Hello Is an Exclusive Facebook Powered Dialer App for Android

If you’ve ever wanted a mobile phone app that could instantly associate the phone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls with Facebook profiles and their details, the Facebook Messenger team now has you covered.

The free Android app, called Hello, reveals all the Facebook information about an incoming caller, be it public or between friends. Even if you’re getting a call from an unknown number that isn’t saved in your phone book, this handy app can provide you details about the caller before you even answer.

How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you’ll need to sign in and sync your contacts with Facebook, in turn granting it permission to connect with your calls. Beyond that, whether you wish keep it running actively, or have it passively provide information about incoming calls is entirely up to you. Beneath the hood, Hello simply performs an instant search on any incoming or out outgoing number.


All of this information won’t, however, be visible to you if an unknown caller has altered their default privacy settings in order to prevent everyone from searching their profile using their phone number. If you’re also one of those who’d rather not have your information appear on a stranger’s phone, all you have to do is go to your Privacy Settings on Facebook and restrict the “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?” setting to your friends.

What are its key features?

Once synced with your Facebook profile, Hello will add profile pictures to the relevant contacts in your phone book. It can also provide additional details on your contacts that you phone book otherwise doesn’t. If any of your contacts has Facebook Messenger installed, Hello will let you know. This will allow you to make a one-tap Voice Over IP call to them for free.


The most prominent feature, however, is Hello’s ability to act as a more in-depth caller ID. The incoming caller may wish to share their bio info with you, including current city, home town, employer, job title, education, website. If it’s their birthday, Hello will keep you up-to-date on that front as well. If you use the app as a dialer, it’ll fetch details about your contact prior to you calling them.

Another one of Hello’s handy features is that it can tell you if an incoming call comes from a commonly blocked number. Provided that enough people have blocked it, Hello will save you the hassle of attending the call and have it redirecting it to your voicemail.

At present, Facebook’s Hello is only available in Brazil, Nigeria and the US, but the app should make its way into other regions of the world very soon.

  • Just another way of spying on people. Like what they already have is not enough? They now going to track and record who we call and who call us and their information?
    When you have facebook installed this gives all you and your phone up already allowing every type of permission.

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