LG G4 is Going to be Revealed on 28th April

LG’s latest flagship will be unveiled on April 28th, the smartphone maker has announced. The teaser poster announcing the date also revealed an improved camera with f/1.8 (up from f/1.9), dual-tone LED Flash and laser autofocus. There will also be a leather back cover.

Earlier, it also unveiled the update skin dubbed UX 4.0, which brings UI improvements and a few new features, including Camera Manual Mode and Smart Notice. The former gives you further control over the pictures you capture. A feature called Quick Shot allows you to take photos by double-tapping the back button.

Smart Notice tracks your activity as you spend more time with the phone, and provides vital info accordingly. Further specifications are not exactly confirmed but we already know them as a result of several leaks.

The display of the phone is a 5.5″ QHD display, which was unveiled by LG earlier this month. It comes with 120 percent color gamut, 30 percent increase in brightness and 50 percent increase in contrast. All this without an increase in power consumption.

Underneath, you get a Snapdragon 808 processor (no 810 this time), 3 GB RAM, 16 mp main camera with 4K video and 8 mp 4K front shooter.

The phone has all the potential to become a bestseller, even if its processor is a bit lacking. Stay tuned for more info on the G4.

    • Yes. 2 issues actually.
      1. It overheats.
      2. It is not as much power efficient as it should be.

  • THis is the mobile of 2015 and at the end of year im sure this mobile will top of the list i mean 1st as G3 Last year!

    • Those who havent used LG wont understand. Samdung is newbbbbies favorite, and nuuubs are always larger in number. True story :D

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