This Pakistani Startup Promises to Help you Find your Next Maid or Driver

The concept of a maid, driver and other personnel to help around the house is not a foreign one in Pakistan. At some point, every family has struggled to find the right person who’s trustworthy and does their job well. Security, trust and competence are the three biggest factors when you want to employ staff at your house.

Considering the ubiquity of such workers in households across the country, it’s curious and perhaps strange that that there is no centralized way to find qualified and trained people. The system mostly works on word of mouth and personal recommendation and that is exactly what a new startup in Lahore is aiming to change.

What is H&O Services?

A startup that wants to end all your household woes, H&O services have been operational in Lahore for the past six months. The startup formalizes the Pakistani blue collar market by connecting qualified staff with people who need them and gives perks and benefits to all involved parties to keep things rolling.

How Does it Work?

Muhammad Muddasar Sharif, CEO of H&O Services, said:

We use technology and innovative strategy to bridge the gap between the urban faction elite and the blue collared workers. By manually registering the workers, we conduct a small video interview with the worker and when an employer contacts us, we send them the video interview conducted with the worker.

The use of technology saves both the worker and the employer from the pain of travelling and taking out time for the interview, which may go to interviewing several workers depending upon the need of the employer and skills of worker.

“Once the worker is selected, we conduct proper background verification to protect our clients. We have very strict method of running background verification keeping in view the security scenarios in Pakistan” said Maham Ejaz who’s Marketing Manager at H&O Services and who is also from LUMS.

Background verification of workers ensures only reliable people are hired

One thing that we love is that H&O Services offer health insurance and job security to their workers. This helps employers as it ensures that staff won’t be tempted by small raises elsewhere. The workers themselves get a security net which is crucial for low income households.

If any worker is sick or leaves, the service provides substitutes and replacements. Empowerment of blue collar workers is conducted with soft skill training’s and the employers get a three point guarantee which ensures availability, competence and reliability. Win win.

H&O Services Portfolio

The startup is currently offering the following services:

  • Full time (24/7) workers
  • Day time workers
  • Part time workers
  • Rent a Worker service (Workers can be hired for a few hours at a time)

H&O Service Charges

H&O charges a small verification fee once the worker is selected after the trial period is over. All monthly salary payments go through the company itself after a worker is officially hired. This is important to keep the workers associated with the company and to provide them with the benefits stated above.

How Does It Work? 

Instead of asking your neighbors to find you a new maid, driver, cook or other staff, all you need to do is to contact H&O Services through one of the following ways and provide your requirements.

  • Visit the website (
  • Send them a message on their Facebook page (
  • Call on their helpline (0305 555 888 1, 0307 4950667) 

What’s Next for H&O Services?

H&O Services aims to cover the whole of Lahore by the end of 2015 and expand to Karachi and Islamabad/Rawalpindi by the end of 2016. The company is in the process of building their staff and response from initial placements has been overwhelmingly positive.


Finding reliable staff for households can be a chore since you need someone very reliable and competent to work at home while you are off at work during the day. H&O Services centralizes the process and solves all of the pain points by managing workers before and after the placement. The startup gets a big thumbs up from ProPakistani!

  • A large number of agencies are providing this service,but its first online service

    • Hi aamer,

      We’re in process of acquiring kamatapakistan and have almost finalized this acquisition !

  • Extremely disappointed in the service. My eyes shined when I saw the title as I am in search for a housemaid for my infant and as soon as I filled out the form on the H&O and tried clicking ‘Send’, it turns out the form isn’t working.

    Not sure why startups do this, why build half baked stuff and put it out in the market?

    Second thing i am pretty sure about is that they don’t have enough supply (a wild guess) but KamataPakistan came before this and has bitten the dust and now there is also too which isn’t doing any good either. The issue is not the demand, its the supply.

    I hope Mudassar and his team can start off by at least fixing the form. Good luck!

    • Hi Saad, its always good to have feedback. You are invited to follow our progress at Have you actually tried Fori Mazdoori (IOS) App? For one we have not launched yet and second FM is not a simplistic maid finder, we are aiming to make it as the next network of labour workers (something like a facebook of labour). We have made a system that allows the literate people to starting taking responsibly and help add the the 9.5 million jobless or the rest of 60 million labour into the system. Also, as far as I am aware H&O Services Portfolio and Fori Mazdoori like initiatives are beautifully aligned to collaborate. H&O have started with particular areas of Lahore. Fori Mazdoori is trying to make a network that will work for H&O like placement agencies and every-household looking for help with some work.

      Please do check out an explanation of Fori Mazdoori (an older version): You can also check out an explanation about Fori Mazdoori here:

      It is a very difficult market to handle. We need support not mere criticism. Fori Mazdoori will fully launch before March ends. I do confess though we struggle to get sufficient main-stream media attention which was exactly the opposite while I was at MIT and had my project covered all over international media including CNN, BBC, Wired and Discovery.

      Best Regards,
      Dr. Musstanser Tinauli
      PhD Design
      IBM PhD Fellow, Rocca Fellow @ MIT (USA)

  • You are targeting local market. Please choose a brand name which appeals local populace. Preferably an urdu word. Brief but concise.

    • There is another service called which lets you search through their database for free. They dont provide any kind of verification but it could be a start.

  • Hi ! who own this company and how does it work? I’d like to get more details, are you willing to deal with international market or send your resource for cleaning job / maid in Dubai? Let me know as I’m having an agency for the same Mail me @DR@drmusstansertinauli:disqus

  • They’re a good addition but still need lot of effort to be sustainable. Website isn’t working. FB page doesn’t mention number. In Today ‘s day and age, time is money and today’s experience was a waste of time. I hope they have competition who I will gladly patronise.

  • Hi I’m travelling to Lahore I need a maid / cook for general house duties and cooking, please can u help

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