Ban on Issuance of New SIMs by Franchises and Retailers Lifted

The ban on the sale of new SIMs by franchises and retailers has been lifted, we have checked with PTA.

The ban was imposed during the SIM reverification drive, which completed successfully this Sunday.

During the reverification drive, all five mobile phone companies were restrained from selling any new connection through franchises or retail outlets, a channel that heavily contributes to overall sales of new SIMs.

During re-verification drive, telcos could sell new SIMs only through company owned service centres.

With the lifting of ban, mobile phone companies are now allowed to sell new connections through all possible channels, however, biometric verification of customers is mandatory for issuance of any new SIM.

Telecom operators, along with various other businesses losses, witnessed a halt in new sales. This is also why customers weren’t offered any promotions on new SIMs, which they can expect now during next few days.


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  • Arsalan

    please correct your information. franchises were selling sims however retail outlets were barred from selling, which is yet to be lifted as off 10 am 14 april 2015.

    • xavi

      Arsalan bro, you must’ve visited a vusiness center or sales and customer service center. As i had also tried to buy a warid 4g from its franchises but it all ultimately led me to a business center as even warid recognized franchises werent selling any SIMs…

      • ادھورا سا ہوں میں

        Franchises are selling sim non stop from the begging of sim verification process

      • Zain

        Franchises were selling new prepaid connections.

  • Ahmad Khan Sabri

    New sims new promotional schemes. Free internet bundle of TENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Mbs and 5 days UNLIMITED free calls to all network (5 minutes per day)

    • Waqif Khan

      Aor to aor zong hello package me 1 mb internet say din bhar mazy karo ;-). Sharam un ko magar nahi their add

  • Asif

    MNP also working now?

  • Radz

    How many sims Can I issue on a single CNIC now? I heard 5 sims per CNIC isn’t applicable anymore.

    • faheem

      I have 13 sims on my Cnic. … All biometrically verified

      • It seems u have your own franchise :D
        Don’t mind

  • Shahram Nazir

    If PTA and government are really serious to have control over unverified sim sale, then the new connection must be sold through Franchises only.
    The retail shops should handle only scratch cards and Easy Load balance.
    A sim is a durable and permanent product, and must be sold ONLY at franchises.

    • Shazia Gulzar

      Agreed with opening of sim sale through shops, again the forced selling tactics of Mobile Operators will come in place. And in near future we will again have same kind of mess as before.

  • MNP services were also blocked during this time period. One of the telco CSRs said it’ll be lifted after 12th. I’ve yet to check back on that.