Mobilink Now Offers 3G Connectivity in 43 Cities of Pakistan

Mobilink has expanded its 3G network to 43 cities of Pakistan by adding seven new cities to the existing 36 cities where Mobilink’s 3G services were already available.

This is Mobilink’s fourth stage of commercial 3G rollout and covers the following cities:

  • Bhalwal
  • Chakwal
  • Daska
  • Dipalpur
  • Mandi
  • Bahauddin
  • Pattoki
  • Wazirabad

As an added incentive to its subscribers and for testing purposes, Mobilink is also offering free 3G trials in these seven cities till 25th May, 2015.

Speaking about this 3G network expansion, Aamer Manzoor Head of Data, Mobilink said, “We are pleased to announce that with this latest expansion we shall be providing our superior 3G services to facilitate a greater number of our subscriber base. With a total of 43 cities under our 3G network through this fourth stage of commercial rollout, step by step, we are on our way to connect every Pakistani to the world at large.”

“Our plan was to cover the major metropolises in the first two rollout stages, and now we are focusing our attention towards the smaller urban and rural set ups in a bid to empower the masses to make a real difference to their community and be part of Mobilink’s commitment to close the digital divide between rural and urban areas,” he stated while providing a breakdown of the telco’s 3G network expansion strategy.

Since the commercial roll out of 3G services in Pakistan, Mobilink has seen its number of 3G users grow at an exponential rate thanks to its affordable data plans, superior service and innovative 3G VAS offerings.

The subscribers will be notified about the end of free 3G trial via SMS and Mobilink’s digital assets.

Under the free 3G trial offer, customers can enjoy unlimited data every day. Data services on 2G will be charged as usual.

  • Couldn’t experience blanket coverage, best speeds, hope it gets better by time

  • Mobilink has worst coverage in Faisalabad City. It still not able to cover main roads and points of the city. Jaranwala road still not have coverage from Tezab Mills Chowk to Onwards. No coverage in Agriculture University and Jhang Road are just examples.

  • Amir, any update on what’s going on with PTCL broadband? the service is down to a crawl and most of the connectivity is gone.

    • Only consistent internet in Pakistan I found is Warid LTE, never found down and consistent speed. Only in total 9 cities of Pakistan but the best coverage of cities
      Multan (official launch on next week)
      Motorway rest areas.
      and still growing………..

      • Yes, I’ve experienced blanket Warid LTE coverage in Multan last week. Much better than officially launched 3G of some operators.

        Wish Warid could extend it’s LTE operation.

        • Bro where you experienced warid LTE in multan can you inform us :) waiting for your reply

      • I am getting warid lte equalent speed on zong 3g in Faisalabad which is upto 1.5 to 2MB downloading.

        • You are comparing speed test results, LTE is much better than 3G in actual speed even same speed on LTE like of 3G out class 3G due to less packet lose. Also Warid is much more consistent and reliable than Zong. Because Warid is using End to End Ericsson. While Zong using worlds worst equipment ZTE.

      • I cannot agree more! Warid lte is providing a very consistent 6-8 mbps ALL over my area at even the lowest signals! But when signal strength increases.. It goes to 20 mbps+

      • yeah, i have used zong 4g and warid 4g, warid 4g is less in speed but by far more stable. never had any trouble on viber, skype whereas on zong its very unstable.

    • also the call center staff is bunch of moron.

      i am in 100% 3.5g coverage with (s-h-i-t) speed beig delivered. & they says ur are not in coverage area.

      very poor speed max 256kps in city area.

  • Despite having two mobilink towers in my area my 3G signals keep fluctuating all day! Sometimes my phone displays H or H+ and next instant its E! Sincerely hope that white elephants like mobilink & Telenor ensure good coverage in covered areas before moving to other areas!

    • Probably you are in overlap area of both towers, and your cellphone radio keeps switching from one tower to another. Try switching your network mode to “WCDMA only”.

      • Thanks brother! I’m trying that. I was having similar problem with Telenor but my issue didn’t resolve!

        • Then perhaps as you mentioned, it is a signal strength problem. Try measuring the signal strength with “GSM Signal Monitoring” app (Android). If it is less than -85dBm, 3G signal won’t be stable.

  • Mobilink has the worst 3G service, i took a weekly 3g bundle and i got 3kb pathetic speed after the initial 5 minutes usage at fine speed, shoro kay 5 minutes tak too 3MB deta hia speed pher edge per akar 3kb per ajati hai speed in Karachi near Super Market liaquatabad area Dakh kahana

  • Mobilink worse 3G .. better than ufone but not best.. ZONG & Telenor is best for me .. Rawalpindi & Islamabad is fully covered by both operators :) Happy with it.. Mobilink is a very big company so they can do better than what they are doing now

  • Blanket coverage of all 3G/4G operators will improve with passage of time.Technical teams are working on it diligently.

  • But they still have not upgraded my tower in pindi cantt, it really hurts that 3G coverage is just 10 feet away from my home on other tower and inside my house its on edge. The other tower upgraded like 4 to 5 months ago. Its frustrating. And As commenter @epakistani:disqus mentioned, they does not have coverage unlike other operators.. Grow Up mobilink.

    Another off topic feature they lack unlike other operators is conference calling for prepaid users.

  • I think Mandi and Bahauddin are the name of one city Mandi Bahauddin please correct it

  • I think Mobilink have only upgraded their owned cell sites, All shared sites where Mobilink is working as Guest are still on 2G, To provide a blanket coverage they also need to upgrade all shared cell sites as well, Just like Zong, They are offering so far best Blanket coverage in Lahore, Warid doing well with LTE, Because of Ericsson & even works well if you get 1 signal.

  • Hum isb ma rehty hen jo pak ka capital ha.jazz ki 3g abi tk ni I hamary village ma.1000 dfa help line py cal kr k b bola.but ni.towers k num py b cal krta hun but pick ni I.t 31819 which is situated satra meel near chattar park murree.o jazz walo we need 3g

  • poor coverage by mobilink 3g. massive fluctuation in the signals when moving across the city. packages are also changed @aamir7

  • Mobilink should feel ashamed of itself. They have not been able to provide their service properly in lahore and thinking or announcing to expand to other cities. Their support department is pathetic. Don’t even know how to talk with customers.

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