Biometric Verification of SIMs is not Fool Proof: Chairman PTA

Biometric verification of system is not the ultimate solution and it is equally exposed to flaws as any other kind of SIM registration and verification system, opined Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, in response to a question asked by a media man during recently held press conference.

Dr. Ismail was asked if the issue of verification of SIMs will be resolved for ever after current biometric re-verification, replying to which he said that only Allah is forever and perfect while all other things are exposed to flaws.

Dr. Ismail, while clarifying his stance, said that PTA, MoIT, telecom companies, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and NADRA have taken every possible measure to make this verification system error proof, however, nothing is permanent and perfect except almighty Allah.

He said that all stakeholders have agreed to make consistent efforts to ensure that biometric verification system stays fool proof.

He said that technology can get flawed with time — for example we might not have SIMs at all in five years from now — but important element is to keep tapping these flaws vigilantly to make sure that this huge practice of re-verification of SIMs isn’t wasted.

Dr. Ismail, who made a lot of sense during the media responses, said that this SIM reverification drive is first step towards straightening the database of cellular customers, however, it shouldn’t be considered as a job done for ever.

He said that PTA along with all stakeholders will have to work together for ever to make sure that this system remains fool proof. And that all flaws should be rectified as soon as they surface.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK