‘NSA-Proof’ Blackphone 2 Announced

If there was ever a phone Edward Snowden would himself use, it would probably be this one. The Blackphone 2, the successor to the original “NSA-proof” smartphone has been announced. The phone which runs PrivatOS 1.1 on top of Android is said to be so strong its makers would actually pay you if you can get inside it.


The Blackphone 2 also comes with respectable specs now. The display size is 5.5″ with Full HD resolution and Gorilla Glass 3. Underneath, you get a 64-bit octa-core processor with 3 GB RAM. There’s a microSD card slot for expandable storage as well as LTE.


The unique feature of the phone’s OS is to create “Spaces” which are essentially different profiles within the same phone. It allows you to login on different features of an OS, assuming a different identity altogether.

There is a Silent Suite consisting of Silent Phone, Silent Contacts and Silent Phone, which all feature encrypted conversations. It also features remote wipe, in case your phone is lost.


The phone features quick-charging on its 3,060 mAh non-removable battery. There will also be a tablet called the Blackphone+ around, which will feature a Qualcomm chip but other details or even a screenshot is not given right now.

Silent Circle, the company raised $750 million through the orders of the first Blackphone. It’s betting so much on the Blackphone 2 that it will pay you $128 for every single bug that you find, apart from sending a fix within a 72-hour window.


The phone is available for $649, the same as the first-gen Blackphone.

  • You bet they want you to think “NSA-Proof” device!
    If you are on digital, you are exposed, that’s it!

    • By the way, the NSA is not interesting our daily routine’s multitasking. If we’re innocent we don’t need to afraid of this ridiculous agency. Just indulge in your life and forget this heck!!

      • who said they aren’t interested in your daily routines? Why do they monitor facebook and your iphones/androids if they are “not interested” ?

        • Ok why would they take interest in your dailylife if your daily SMS or calls consists of “kia ho rha ha? , kdhr hai? , atay hue dahi le ana” :) whats so interesting for NSA in these conversations? They are monitoring facebook and androids for terrorist/criminal activities not for “Pakistani tezabi chawlein”.
          Totally agree with the views of that “Guest”.

          • Another dud. Please go study findings of Edward Snowden. They’ll cure most of your superstitions. Intelligence agencies (including ISI) dedicate a big part of their work to “potential-terrorists”. There is a difference between a terrorist and a potential one. People around the globe have been blowing whistles to these unholy practices of intelligence agencies.
            But why care? Go fetch adha kilo dahi. :P

      • You are 200% right. We personnally don’t need to be afraid. But this NSA is harmful for national interests and security for our’s and other countries.

  • its secure alright, as secure as cyanogenMod with its secure options, problem comes when you put the not so secure SIM in your phone.

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