Shoaib Malik Uses an iPhone to Publicize Samsung S6 #Fail

Samsung is launching S6 and S6 Edge today in Pakistan through a launch event in Lahore where at least five celebrities — including Shoaib Malik (the cricketer) — will be showcased using Samsung S6.

These celebrities are likely to say a few praising words about S6 too, but it appears that at least one (if not more) of such celebrity is an iPhone lover.

Shoaib Malik, who was in news recently for calling Sania Mirza the Pride of Pakistan, uses an iPhone and he was in fact using an iPhone device to publicize Samsung’s event. It seems like Malik wasn’t aware that Twitter stamps all tweets with the name of the app used to send them.

Check below yourself:

Shoaib_Malik_Tweet_001 (2)


As you would imagine, Shoaib Malik’s followers soon spotted that an Apple boy was forced (read paid) to praise Samsung. Things got a bit more awkward for Malik who dug himself into a deeper hole by saying that he was actually using a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Read his tweet below:

Shoaib_Malik_Tweet_001 (1)

Here’s the conversation history for your viewing:

Shoaib_Malik_Tweet_001 (3)

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has used an iPhone to promote Samsung’s devices. Now we know celebrities are just mouthpieces for whoever pays them the most but clearly they aren’t the most tech savvy people.

When companies like Samsung are spending a ton to parade them around with their products, they really should keep a stricter track of what they say and how they say it.

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  • :)

    • KA

      Universal Truth is that
      >> Advertisement = Lies <<

  • Saad

    just like our cricketers promoting pepsi and coke, when they hardly ever consume it!

  • Nikama admi

    Maybe he Has two phones; Why we cant start thinking Positive as a nation.

    • bara na ban

      So (as you suggested) he had two phones, and he had to tweet through iPhone only and that too on stage of S6 launch? really?

      • panjgoori


  • Eli Ehsan

    Outrage for the Sake of outrage! Eh? But this Douche termite is colossally deserving for that in my books… So CONTINUE tormenting him plissssssssss… :D :D

    • KMQ

      bhai buda na mano tu zara matlab bhi samjha do is baat ka…

      • Hasham

        ye bhai abi seedhay seedhay england se paida o k aye hain

        • Eli Ehsan

          reporting from bhutto-istan LARKANA bhai ji.. :P yar itni bhi koi akheer level ki anglish nae thi jo samjhaana pare tarjume ke saath.. Mehnat kariye or aaj wo Ferozsons ki sadiyon se shelf main band dictionary khol hi lijiye.. :D

          • sibzz


    • English translation please

  • Umer Kayani

    He is invited to participate in the event, and it is launching event. And this shows they are preferring samsung over iPhone. Till now he is using iPhone and he might get s6 when he checked it in the event. How can he post tweet from s6 before an event? I think there is nothing wrong. The tweet shows he is invited and the other view can be he will use samsung from now and he say goodbye to apple.

    • Saleha Khan

      strongly agree with u..

    • Ahmed Habib

      He has done nothing wrong, only because he is with ayesha “umar”?

      • Umer Kayani

        No. Leave her. Think how can he post before an event. If he did so, you all criticize that before an event he is using the phone. This shows he will use and prefer samsung over iPhone.

        • Ahmed Habib

          So, he is not allowed to post a tweet before launch from the item he is going to promote? He was unable to grab a trial version either? Then, yes, whatever he will speak will be only bunch of lies.

          So, it proves that, Fil Stars promoting creams and soaps never use them? So, they openly say I love this soap, it does that and that.

          So, the earning is jaez?

      • sibzz

        well he shouldnt have lied later when asked about model of his phone. simple as that

        • Ahmed Habib


  • well said admin

  • Kamran Yusuf

    This shouldn’t be a news really. Where are we going with this.

  • Ahmed Habib

    Sania Mirza flirting other tennis stars, Shoaib Malik flirting Pakistani stars, are they really married???

    Shoaid is always been a drama king, like Veena’s husband now joining Bollywood soon!

    Full of lies the stars are… nothing new!

