Pakistani Rickshaws Get a FaceLift, Will Have WiFi Hotspots

Pakistani signature Rickshaws are going to get a new hi-tech look with a lot of improvements in variety of vectors.

While WiFi hotspot is the main highlight of these Rickshaws, there are going to be other utility functions that will place these Rickshaws as one of the most sophisticated and modern mode of transportation.

While a lot of information about these Rickshaws is embargoed, we can confirm you that these extremely good looking rickshaws are going to hit the roads starting next week.

At this point in time we can confirm you that all the information available on internet on these Rickshaws is either incorrect or incomplete, but since we have signed an embargo with the company who is launching these Rickshaws, we are bound to not to reveal the details at this point in time.

These WiFi enabled, high-tech Rickshaws are going to hit the roads with-in a week

We were allowed to tell you that at least 100 such WiFi enabled Rickshaws are going to hit the roads initially, with more to following during weeks to come.

We are as excited as you are to see these rickshaws on the road and share more details but all we need is some time until they are launched in the country.

Expect more details and possibly a complete review with-in few days. Keep visiting us back.



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