PTA Collaborates with FIA to Raid Grey Traffic Exchange in Hangu

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been strict in its stance against grey traffic in the country. It collaborated with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of late to raid an illegal gateway exchange based in Hangu.

A couple of grey operators were put under arrest once the exchange consisting of multiple SIMS, ports, UPS, batteries, three laptops, six Gateways and five modems  were confiscated. Investigations surrounding this latest development have already commenced.

Grey traffickers typically use bypasses in order to make international calls that significantly changes call tariffs with international calls being charged at the rate local ones are.

That results in significant loss of finance for the Government. In its attempts to discourage grey traffickers, FIA requested PTA to especially monitor international calls that are displayed as local calls on the devices.

According to PTA’s findings, most of these incoming and outgoing international calls are for Saudi Arabia, coupled with problems linked with tariff. FIA appreciates PTA’s continued vigilance to unearth these illegal activities by continuously monitoring such calls.

PTA has also announced a 24/7 SMS service for people to report all such activity free of cost. Simply text the suspicious number to ‘8866’.

  • grey to pakistan say khatam hi nahin karwa sakta koi bhi agency ya PTA sab chotya bana rahay hain bus pakistan may rehna hay to quaid e azam khilatay rehna hay.

  • The VOIP service that people use in Saudi Arabia are very cheap. They offer very cheap rates to call to Pakistan. The thing is, I have seen this happen, that every time someone uses it to call back home, those people would see a local number on their phones. Many people don’t know that this is a fraud, but even if they know it, they still use these services because of high rates in Saudi Arabia.

    • This is no fraud, this is my right here outside Pakistan to use VoIP. If this is illegal in Pakistan let be it as PTA is either living in stone age or is protecting business interest of some LDI operators. US and Europe allows their VoIP to provide services across the globe, why can’t Pakistan allow VoIP operators to provide services to overseas Pakistanis, 6 million living abroad? If that is illegal in Pakistan that isn’t my problem that is yours. I will not like my hard earned money to land in pockets of LDIs or PTCL when I can talk with my family using VoIP. Overseas Pakistanis send billions and get s**t in return.

    • our clean fraud-less govt do nicely to put things into the public so we think whats bad and whats not as what they like.
      try checking how much it costs to call India from US / CAN, THAN compare that to Pakistan.

  • It would be appreciated if PTA shows the same vigor in monitoring the QoS of all Telecom operators! All that PTA can do is mint money through license fees or busting grey traffic exchanges to ensure continous money supply to the govt, meanwhile having no concern with poor coverage, frauds & world’s poorest customer service!

    • > world’s poorest customer service!

      You have no idea how US cable companies treat their customers. Just Google Comcast customer woes.

      • Maybe the Americans also have guys trained in Pakistani Mobile companies or follow our Customer Service practices! I would clarify why i made this statement! Excluding Warid none of my complaints were taken seriously by Customer Service Representatives! In case of several complaints i had to seek PTA’s help! Some of these couldn’t even be handled by PTA! So far for the role of PTA as a regulator! Only wants good money from operators & close its eyes at their malpractices!

      • you’re right about Comcast, but we forget one can almost put whole Pakistan into one of the us states, meaning only the complains that comes out.

  • Point to think is … They are busting Grey traffic.. although its just an Cheap WAY TO CONNECT with Family back in pakistan, Home.
    Mean while connecting calls through SKYPE, VIBER, CoCO, Facebook messenger is also significant loss of finance for the Government Tax,
    Using 2Mb package will make u to call.. every where around the world..

    • But labor class outside Pakistan specially in GCC doesn’t know much about these ways to call, VoIP landing on GSM network is their only option and PTA is trying to protect interests of some LDIs and PTCL. Instead of giving VoIP licenses to provide telephony to overseas Pakistanis they are taking us in reverse.

  • here mostly peoples using skype, facebook and whatsapp for international communication (UAE, UK, KSA)
    no one using direct dialing calls

  • 1- Search free VoIP service providers online, ask your family to sign up for the same and talk for free. Many have mobile apps now.
    2- Get your family a US number on Skype, call them at cheap rate. Use Callcentric (They give free US numbers), IPkall US number diverting to a free VoIP number, Google Voice.
    3- Scr3w those who want to take you for a ride OR in stone age OR has their eyes on your pocket OR is trying to benefit some businessmen.

    • how can i call in Malaysia landline and mobile ? please share VoIP for malaysia calls. thank u

  • With calling tariffs for “UMMAH” countries (Saudi BArbaria & Mall-full Dubai etc) sky rocketing at the speed of apollo 13! its no wonder the poorly plebs of our country there resort to using these shady channels of communication to get in touch with their beloveds. its supposed to be cheaper to call internationally these days not the other way around.

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