Pakistan Inaugurates 100MW Solar Power Plant in Bahawalpur

100MW of electricity, made through solar energy, was added to national transmission grid yesterday when Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, inaugurated Qaid-e-Azam Solar Power plant in Bahawalpur.

500-acre Qauid-i-Azam Solar Park is built and completed in one year with a total cost of $131 million that is financed by Punjab government and a commercial bank.

Down the line, Pakistan is aiming to produce a total of 1000MW electricity through the facility in two separate phases. Once completed, with-in next two years as per estimates, Qaid-e-Azam Solar Park will be one of the largest solar energy plants in the world.

It merits mentioning here that Qauid-i-Azam Solar Park Company is an autonomous body, headed by Syed Najam Shah, a Punjab Government Officer.

Prime Minister, during his inauguration notes, said that 800 people would get jobs at the solar park. He announced a gift of Rs. 20 million for the workers.

He also announced Tamgha-i-Khidmat for Syed Najam Shah, CEO of the company, for speedy completion of the project.

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  • @admin; please correct cost as this can’t be 131$ only
    Further it seems as waste of land… little bit better planning; we can plant and harvest a crop on same land under these solar panels.

    • It’s not waste of land.
      The area alotted is deserted so actually proper utilisation of land. There are 1000’s of acres available in cholistan desert.
      But the point is solar energy is very expensive as compared to hydel. Why government is not taking Hydel power seriously.

  • It will only work during day time……20% efficiency in the morning, 80% efficiency at 12 noon while it will drop to 60% at around 4PM. Furthermore, while upgrading it to 1000MW we also need to upgrade transmission system/lines (currently 100MW is distributed through existing system which cannot bear 1000MW load)

    • Current Transmission lines supports upto 400MW not 100MW also they are trying to upgrade it to 1000MW
      Its a great step towards Green And Safe Energy

    • what exactly is your problem? i dont understand. Do u just want to criticise. do it but dont sound stupid. please.

    • “in collaboration with China ”

      China is also going to build Atomic Plant to produce Electricity here in Karachi as I read it here on ProPakistani. In-Sha Allah.

  • I haven’t really seen any job openings in this sector. Are they planning one or have I missed something?

  • Why not your paper evaluate this project and come out with merits , de-merits and net-advantages over other sources of energy. It should also cover economics of total project cost and cost of energy per unit produced. It will set guidelines for future solar projects.

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