Ufone to Charge WhatsApp Calls With Regular Data Tariffs

Ufone has decided to charge WhatsApp calls as per regular data tariffs, i.e. Rs. 20 for 1st MB and then 19 MBs free. Regular usage of WhatsApp will be charged from data bundles volumes as per routine. New pricing mechanism is effective immediately.

WhatsApp calls, with all the amazing quality, have turned out to be a real threat for telcos, especially in developing markets where voice revenues are still notable and contribute a major share towards overall revenues of telecom operators.

Even worse for such telcos, WhatsApp calls work like a charm on 3G networks and this is exactly why Ufone has decided to charge WhatsApp calls as per regular data tariffs instead of bucket volume.

We anticipate that other operators, with exception of one or two, might follow Ufone.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

        • WooW! I truly wish the whole industry implement such steps and same is followed with Skype and Viber as well. So you guys stop using telecom services or worst shift to your favorite PTCL aka government companies to provide you free service.
          Why don’t you guys complain in the same zeal about the automobile industry where a “Camry” is sold in Pakistan at the rate of Bentley. The same WhatsApp calls are not free in a lot of the countries and if you compare the rates that are offered in Pakistan for both internet and mobile telephony, we are among the top percentile. Yet our people are never happy.

          • If telecom sector is cheap in Pakistan, let it be. We don’t need to compare it with others to justify a price hike, do we?
            Secondly, a technological threat is like a tsunami that sweeps away many companies all over the world who cannot keep up with changing environment.
            I do agree with your point that Camry is available at the price of Bentley. But why people don’t raise this question? Camry has a niche market buddy and someone who loads Rs. 100 prepaid card has probably never travelled in it or never even seen it to differentiate which one is a new model. But that’s anther discussion.

    • Telenor free whatsapp or Facebook dy raha hai or yahan ufone waaly internet bundle k paisy charge kar k bhi whatsapp nai de rahy :D
      Rs20 for 1 MB ! ! !
      I have always loved Ufone but I am very disappointed now and I am going to switch to Telenor.

  • mera khyal mian… Ufone apna e nuksan kar raha hai..
    wo kesy?
    100% 3G user main se almost 99% Pakistani ab Whatsapp use karty hen..
    agar Whatsapp use karna (for call) itna mehnga pary ga to mostly log dosry networks ya PTCL broadband ya EVO ki taraf chaly jain gy..
    jis se ufone k overall user kam hoga..
    jo k already kam ho raha hai.. Bad Network or hidden charges ki wajha se..
    so GUD LUCK …Uphone :P

  • That is called business. The worst network with worst offer… Ufone is already giving very bakwas kind of internet packages. Ufone only know how to fool and loot customers? Ufone also knows how to mock other networks. Ufone also knows that It will soon be the most disliked telecom brand.

    And I’m going to turn off or disconnect ufone sim forever and no plan in future to buy such a cheap service.

      • You have no idea what zong is.. on 4G my download speed is mpre then 3mbps and on speedtest.net its 26mbps even i have unlocked ptcl evo charji cloud and using my zong sim on it.

      • I second that! it was my worst decision to port to zong from warid. No doubt, 3g works well where there is coverage. But the thing is I used to get “No Service” at most of the places and 3g worked good at a few selective places. Delays in sms, call failures and poor postpaid billing options. ITS SUCH A CHEAP NETWORK!

        If anybody want to witness, go to Zong head office first and look at the employees and the customers there and then go to Warid’s business center and observe. HELL OF A DIFFERENCE!!

        So happy to be back at Warid and enjoying their 4g now almost everywhere!

  • I don’t think Whatsapp call quality is amazing. Every time I called someone I got my own voice echo and distorted sound of other person. I used it on Wifi so 3G will be more bad.

  • Yallah habibi Etisalat…!!! :D after banning whatsapp calling in UAE… Tabdeeli pakistan mein agyi hai :D ufone Etisalat ki hai or unhoney UAE mein whatsapp calling block kr di hai :p chalein yaahn block tou ni ki minimum miss calls hi sahi :D… Voice calling pay yeh kr diya video calling bhi isy month launch ho rha hai woh tou direct ban hoga :D ufone tum hi tou ho

    • Masla yeh hai k agar apko koi missed call deta hai tou us k bhi paise kat rahey hain I just realised:p tou ab agar apka 3G on hai or koi Wifi wala banda missed call deta hai tou bhi apke paise kat jatey hain :D

  • Damn ufone, not only u r being charged for its usage but also the voip service enabled on device also consume bits everytime u turn-on app. Most ghatiya stretegy to steal money.

