the next auction (for which PTA has already started to evaluate the market and opportunities) to tap the growing spectrum needs.

All in all, Warid has tuned out to be a clear winner, with good number of LTE subscriptions and a doable plan and a strategy that has stunned the telecom experts locally and abroad.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Faixan Rabbera

    But its coverage rate in more cities is equal to Misbah’s batting rate..:)

    • Guest

      Kuch Zaida Hi Nhi Ho Gya!! :D

      • Muhammad Yasir

        nope.. i hate misbah and all the pawwa-wala pakistani cricketers.. he’s right. our cricket team is nothing but a pawwa filled infested nest!

        • mohsinraja

          tuk tuk just like test

    • Asad

      Warid has worst coverage… I hate it when most of the time my cell is in searching mode.

      • Akmal

        You might be living in far remote areas otherwise Warid’s coverage is not so bad

        • Asad


    • rayyan

      Warid 4G LTE is in testing phase in sialkot, peshawar & quetta etc … Coming soon .. Plus almost covered lahore, karachi & Islamabad/pindi

  • Desi

    Where are all the haters now? O 4G cant be successful in PK. People don’t have handsets all all other nonsense. Anyway I used both Waird and Zong LTE. Let me tell you guys Zong is light years ahead when it come to the LTE speed and coverage

    • Guest

      “Zong is light years ahead when it come to the LTE speed and coverage”

      You must be kidding … Or are you a Zong-Kong?

      • Ahmed

        Pathetic Zong will never provide consistency and QoS.

      • Asad

        Zong Kong for sure :P :D

      • Hamza

        Really guyz Im using Zong 4G wingle (at 4G signal strength 40% ) I get 10 Mbps almost everytime.. Currently used 4G in Rahim Yar Khan and Isb Chak Shahzad… Its really way better than other Isps..

    • Mirza Moazzam Baig

      I’ll second you on this cuz I’ve used both of these. . .Zong’s 3g was capable enough to offer what warid is offering on it’s 4g

    • mohsinraja

      not agree with u now many phones 4G affordable available in the market.

    • Majid ahmad

      I agree …i also used both zong LTE and Warid LTE and zongs speed and signals were stronger than warid LTE…zong is the best

  • Ahmed

    speed test in Lahore

    • Zaki Uddin

      Can get easily on 3G

      • ahmed

        Than share the screen shot if you can get,

        • Guest
        • Salman Haider

          Zong 3G….

          • Ahmed

            Fake can not possible if download is 28Mbps and upload is only 1.84Mbps mean is fake. tempered

            • Salman Haider

              Your highness please share your technical thoughts how this is fake?

              • Salman Haider

                Zong 4G….

                • Ahmed

                  This is possible but this is not publicly available on Zong network i have Zong 4G SIM as well.

                  • Salman Haider

                    speed varies with number of active data users in that particular cell area plus serving site allocated bandwidth.

                  • Ahmed

                    total 5K users in country, I even did not any 4G signals of Zong.

                • Lucky Goldstar

                  which area is this ?

                  • Salman Haider

                    Near Lahore Airport

                • adnan

                  Handset konsa hai?

                  • Salman Haider

                    Note 3 N9005

                • furqan hakeem

                  These results are impressive but are limited to a very limited cell sites. I am unable to get more than 5Mbps in Karachi in a very less congested 4G cell. even their 3G coverage is not so good in most of the places in karachi

            • Zaki Uddin

              This is Asymmetrical data!

          • asif khan

            Where this test is conducted? I am unable to achieve this in many areas of Peshwar.

          • Ericsson Employee

            Sir, what is the use of having this high speed when your refresh rate is above 100. Warid has been sensible, they have provided enough download speed with great refresh rate. With the refresh rate of over 100, your Skype call will lag a lot.

            • Zaki Uddin

              Hmmm good point!

        • Zaki Uddin

          I think now I dont have to share any screens, zong is providing best data speeds around the city, admit it!

          • anas qamar

            Warid has consistency.. The thing with 3g is that it has high latency, and when you browse with that internet, it doesn’t ‘feel’ fast regardless of what the bandwidth is. With warid’s consistent latency rate, the overall browsing (and gaming) experience is much better. I don’t know much about Zong’s 4g though, but that seems to have a stable latency rate from the above screen shot (but that’s what you expect from a 4g internet).
            The problem with both these 4g internet service provider is that both have them have such low internet usage plans. Like, at least give us a near unlimited package, like a weekly 30-50 gb internet, orelse its like driving fast on a bridge with a dead end -_-

      • rayyan

        Zong 3g in khi

        • Zaki Uddin

          Subscribe to premium package aka 2gb or more, then see for your self

  • Umz

    I doubt if all these 50K customers even have LTE available in their areas. Many people changed their sims to LTE sims, yet LTE converge is still not available in their areas. I am myself one such customer.
    LTE roll-out for both Warid and Zong seems to have stalled for the past 3 months. No new areas have been added to coverage maps.

