Warid and Towershare Announce Tower Divestment in Pakistan

Warid Telecom (Private) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Group operating in Pakistan, and Towershare (a company headquartered in Dubai, UAE), today announced a deal under which Towershare’s Pakistan entity will acquire more than 4,500 towers nationwide from Warid under a sale and leaseback arrangement.

A statement from tower share said this deal is part of Warid’s long term strategy to remain the market leader in innovation, network quality and exceeding customer expectations with accelerated 2G and LTE rollout. 

As a result of this move, Warid will also witness reduction in capital expenditure and deleveraging of its balance sheet.

In addition to Warid, Towershare will lease space on the towers to multiple other operators, whilst introducing best in class site management solutions to reduce operating costs and increasing efficiencies.

For Towershare and the tower industry in Pakistan, this deal signals a major step towards the consolidation necessary to improve and expand telecoms infrastructure across the nation.

Towershare is already the leading passive infrastructure sharing company in Pakistan and is rapidly seeking to expand throughout the region.

  • Shoaib

    Bold step to increase quality of service.Warid 4G LTE customers may cross 5 lakh in next 6 to 9 months by accelerating 4G LTE infrastructure deployment now.

    • TheISI

      Warid must die as soon as possible. UAE a.k.a Machliyaan pakarny walon ka network! saaaalay humain aankhain dikhaatay hain.

    • TheISI

      LoL 5 lakh 500 banday mujhay dikha do warid lte pe hahaha warid walay khud telenor use krtay hain

      • Ahmed

        200 warid LTE users in my company only

  • Manzoor ahmad

    failed network and soon it will go back to his home country in 2016

    • Max

      @manzoor: you better hide your rude and sorry face under your a**

      • Ali Raza

        Shut up! He raised an argument, but you degraded your standards!

        • anas qamar

          What he ‘raised’ as an argument: “failed network”
          I fail to see how this is an ‘argument’ to you

          • Ali Raza

            I questioned Max, not the person who raised the issue who raised ‘failed network’, better read before replying!

            • anas qamar

              I know you questioned Max, but I commented back saying:
              How is commenting “failed network” raising an argument? I obviously know that you replied to Max, that “shut up, he [manzoor] raised an argument, but you degraded your standards!”
              So my question is that: did Mansoor actually raise an argument or was it just a comment on warid’s network quality?

    • khan

      Manzoor…..I know you are using zong and all day you have no work and just talking with your friends and family on zong calling package nor waya sanga ye kha ye za kha ym. ……hehehehe

  • Ahmed

    will let the market now onwards

  • Ahmed

    Warid will lead now onward

  • Imran Ali

    What a move

  • Sadiq Sher

    It’s a game changer. Warid is always the leader in everything, whether it’s network quality, customer services, packages or 4G. Love it!

  • Tabassum

    Now this is ahead of 4G stuff by Warid. Bravo!

  • Alya

    Warid is the company with vision! Futuristic thinking and great management!

    • anas qamar

      Never make it too obvious, LOL!

  • ahmed

    This is how Warid will save lot of money which they were spending on telecom equipment and this best way to generate money internally.

  • jahanzeb

    Great….Tower sharing is a really good idea for the country!

  • Ahmed Habib

    Laqeer ky faqeer mat bano sary commentators, propakistani ny keh dya to kya din ko rat kehny lgo gy?

    • Nemesis

      They’re warid employees, isn’t that obvious ? :P

    • Ali

      Astonish & much surprised to know that Warid was always best & has great managment. Wow…… Hence, i was just aware before that technical managment are not humans but, Molvis (Taliban Promoters) while, CEO is graduated from Preston University Karachi (A third class university which is famous in selling degrees)……!

  • Zaki Uddin

    Good step, but astonishingly large quantity of pro warid here XD

  • Hasan Khan

    Interesting. Does this company have an Infrastructure License to operate towers? If not, this transaction may not be legal.

    • Jeff

      Yes it does

    • Faisal Mahmud

      Licensed since 2009 :)

  • BadarUI

    I didn’t understand the whole article. Warid with share its tower with whom?

    • Nemesis

      Warid will sell all its tower in Pakistan to TowerShare, then Towershare will give Warid and other Telecom operators on rent…
      Hope you have understand now..

      • Nemesis

        In that way, Warid will have cash flow , and thats how they’re gona play their employees who ‘re commenting here!

        “Leader” , “Futuristic” “Vision” blah blah

        Yeah leader and futuristic in stupidity, Warid

      • BadarUI

        What is the benefit of this agreement?

  • TheISI

    Funny thing is that Warid employees are commenting here on this post. LoL “Vision” “Futuristic” “What a move” “leading” “ahead” LoL fake comments! Warid pakistan ka ghareeb tareen network hai iss time

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Bhai jan aap kya hr eik bndey a biodata uske naam se nikaal lete hein ya ap ko wahi ati he k ye sub warid employees hein?? Jiss bhi supporter ko dekho, wo apki nazron mein warid employee hein

      • Nemesis

        There’s something called Common Sense, in your case its rare sense!

  • Kamran Ahmed

    Those who know this industry understand that tower cost is “the” major operating cost of telecom companies in Pakistan. Warid has played very smart here. They have sold their towers to get upfront money and they have also rented these towers back from towershare on monthly basis where their rental expense would be as low as one fourth of their past expense.

  • Ahmad Khan Sabri

    I dont think that warid is used by any Pakistani

    • FollowME

      Raise your thinking level, Or consult any Neuro-Specialist.

      • Ahmad Khan Sabri

        Dear your words are showing your thinking level.

  • Zeeshan

    I use telenor and warid both and honestly apart from the 1000 (1400 after taxes) package telenor offers and the 3G coverage in areas outside Islamabad, warid beats them in call quality and most of all Warid 4G is not that good but twice as fast while browsing so once warid increases their coverage I am going back to warid and almost everyone I know uses warid

    • Ahmed

      Increasing motorway is coming soon warid LTE.

      • Jamsheed Elahi Col.

        Hi Guys, lets play with truth here pls. Propak should do a post on LTE stats and Warids first quarter report. What PTA said and who is leading the 4G LTE in Pakistan.

        You know these Warid guys, just launched LTE in Muree, i am here posting this comment on LTE from Muree Mall Road.

        I think Warid is better than the best and its a comment based on my own experience. I started using mobile when paktel came and i used instaphone and many other connections, i just had a video call using LINE with Warid and it was more than best, better than PTCL EVO.

        • Ahmed

          Very nice to hear that its in Muree as well. Nice addition.

      • Zeeshan

        They also need to offer a good postpaid iPhone package like telenor offers 1200 minutes to all network and 4GB of data for 1k, it would be great if warid announces such a package

  • ubaid

    Useless article. This is not journalism, where are the specifics of the deal (Size), what is the size of savings Warid will achieve, how Tower share will finance this deal. etc..

    • aamir7

      I had asked for these specifics but since it’s a private deal, they didn’t want to disclose such details.

      • ubaid


        You are a journalist. You don’t take no for an answer. Cyan limited is a listed company, the deal must have involved banks on both sides and then PTA has to approve the deal. Atleast 50 people would Know the size of the deal. Impossible is nothing!

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