Office Remote Lets You Control Documents With Your Smartphone

Microsoft’s latest app for Android (they release them on a near-weekly basis) is Mountain View’s version of the Office Remote app, which does exactly what its name indicates: control Office Suite from your phone or tablet. The app is available for free right now on the Play Store.

The Office Remote app allows you to shift between your slides, start slide show, view notes and control an on-screen laser pointer in PowerPoint. For Excel, you can scroll in between speadsheets & graphs, or control data slicers from the palm of your hand. Lastly, it which allows you to scroll pages, find stuff and see comments on Word.

‘Remote’ is the emphasis here, and the app allows you to roam around the room while displaying your presentation, located on your phone or tablet.

It requires the following features to work:

  • Office 2013 or Office 2013 RT or later
  • Bluetooth-compatible PC
  • Desktop add-in for Office Remote

Here is the entire list of features available for PowerPoint:


  • View current slide and laser point using touch on your phone
  • Next slide preview
  • Play and pause embedded audio and video files
  • View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide
  • View speaker notes on your phone
  • View presentation timer and slide numbers


  • Change worksheets by swiping
  • Use Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters
  • Jump to any named object in your workbook
  • Move up or down the worksheet
  • Change the zoom level


  • Jump to headings
  • Jump to comments
  • Screen up/down
  • Line up/down
  • Change the zoom level
  • You can download the app from here.

You can download the app from here.

  • You may want to edit the requirements section as play store states this doesn’t work with office 2013 RT.
    Unless you have tried it ?

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