Breaking: Telenor Pakistan’s CFO Gets Replaced

Telenor Pakistan today announced the appointment of Espen Brettås Dahle as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective immediately, we have checked with the company.

Gabor Kocsis, who joined Telenor Pakistan as CFO in May 2013, resigned from his position to pursue new opportunities outside Telenor Group.

Development is result of a human error, as Telenor puts it, that happened during (Telenor Pakistan’s) financial reporting for Q4 2014. Our sources tell that Gabor Kocsis, when identified last week, accepted the mistake and decided to step down from his position.

Telenor says that error has been rectified in Telenor Pakistan’s financial reports for fiscal year 2014 and only corrected data will be used now onwards.

Espen Brettås Dahle, new CFO of Telenor Pakistan

Espen Brettås Dahle, upcoming CFO of Telenor Pakistan, joins the company from the role as a Director in Telenor Group where he manages projects within the area of mergers and acquisitions as well as financial services.

Mr. Brettås Dahle has extensive experience from projects in Asia, including financial services and online classifieds, says a statement issued by the company.

Brettås Dahle joined Telenor Group in 2011, coming from EDB Business Partner, an IT services provider majority owned by Telenor at the time, where he held prominent roles within M&A, treasury and financial reporting.

Brettås Dahle also worked as a financial analyst at Omnicom Media Group.

Mr. Brettås Dahle is currently a board member at Alliance Venture, a Norwegian capital venture firm investing in early stage companies. Espen Brettås Dahle earned a Master of Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.

“I would like to welcome Espen to Telenor Pakistan. He brings more than ten years of experience from Telenor Group companies and has deep insight into the emerging areas of financial services and new, digital solutions. We look forward to working with him as a key member of the management team and as a colleague to everyone in Telenor Pakistan,” says Michael Foley, CEO Telenor Pakistan.

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  • Ahmed Habib

    Come on! Is this “really” a “breaking” news?????

    • Arslan Ejaz


  • ads

    breaking new what a crap bu88shit

  • Adrifza

    how this is a breaking news for 99.9 % of Pakistanis??? don’t make us think this is a paid post :P

  • faisal

    اُف خدایا، اتنی بڑی اور خطرناک خبر۔

  • Farhan uddin Khilji

    This is surely a breaking news for those accounting conjurers
    and financial jokers of our corporate environment who think it is an art to
    hide errors and mistakes away out of sight of their company’s stakeholders. On
    the other hand, it is a simple glimpse of the highest ethical values,
    straight-forwardness and principled norms which the Telenor management in
    general and its Norwegian top management in particular, follows in their style
    and operations of their business. I have been very close to the Telenor
    Pakistan’s top accounting/finance management during my past long association
    with one of their independent consultants and I have no doubt in saying that
    they have such a solid culture of openness, transparency and accountability which,
    unfortunately, is very rarely found in the corporate environment of our country.
    I challenge all those financial jugglers sitting in the Telenor’s competitor
    companies to put forward even a single example where any of their top financial
    executives has stepped down by owning up to his accounting/financial mistake in
    such a straightforward way. For true accounting professionals, there is a single
    strong moral to learn from this news that truthfulness, fairness and straightforwardness
    to others are much more important than achieving temporary career goals and corporate performance.

    • Adrifza

      so how’s this relevant?

    • Waqas Tariq

      Farhan bhai, itnay sentimental remarks. :)

    • Muhammad kamran ali

      100% agreed with Mr. Khilji. On one side there is nothing in this breaking news while on the other side it carries a great message.

    • Salman Malik

      I totally agree with you Mr. Farhan. Telenor’s culture as a whole is one of the best corporate culture in Teleco industry and even outside Teleco industry.

      Keep on the good work ! and Good Luck to Espen!!

  • Asad Alvi

    Indeed its a breaking news because Gabor Kocsis was one of the very strong FINANCE professional in Telenor group and very nice person. Indeed Norwegians work straightly and Telenor culture in Europe is good but in Pakistan it has been rusted by Pakistani management in form of directors and managers. I have no doubt in raising my voice that instead of Gabor being at finance division head, his directors mainly Murtaza Ali should have resigned on moral grounds because all financial numbers are crunched from Financial control dept. and then goes to Business planning & analysis director Salman Dard.
    Again these people specially Murtaza Ali can only do internal politics and now he indirectly targeted CFO instead of stepping down himself on moral grounds…if there are any moral values in him.

  • Adrifza

    You deleted my comment 9 months ago. I just came to know. :-P don’t run a website if you can’t tolerate criticism.