    • Hasham

      what a douchebag you are. he is just posing for a picture with ayesha omer. where is he flirting? and since when does sania mirza flirt with other tennis stars? open your tiny miny mind and come out of your little shall. bongay

    • john raza

      Sir sania apki baji lagti haien? Apko kia taklef hai?

  • Faizan Ul Haq

    Similar thing happend with blackeberry official last year

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I do not expect this from propakistani. It is a serious platform. That is what celebrities are suppose to do. Promote something, regardless of they use it or not.

    • aamir7

      And what if they lie (when asked) about what they use? How should this sound to the brand they are promoting?

      • ProPakistani Reader

        You are totally wrong to make this story a news and drag it here on He is probably paid for the launch event but not anything else around his routine time.

        It is quite simple to understand, let’s say; I use an HP’s laptop but now I will prefer Dell after a week and I am excited to get on to it so I just tweeted that I am anxiously waiting for this week to pass on!

        What the hell wrong in it? And, I am sure and witness the increased number of irrelevant and useless stories at which causes nothing more than frustration and unwillingness to read further.

        • regent

          Samsung employee?

          • ProPakistani Reader

            Surely not.

        • Guest 147

          The question still remains. what about the lie?

  • abid

    Aamir bhai you are too naughty … very good story by the way .. nice

  • sallu dara

    ufff yaar kitna zabarsadt kaam kia hay.. jhoot pakar lia.. yeh tu buhat hi udhaam kaam ho gaya.. pride of performance milna chaye aap ko… ya phir samsung/apple main job ki offer tu pakki aapki.. pakistanis are great qasam say

  • Muhammad Alam

    very useless critic…

  • lack of posts ? lol kuch bhe utha k dall do, sab bikta hai haha

  • It happens, koi Breaking news.nahi.
    Dear Focus on something that needs to be focused.

  • Khawer Naseer

    Aamir bhai,,, I am saying sorry in advance for the words I am about to say… but these are my real feelings…

    bhai ,,, propakistani is a tech news platform,,, I have been a member here since long time,,, several years… and i used to get quality info here…

    but this news… ye parh ke aisa lag raha hai ke kisi masala khabron wali website pe aaya hua hun,,, ya shaam ka akhbar dekh raha hun…
    aisa nai karo bhai,,, masala news ke liye hum laug uski source pe chalay jayengay,,, aap laug please tech news pe focus kar lain,,, that is what interests me the most,,, aur propakistani pe quality news milti hai regarding tech development in Pakistan…

    and that is what we are here for…

    so once again sorry if i have hurt anybody’s feelings… but this was my true thought after reading this….

    hope so you will understand…

    • aamir7

      Ppp ka hukam sar ankhon par. We take feedback serious and everything is noted for consideration. Keep sharing your thoughts with us.

      • Khawer Naseer

        Thankyou very much,,, and i hope i have not offended you in any way…

  • AB Alam

    BTW I m that Guy AB Alam

  • chodhry

    What’s the big deal? Do you think all those celebrities promoting QMobile are actually using them as well?

  • abdul rahman

    samsung ko chaiye tha k shoaib ko S6 free me detay ta k wo iphone chor kar s6 use karta or advertise karta

  • Ansab Majeed

    Wow. Is this what passes for tech news on this website? I’ve been an avid reader for almost 3 years now and lately, the quality of your content has been on a slow decline. Here’s a little constructive criticism: Try ACTUAL tech news. Try things that are ACTUALLY controversial. Try ANYTHING other than a dumb Paki celeb who didn’t know that the judgmental writers of were having a slow news day and were going to make a pointless post about him and his naivete, that has nothing to do with tech. For God’s sake. Pata nahi kya hougya hai tum logon ko. Ajeeb.

  • AmirTut

    Maybe he has converted to Samsung, or maybe he has two phones, oh no maybe he has too phones call the internet police and report the news to propakistani. He could have an Iphone and a Samsung. As I used to until I converted to Samsung and started using the Galaxy S5, and I will be upgrading to the S6 Edge 128GB in green colour once it comes on the market.