Do You Use Siri? Your Voice Data is Being Shared with Third Parties

Privacy is quite a serious topic these days, one that users tend to not take for granted. Comments sections of various blogs feature Apple and Android fans quarreling over which OS is securer, besides other petty matters of course.

If you had been advocating the security of Apple’s Siri voice assistant that records commands spoken to it, you would be disappointed to learn what has recently transpired. Apple has admitted that the personal voice assistant not only collects data but sends it to third party companies as well.

This was recently brought to light by a Reddit user, FallenMyst who revealed she had just begun working for a company called Walk N’ Talk Technologies. Her duty was to listen to the voice data received from Apple as well as Microsoft users to spot incorrect interpretations of voice commands. It’s a matter of listening to the sound bite and seeing how well the corresponding text matches against it.

The Reddit user clarified that companies such as these test the software for Apple and Microsoft for accuracy and provide feedback on how their efficiency and effectiveness can be enhanced. She stressed that if there’s anything a user has said to the voice assistant, it’s highly likely the recorded message will reach a third party. She admits hearing innocent commands for totally unutterable, obnoxious favors.

Although the iOS Software License Agreement highlights the user’s consent to provide the data to Apple along with its subsidiaries and agents, it’s another one of those lengthy policy agreements nobody bothers to read. It’s probably wise to be mindful of what you say to the voice assistant, despite your identity not being tied to the voice data. I’d personally be most embarrassed if a third party was to find out my deep down (non-existant) fascinations and then notify me about it at some later point through a cheeky ad.