Google’s Snapseed Gets First Major Update in 2 Years

Snapseed is one of the most intuitive and best designed apps for image editing on smartphones. So much so that it was bought by Google and many of its features became part of the Photos app on the search giant’s social network.

After a space of 2 years, Snapseed is back, with bigger and better updates that make it a must have on your Smartphones and tablets.

Lens blur, tonal contrast, spot healing and intelligent perspective transform are some of the new features it’s sporting. This makes Snapseed one step closer to becoming the professional grade photo editor on mobile. After all, the app delivers more precise control over edits and non-destructive editing features that keep your original images safe.

The new Stacks feature now let’s you revisit your Snapseed-edited photos and roll back any changes that you made over the history. Great for do-overs and re-edits. And if you want another different image to get the same edits you made for a different file, you can now do so. Think of it as streamlining your workflow e.g. cropping images to a certain resolution, applying 2-3 effects on every image, etc.


For image manipulators, the selective image editing filters and features provide the fine-grained control that professional image editing suites like Photoshop give them.

Snapseed has all features completely free, making it great for the casual users who dont want in-app purchases to bother them. And with this latest update, Snapseed 2.0 is giving competitors a run for their money. Google is actively supporting the development on Snapseed, keeping it relevant in a market with apps like Aviary, VSCO Cam, Pixlr Express and more.

Grab Snapseed 2.0 now for iOS and Android. You can make your images awesome and the new features are sure to give you interesting ways to bring your snaps to life.

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