Ban on Issuance of New SIMs by Franchises and Retailers Lifted

The ban on the sale of new SIMs by franchises and retailers has been lifted, we have checked with PTA.

The ban was imposed during the SIM reverification drive, which completed successfully this Sunday.

During the reverification drive, all five mobile phone companies were restrained from selling any new connection through franchises or retail outlets, a channel that heavily contributes to overall sales of new SIMs.

During re-verification drive, telcos could sell new SIMs only through company owned service centres.

With the lifting of ban, mobile phone companies are now allowed to sell new connections through all possible channels, however, biometric verification of customers is mandatory for issuance of any new SIM.

Telecom operators, along with various other businesses losses, witnessed a halt in new sales. This is also why customers weren’t offered any promotions on new SIMs, which they can expect now during next few days.


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