Pakistani Rickshaws Get a FaceLift, Will Have WiFi Hotspots

Pakistani signature Rickshaws are going to get a new hi-tech look with a lot of improvements in variety of vectors.

While WiFi hotspot is the main highlight of these Rickshaws, there are going to be other utility functions that will place these Rickshaws as one of the most sophisticated and modern mode of transportation.

While a lot of information about these Rickshaws is embargoed, we can confirm you that these extremely good looking rickshaws are going to hit the roads starting next week.

At this point in time we can confirm you that all the information available on internet on these Rickshaws is either incorrect or incomplete, but since we have signed an embargo with the company who is launching these Rickshaws, we are bound to not to reveal the details at this point in time.

These WiFi enabled, high-tech Rickshaws are going to hit the roads with-in a week

We were allowed to tell you that at least 100 such WiFi enabled Rickshaws are going to hit the roads initially, with more to following during weeks to come.

We are as excited as you are to see these rickshaws on the road and share more details but all we need is some time until they are launched in the country.

Expect more details and possibly a complete review with-in few days. Keep visiting us back.



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  • Maria

    aik barish ki dair hay.

    • Zeshan


      • emo

        Pakistani jugariye hain bhai… Barish ka bhi jugar nikal he lain gay

        • Raja Maja

          yes we are Pakistani and we can do it. We can modify japanense american cars why not our own, it is in its initial stage so more version will come out. SO MARIA, ZEESHAN start think positive.

          • Zubair Gu

            Initial ma Jo cheez failure nazar aa rahi hai Us ko kon Positive ly sakta hai?

          • Muhammad Umar

            lol maria zeeshan ma comma bd ma daikha ma ny :P
            just for fun :P baat ki start na ho jana bhai :P request hy :D

    • Raja Maja

      Aik barish ki dair hai………………Maria bhi geeli ho jai gi…………..aur phir. kia younhi bheegti rahoo gi yaan muhallay walay kapray daingay tumko…………ha ha ha :)

      • Maria

        wow admin way to filter out inappropriate comments. well done.

      • Guest

        Shame on you Raja Baja. Your female family members don’t ever face rain? Dumb

        • guest

          You are right, Raja Maja have stupid mind…………….

    • BadarUI

      Aur sub dher hai…

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    now cars will follow these smart rakshaw in order use their wifi internet

    • Raja Maja

      One day whole world will follow our design, i am sure, we are not less than any one.

      • Atif

        yeah only problem this original design is used in france for years lol.

      • Aliyan Gohar

        Then you’ll blow them up.

  • billabadmash

    I saw one infront of ufone office muree road rwp

    • Raja Maja

      and i saw recently last week in lahore.

  • Danish

    designing flaws are there. no support for drivers and passengers

    • Raja Maja

      Dear Danish, Think you like a entrepreneur and design the doors for them and make big money, instead pointing the flaws…………..;)

    • zafar

      They have doors like car but in this picture doors probably removed. Dont know why

  • ali hussain

    u guys seriously !!! almost every-time when something new happens u have to come up with some stupid comment!!!!!! i don’t know it never occurred to u that may be u should SHUTUP or may be appreciate something or maybe etc

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    futuristic for Pakistan and Pakistanis … good job, keep it up friends we pray for your success. this is start we will see some enhancements in near future Insha Allah

  • I think they are in one of the factory inside mustafa town behind multan road ..

    • Faisal Mahmood

      Black Star you are rights. I have seen it too, its workshop is at multan road.
      I asked that guy. he told me we are making this rakshaw for Ufone in Rs:550000/
      its body is made of fiberglass

      • Rumors rumors and rumors .. Lets seee what will be the price when it ll hit market.

        • Saad Khalid

          500000 per Rikshaw ..?

  • abbasi506

    i have seen it at Pindora Chowk Rawalpindi on 07-04-2015

  • xavi

    Now i have a another reason for sitting in a rickshaw, free wifi! XD

  • Pak

    Search pink rickshaw !!!

  • Ali Imran Khan

    i saw it peshawer saddar :p

  • Asad MB

    wifi rickshaw, so that cellphones can be snatched easily.

    • Taha Najam

      Haha, well said!

  • RAM? ROM?

  • Abdul WAHAB

    Gangster to Eid Ho Jayegi Roz Rickshaw Breaking News Chalani Hogi Snatching ki, Q?k is main Hacking & Snacthing easily hoga tracking bhi kam nahi ayggi

  • Muhammad Faisal

    I have seen One of this rickshaw on Rawalpindi Roads and I think this is promotional campaign from Ufone because the colour of rickshaw is same as it is UFone brand Colour and I noted something else which confirmed to me that its from Ufone

  • Ahmad Khan Sabri

    Which company is making it.

  • ads

    another chinese junk

  • it looks terribly uncomfortable.

    • zafar ahmed khan

      definately , forr looks riders comfort is ignored

  • Azi

    no safety

  • Zubair Gu

    What is the point of this design? No Side doors !!!

  • Bilal Iqbal

    I have seen…just out side look. No side safety…

  • Shoaib

    It is start of data revolution.Internet facility is now available everywhere.You can avail of internet facility anywhere by using computers,Laptops, Tablets, smartphones etc through WiFi Hotspots.3G/4G operators are expanding their networks to every nook and corner of the Country.The largest two ICT providers of the Country i-e Mobilink and Telenor have captured almost 70% of new data customers and are taking the Country to new digital/data revolution.Credit of this goes to all five cellular operators.

    • anas qamar

      No credit goes to the ‘boys’ :D

  • Where in Pakistan are they going to be launched? Karachi?

  • Shahrukh

    Main nay be apne bike main Free Wifi laga dee hay,
    Propakistani plz share this also, so other can get free wifi, but they need just to follow me on the roads.

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Please dont hand it over to “PATHANS” :P

  • Waqas


  • Waseem


    Anyhow, good approach Keep it up!

  • Abdul Haleem

    How will people survive in the dusty atmosphere of Pakistani cities, specially cities of Sindh.

  • Tariq

    We look many dates in Rakhsha. becz when rakhsha close you do any this
    it is better Idea for stop dating WOOOW
    Great idea
    and safe life
    Thanks Pakistan

  • Pakistan

    its yawn.. difficult to travel in winter

  • Tahir Javed

    there is big design constraint, unsafe and unprotected.

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    آخر کار، رکشہ میں بیٹھنا آسان ہو جائے گا۔ لیکن دھوپ اور بارش سے بچائو کیسے ہوگا۔ دوسری گارڈیوں کے اڑائے ہوئے چھینٹیں بھی مسلہ ہوگا۔

  • I to EYE

    Laddo rakshaw