Critical Issues Discussed at the Pakistan Auto Industry Bloggers’ Meet

The Pakistan auto industry has failed to completely localise its products in over 25 years. This was the main issue discussed at the first Pakistan Auto Industry Bloggers’ meet organised by PakWheels.

The key issues ranged from lack of localisation to an increase on duty for auto buyers in the country. Suzuki Mehran has been in the market for almost three decades but it has only been localised sixty five percent, whereas thirty five percent parts are sourced from abroad, which includes custom duty, adding to the customer woes.

On the other hand Honda City, worth millions of rupees does not have the standard airbag facility, which puts lives in danger. The cars have hefty price tags but without essential safety features that is a law in developed countries. It seems like the big auto players have colluded on price and quality.

The aim of the meet was to discuss and voice people’s everyday auto concerns. The blogger community wants the industry to improve its price versus quality proportion and influence the upcoming auto policy, which will benefit the end consumers rather than the corporate giants.

However, the Commerce Ministry promises to increase the manufacturing of automobiles in Pakistan and wants to protect the interests of the consumers at the same time through the new policy.

On this occasion, Fahad Ullah a senior representative of PakWheels said,

“The idea was to raise our voice to amend and change the non-customer friendly auto policies in the country. We request the government to introduce an auto policy that will embed dimensions of safety protocols as seen in the developed countries.”

A large number of bloggers attended the meet and appreciated PakWheels’ efforts of challenging the industry to improve and provide the best customer service in their domain.

  • Finally someone care about people of Pakistan those own motor Vehicles and i know government don’t give a damn .. Please at least ban Mehran Dabaa from last three decades we have seen zero improvement in this industry.
    in Bikes industry at least i am hopeful after arrival of YAMAHA (Japan) we may see some competition and improvement as well from Honda.
    why no such competitor is allowed in auto industry??

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