Khalid Shahzad appointed as CTO Mobilink

Mobilink has announced key structural changes in its Technology Division where Khalid Shahzad will replace Mobilink’s current CTO Gabriele Sgarglia.

Commenting on new appointment Jeffrey Hedberg, President and CEO Mobilink, said:

I am very pleased to welcome Khalid to the Mobilink family. I feel confident that his vast knowledge and experience within telecom would drive innovation and quality and strengthen Mobilink Pakistan’s capabilities in delivering best services to its customers.

I would also like to thank Gabriele for his contributions to the company and I wish him the very best of luck and have no doubt that wherever Gabriele takes his career, he will continue to prove himself.

Khalid Shehzad, newly appointed CTO Mobilink, stated:

I am honored to be a part of the country’s most successful cellular operator and look forward to taking technology platform to greater heights while exceeding our customer expectations.

unnamedKhalid is an experienced telecom professional and brings with him rich expertise in Information Technology and Telecommunications. During his career he has held various senior level positions, both locally and internationally, in companies including Motorola, Millicom International Cellular, Western Wireless International, PTML, Celtel International, Telenor Pakistan and most recently as the CTO for DTAC, Telenor’s Operation in Thailand.

During his tenure at Mobilink, Gabriele played a key role in critical Technology initiatives including network optimization. Gabriele laid the foundation of Mobilink’s technologically advanced network which later became the foundation of Mobilink’s current 3G network.

Gabriele Sgariglia said:

I feel blessed to have worked with an amazing team and individuals at Mobilink.  I owe my success to them and look forward to new challenges. It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience working in Pakistan and would like to thank everyone for the time we have spent together and the support I have received.

Gabriele will continue to serve in his current role until May 15, 2015. Khalid Shehzad will be taking over his role from July 1, 2015.

  • baoo je.

    a new CTO with assignments to do Mobilink Technical Managed Services task.

  • hamdani

    Mobilink technical employees should get ready to see their livelihood outsourced to cheaper vendors…

  • acha g

    You forgot to mention here that Khalid Shahzad was sidelined from Telenor Thailand dtac, because he invested in technology which was not required. This actually resulted in losses for the company. And CEO also got sacked because of that.

  • BadarUI

    Karachi mein mein pichle 5 years se siwaye Mobilink k kisi bhi network ki 2G coverage nhi hai yeah log 3G kiya launch karain gay.

  • Telco Engineer

    Hopefully CTO does not give mange service project to 3rd class vendor.

    It is PTA negligence that is why 3rd class vendor are working in Pakistan whose not care the employee one example is ZTE.
    Telenor is a Norway company, but they gave the project to 3rd class vendor ZTE
    only to save the operational cost. Telenor has major call drop issue but PTA not care it.

    Due to 3rd class vendor, In Pakistan Telco engineer life are going to be ended. They hire one resource where 3 resource are needed. And it is only PTA that does not enforce the quality in the operator.

    I request CTO do not give projects to ZTE or 3rd class vendor only to save the operational Cost.

    It destroy telco engineer Life

    one of Telco Engineer

    • Zee Jee

      hahahah .. what a joke