QMobile Caught Copying Lenovo TVC for its Latest AD

QMobile has done it again. This time they copied a TVC of their rival Lenovo. Call it Xerox copy as the lines, concept, scenes are all same in both the TVCs.

I hope Qmobile fans won’t try to cover up the blunder by saying that both Qmobile and Lenovo are using a third-party hardware that offers TVC when you buy their phones in bulk, as this is what they said when we reported about QMobile copying an Indian ad.

No further commentary, and let’s watch both TVCs (its a small 1 minute video):

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  • Umer

    Lately Qmobile is coming up with garbage smart phones nothing impressive coming from them.

    • aamir7

      Honeymoon period is over.

    • Ali

      besharam aur beghairat hain Q mobile waley, sabse zyda behoda Ads banatey hain

      • Jahangir

        Aur her ad me sirf ek hi cheez hoti hai, guess what?

        Just dancing, dancing and dancing. Begherti phela rahay hain aur kuch nahi.

        • Saqib Mansoor

          Mobilink has a lot of ads with useless dancing as well, so does a lot of other companies. Your point?

          • Guest

            But Qmobile ney tu beyghairti main saari hadein hi paar kar di hain, BAN Q mobile ads

            • Omar

              Yea #BANQMOBILEADS Please spread this

      • Guest

        Mujey tu lagta hai ye rumor sahi thi Q mobile qadiani kafiro ka hai, Pathetic Ads

  • Hasan

    What the hell? Copying a concept is one thing but they just straight up copy pasted that shit.

  • Taimur Saeed

    dumb Qmob’s marketing dept.

  • Danish

    Thank GOD that the model (actor) is not same :p

  • Ali Shanzy

    so what….samsung ny b to iphon copy kiye thy ..sab chor hen

    • Taha Najam

      To iPhone ne bhi to Samsung ki chori karli. Badla pura hogya.

      • Ali Shanzy

        To Lenovo bhi to Qmobile ki chori karle. Badla pura ho jyga. lolx

        • Taha Najam

          I’m pretty sure lenovo aren’t even aware of a measly pakistani brand called qmobile.

          • Zawyar Ur Rehman

            Hehe cant agree more

          • muhammad hussain

            Launching phones in pakistan and not aware of qmobile!!!!! What a joke.

  • Hasan

    kachra phones. the world is moving to 3GB 4GB RAM versions. Still they are embedding 1GB RAM. The performance is always laggy in most of their phones

  • tjnapster555

    kisi ko pata hai kay ram ki generation kis tarhan pata karsaktay hain in qmobile ?? , ram generation also effect the performance.

  • zafar

    Barray barray sharamnaak kaam kiye hyn magar Allah ka shukar hy aaj tak Q (Qatia) Mobile estamaal nahin kiya.

    • Mubasher Ahmed

      The older QMobiles are much better than these new ones.

      • zafar

        They are qatia from the beginnings

    • Muhammad Iqbal Khan


  • Asad

    Dear Aamir please dont publish these kind of adds on your website

    • aamir7

      First thing first: We don’t have control over adsense ads.

      Second thing: We have been regularly blocking these ads on adsense, but these Paki fellows come up with new blogspot pages everyday and then promote them through adsense.

      So blocking one page will mean they will appear again with new page.

      Please report such ads as inappropriate.

    • Fakhre Alam

      simply install adblock

      • TheISI

        and Kill this blog’s earning right?
        How about this? Let’s make him earn good so he can provide quality content in future with no paid posts.

        • Fakhre Alam

          how about freedom of speech and actions?

          • TheISI

            There is never absolute freedom. If there ever was, there would be chaos everywhere.

            Freedom of action means I can kill you for no reason and walk away.
            We are lucky we have adblock but how about we help out the guy working his ass off.

            • Fakhre Alam

              how about you simply shut the F off

              • aamir7

                We preach and practice freedom of expression, but it has to be within language. Out of language expressions get blocked.

                • Fakhre Alam

                  i am really sorry but you see that he’s annoying without a valid reason.

                • Fakhre Alam

                  am sorry but he’s too annoying.

    • Rehmat

      These ads also reflect what is your search trend and what you are looking for over internet :) So sudhar jao

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        Nhi bhai kai baar masoom bndo ko bhi ese ad mil jate hein

      • TheISI

        Bhaai G main nay to koi “Uzv e Tanaasil” ko mota aur lamba karna ka tariqa search nahi kiya balkay pehli baar chrome open kia tha wo bi phone main
        Agar inko pata hota kay mera pehlay hi lamba aur mota hai to ye ad mujhay dikhaatay hi na
        Google khud chawli maar deta hai aksar baar

        • Rehmat

          lekin inko pata na k apka hay e nai :P

  • Fakhre Alam

    Gmobile . G for garbage

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    Most of the people who watch Indian channels would already know about this XD as thus as was aired on Indian channels if I remember correctly…
    Saas baho k drame zindabad! XD

  • KMQ

    Wah wah, shot by shot copy. Kia baat hai copy karo tu phir aisi karo ke pata hi nahi chale ke original kaunsa hai aur copy kaunsa. RIP Qmobile!!

  • Waqas Rabbani

    Qmobile is doing just great , Lenovo copied qmobile lols , support fo Pakistanis

    dont be panic

  • Mbnav

    To be honest the Q Mobile ad is funnier ALTHOUGH jitni sasti company utnay sastay kaam lol

  • Muhammad Shohaib Hassan

    I think director just saw, “Cast away” from Tom Hanks.

  • Smokingaces

    Admin, do I really need to tell you that Lenovo is an actual global brand, while Q-Mobile is a cheap local brand which imports various cheap mobiles and rebrand them as theirs?
    There is a big difference,

    • Nauman Nazir Ahmed

      Brother this happens in International business.

      In Pakistan, companies import products then sale the same at a 10x price back to us . with their name on it. (If u can’t believe it then ask any industrial marketing professor)

      They don’t charge for product……They charge for the ‘brand name’

      I’m sure your mother wd make a great burger…….but kd u sell it for Rs 400 as McDonald’s do???…….My sister can make one better than McDonald’s but no one will buy it even for Rs 50, as there is no Brand associated with it….I hope u got my point.

      • Rizwan

        i agree

      • altaf


  • Muhammad Iqbal Khan

    I think, Only Nokia is the best mobile if it is from Hungry, Malaysia, Taiwan.You will find Nokia Mobiles, the best. Nokia must compete hardly and fastly if prices may go down.You can give your own suggestion here. 03015740044

    • Faizan Ul Haq

      Nokia ????

    • Mustafa

      Is there any mobile company named Nokia? :/

  • Nauman Nazir Ahmed

    Ok u know it was copied I know It was copied

    does all Pakistanis know it?

    And QMobile is nt the only one to copy paste an ad…
    It was not only QMoble but the ad company is equally responsible too

  • Waqas Rabbani

    Qmobile is great. Lenovo copied qmbile

    • Rizwan

      Qmobile is not as such a bad mobile

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    copying lenovo or any other brand which makes the phone pretty damn good & worth spending on rather the copied one..

  • Khurram Aziz Shah

    seriously!!!!?? what do you expect from QMobile?!