    • Tnt4ever

      using in sialkot

      but you will not find anywhere that states it is available in sialkot.

      they are testing in many cities but not advertised as available. so thay will be counting all #s

      • Umz

        Lucky you.

      • Ahmed

        50 users are in my company

    • Akmal

      Coverage area expanding on daily basis but I doubt that their their website not updated accordingly

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    In my opinion if they considered to get 3G license, they could manage to get more customers than others and there wasn’t a compromise on spectrum as well. Anyway, best of luck for future plans Warid.

    • omer

      at least they should have gone for 5mhz 3g license if they were not able to spend money on 10mhz

  • Zain

    Warid would have grabbed highest number of 3G users (I believe) had they participated in auction.

    • anas qamar

      but by participating in the auction, they would spend all their money in only getting the license. Now that they have planned for 4g with their existing spectrum; they can spend all that money on improving their infrastructure which they would have had spent on the auction. As other posts have mentioned, this is a smart play by Warid.

      • Zain

        Although this is a smart move but a limitation would be reached. Should the number of subscribers on Warid network increases, quality of the services would go down. Now they should acquire 4G license to gain more spectrum, which the government is planning to auction within 90 days. In this way, their quality of service would go more better and more subscribers and possibly more revenue.

  • Mubashir

    Well done Warid! Being a Warid LTE user & having tried 3G/4G services of all other operators, all I can say is Warid you rock! Warid coverage is unparalleled in atleast Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad, where i’ve used Warid LTE. For other operators all I can say is that they are in race for covering whole of Pakistan with no consideration for perfecting their coverage in already covered areas! With fluctuating 3G/4G signals or pathetic speed, coupled with the most unfriendly customer service & sleeping PTA contend with the license fees & busy in earning awards, this is the state of affairs of other large Pakistani telecom operators!

  • monis

    zong has the best 3g network in Karachi.
    Reason: i have never seen zong network changing from H+ to H or 3g, where as all other operators network keep changing from H+ to H, 3g.
    Zong speed is also best 5mbps any time of day.

    • Zaki Uddin

      They are planting advanced technologies available!

    • Asad

      My Zong has always remained at H or 3G,…. never been to H+

      • monis

        well mine is always at H+ never witnessed it to H or 3g. while on other networks they keep on shifting in seconds.

      • Zaki Uddin

        It could be due to your phone doesn’t support dc hspa+

  • Shoaib

    Excellent Warid.Keep it up.

  • Ammar

    Warid LTE user myself and couldn’t be happier with the service.

    • Ahmed

      Zong employee your network is not even stable to H+ and shuffles to H after every 15 seconds.

      • Zaki Uddin

        Not the case with me, always stays at h+ and with the mobile data always on, my phone doesn’t eats up battery!

      • Asad

        True & my Zong always remains at H or 3G,…. never been to H+

  • Hanan

    speed varies area to area..So Far I experienced zong only, they dont even provide the voice coverage completely in lahore but the areas which are covered with voice and Data services, they have good speed of internet…yet All Telcos are in phase of upgrading their equipment which definitely take some time……hoping for best :-)

  • baba

    Warid is a third class company due to its internal Systems. A bureaucracy is running warid since its birth.
    Warid cannot do that, its only possible due to the new hiring which Warid picked from PTCL

    • Asad

      Yeah agreed… Jab se Warid bani hai, ro rahi hai k paise nhi hain blahblahblah…. Employees alag ehsaas e kamtari k shikar rehte hain other companies k muqablay mei :P… aur har waqt sale out hone ya lay off krne ki news chalti rehti hain… Sheikh waqaee kanjoos hotay hai chahye Pakistani ho ya Arbi :P :D

  • bil

    Warid, the best network with the perfect call quality and a consistent speed of 20mb on LTE. i used zong and it sux with signal problems and all. i live in lahore .

  • imran saeed

    Does anyone know which 4g/LTE Sim works in an ipad air 2? Thanks

    • anas qamar

      Both Zong’s and Warid’s sim will work on it…
      The reason is that it supports 1800 mhz for lte.. so yeah, both warid and zong have 1800 mhz lte; so both will work…

  • shahbaz


  • junaid naseer

    Any news as to when will they be launching
    lte services in Multan?