  • Ufone is corrupt govt company. Worst 3G coverage. Packages will subscribed automatically. Lut ne mein mahir hai. ufone ka licence mautal kiya jaye

  • Ufone 3g customers are reducing with multiple effect…Few months down the line, ufone would have only 5 to 6 lac 3g users left.! (rich and ufone employees)

    • In Pakistan it should be blocked too. It is very dangerous for already terrorized environment of Pakistan. Whatsapp must established server inside Pakistan and give all details to LEA, only in this condition it might be allowed.
      I urge Honorable SC judge, PM, President and all relevant officer/person to take immediate effect before its too late.

      • then what about facebook calling, skype, viber and other internet calling services?? terrorists will always find the way out. Banning whatsapp calling is not a solution of terrorism. Govt. should have better control on these companies instead of blocking them.In this fast growing technology era you cannot block all the services. It will bring more harm then good.

      • Terrorists can simply setup their own voip system within few minutes & few bucks only. Blocking public voip system is not a solution to stop terrorism

      • retard these international companies have more check on terrorist activities but your type illiterate peoples don’t understand

      • Regressive People like you are a scum of the earth and should be blocked from having any telecommunication usage

  • I urge you all to trend #ShameOnUfone to let ufone know they are being greedy and foolish for charging VoIP separately

  • I just ported to ufone due to signal issues in my area and near office, but see this message today I decided to not opt for any internet package at all.

  • This is not good. VoIP should not be charged like this. It’s a tactic to charge for VoIP.

  • I think they have taken this step deliberately to push people to use PTCL EVO/CHARJI devices.

  • Dear admin/moderator/whoever you are.
    I was not trying to spam your site. I was trying to raise awareness about an issue that exists. I have already mailed you to write about it..
    I am very much dishearted for not approving my comment.
    that would surely have given my site thousands of visitors I required :p. Sick mentality.

    • kiya huwa sirf zero to hattaya hai :)
      I was using their “all net bucket” it was Rs. 359 ( including tax ) 400 minutes to all local networks but very next month they cut 100 minutes now it is 300 min. for a month in same price.

  • I switched from Ufone to Mobilink because there 3G service sucks, please ProPakistani please review all the 3G services with PING to Yahoo.com. Most of the 3G networks fail to ping for 10 secs and starts request time outs. The worst is UFone in my tests. Mobilink was stable but sometimes request time outs. I am back to WiMAX stable ping for 24 hours.
    As Mobilink ended there 7GB package, I am also dumping the new sim. I am back to WiMAX and DSL…

  • this calls for a protest ..without breaking and destroying stuff. an Actual protest

  • I know one person who dumped his ufone because he thought that using his home WiFi for Whatsapp calling will be charged by ufone @ Rs. 20. ROFL…

  • jaan-e-jigarzzzz itna rola dalny ki kia zarorat hai..?? ufone ne konsa aap se poch k yeh charges lagaye hein ya ap k darr se khatm krny hein..simple c bat ha k koi iska reasonable alternate dekh loo..zong,mobilink telenor ya warid jo theak lgy aap us pe switch ho jao..hum logon k 1000 dafa shoor machany k bawjood aaj tk hua e kia ha? na tu call setup charges khatm huay,na hi 100 k recharge pe zardari tax( jo aaj kal no-was and show-baz) tax kehlata ha wo khatm hua.ek proverb hai k khaya usi ne nahi jis ko mila nahi.so dil chota na kro .yeh network use krna band kerdo

  • Ufone started a very very shameful practice, it already fails to Deliver.
    I been charged also on calling via whatsapp. Like many other users i am also opting out.
    Ufone = enemy of the Nation.

  • Slowly but surely, Ufone is plotting its own demise. I am seeing a time when both Ufone, and its parent PTCL, will go bankrupt if they continue with such practices.

  • Waiting for that ‘Naveed’ guy’s comment saying Ufone sucks and how he’s happy with Zong and his employee package.

    • USING VPN will drop the voice quality as data passes through several networks

  • I think, Whatsapp and other similar apps should be banned in Pakistan or otherwise they must share their revenue in the form of paying taxes. With current scenario, these apps may earn dollars for their countries but at the same time Pakistan may suffer. Good initiative, Ufone! I support you.

  • UFONE had changed mega internet bucket data limit from 50 GB to 5GB effective 12am to 12 pm from 14 may received message from ufone

  • Do the charges apply to calling only? Or are they applicable on receiving a Whatsapp call aswell?

    And correct me if I am wrong, but do these charges apply if you’re calling over Wifi?

  • Why ufone is suiciding agar is ne esa kia to ufone ko dobny se koi ni bacha sakta

  • I always like zong for internet speed its speed is always cool wheter its 2g or 4g

  • Every body port out from ufone. Bloody Mother Fu*******. I am getting a feeling that other networks will also follow that

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