All Churches and Sacred Places Are Now Secured with Panic Buttons

by Khawar Saeed

Islamabad police and Save The Nation Pakistan as Capital Safety Program have been working to implement safety and security of sacred places in the city for all residents, regardless of sect or religion.

After the brutal suicide attacks on Churches in YohanaAbad Lahore, suicide attack on Mosques, Mazars (shrines) & Imam Barghas and target killings of religious scholars in twin cities, Islamabad Police & Save The Nation Pakistan not only installed Panic Buttons and Panic Alert System in schools as Safe Schools Pakistan Program but also in all 79 Churches & Temples to ensure the safety of minorities.

They are also extending this service to Imam Barghaz, Mazars (Shrines) and Ahmedi Ibadat Ghas.

Awareness programs are a successful part of Save The Nation Pakistan at Capital Safety Program Office. They teach the use of Panic Alert System & Panic Buttons to the security staff of all churches, temples and other sacred places so they may immediately call for help in case of a terrorist event.