Nokia Networks Demonstrates its 5G, LTE-A, Security Solutions in Islamabad

Nokia Networks is demonstrating its latest innovations announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in the areas of 5G, security, Liquid Applications, big data and analytics, and Small Cells.

These demonstrations take place at the company’s Center of Competence in Islamabad and Lahore this week.

Saeed Qadri, Country General Manager, Nokia Networks, Pakistan, said:

Pakistan is an important market, and we are committed to helping the country build a reliable, secure, next-generation mobile broadband infrastructure for data traffic that, compared to 2010, will grow 1000 times by 2020, as per Nokia prediction.

Accordingly, we are showcasing to all operators here how our latest innovations can help them improve network capacity, speed and coverage for better mobile broadband experience and penetration across the country.

Nokia Networks demonstrations at a glance:

5G mobile broadband: The company demonstrates future 5G technology for ultra-fast mobile broadband with low latency for applications such as tactile internet, connected cars and industrial automation. It also showcases LTE-M for connected cars, wearables and smart grid connectivity.

LTE-A: Nokia Networks’ TD-LTE-A 3.5 GHz (band 42) radio uses 8-pipe technology that delivers up to two times more downlink and uplink throughput compared to 2-path/4-path radios, enabling larger coverage area and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership by up to 30%. 3.5 GHz 8-pipe radio delivers high 160 W transmit power.

Security: Mobile Guard is a network-based malware detection system for mobile devices. Its analytics engine listens to and analyzes mobile broadband and SMS traffic and searches for malware traffic patterns and profile deviations in Smartphones and tablets.

Liquid Applications: Throughput guidance is a use case powered by Liquid Applications. It analyzes user plane and control plane traffic to derive throughput guidance for upstream content sources. For the first time ever, content providers can experience network conditions in real time and adapt their delivery behavior.

Predictive marketing analytics: This offline demonstration showcases the power of combining customer experience insight based on the Customer Experience Index with Mobile Marketing Suite for 1) insights on customer experience and buying behavior, 2) algorithms to predict customer actions, 3) automated interactions and offers with personalized content, and 4) outcome measured in-real time. All of this is shown with a user-friendly interface to illustrate two marketing use cases – personalized up-sell and churn reduction.

Emergency Alert Solution: This demonstration shows a typical emergency alert scenario where one sees how the alert is created, emergency area defined, and subscriber data is used to convey potentially life-saving information and alerts to people known to be in the emergency area.

Additional important demonstrations included telco cloud, Services for HetNets, 3-D Geolocation, Multi-layer optimization, Small Cell perfection, HetNet solutions, OTT analytics and Dynamic Experience Management.

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  • off topic @aamir Ata there is debate going on “Net Neutrality” in India please do a detailed post on it also what if same is applied in Pakistan what will be its circuimstances

  • Predictive Analysis with 5G.
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  • Its the start once these technlogies mature we will see this and more in 2022 & onwards in Pakistan…..

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