Warid Launches LTE Services in Murree

Warid Telecom today announced the launch of its LTE services in Murree. Having covered eight major cities, the company is aggressively working to expand its LTE footprint in Pakistan.

With the initiation of Warid LTE services in Murree, Warid Telecom is also bringing forth a free of charge SIM replacement offer for Warid consumers with LTE handsets. Moreover, all the new and existing customers will be entitled to 500 free MB for 7 days as a trial.

Customers to enjoy 7 days free trails, 500 MB internet

All Warid subscribers residing in Murree will be able to gain access to a fast mobile internet without any interruptions: they will be able to stream videos, play online games and download data on the go with Warid LTE, irrespective of when and where they are.

The company’s focus on exceptional services has brought it great acclaim for amazing customer care, exceptional network quality, transparency, and innovation in products and services.

  • Muhammad Ather

    Warid is a worst LTE service provider. It only support very
    few and only specific models of leading brands. Every phone that has LTE (all
    frequencies) will not work on Warid LTE. I have wasted thousands of rupees in
    buying the specific set but that also did not work. Warid shows that it covers
    whole of Karachi but at I.I. Chundrigar Road (Office), Saddar (Mobile Market),
    Mehmoodabad (Residence) not in its coverage area in respond of the its 5555
    service to check its service area. I do not recommend Warid LTE to anyone.

    • ahmed

      if you do not know about frequency and go for grey market handset than you will have a issue, Warid is best operator and consistent.

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali


        using a warid no since 2010 as a 2nd sim
        boring and fazool packages always

        Ufone Rocks

        • Ammar

          “Ufone Rocks”

          • Muhammad Ather

            Ufone is economical with huge coverage area.

            • Ammar

              Yes enjoy paying for your ‘economical’ WhatsApp calls.

              • Muhammad Ather

                I also have Viber on my phone.

                • Ammar

                  Such a good network which forces you to use another app.

            • Malik Abbul Wahab

              Hahahaha wrost 3g coverage of ufone in lahore i cant find 3g in my house since a year

              Zong have full coverage telenor and jazz also but ufone sucks

        • Zawyar Ur Rehman

          Lol nice joke

        • Zohaib Hassan

          hahahahahahaha Ufone

      • Arsalan Ahmad

        Grey market handsets??? Please explain

        • Muhammad Ather

          It means set imported illegally which are not for our region. Jail-braked or rooted sets.

      • Muhammad Ather

        I’m using iPhone 5, a fresh unlocked piece from London, not rooted or jail-braked. But the model is not listed. You can also get the opinion of vendors of mobile market who also do not take guarantee of box packed Samsung (listed models on Warid website) to be work on Warid LTE everyone advise to Zong instead.

        • jawadahsen

          dude what the hell are you talking about, i have two iPhones being used on warid both jailbroken… LTE works awesome on them.. jailbreak and rooting does not have any impact on coverage and connectivity, do not post stuff which you do not know about. any phone that supports 1800 Mhz will run on zong and warid LTE networks.. doesnt matter rooted or jailbroken.

    • Tnt4ever

      you don’t need to Blame Warid or Zong. just check with Brands website against specific model. that do it support “BAND 3 / 1800 Mhz FDD” or not.

      example Iphone 5 (1428) dont support Band 3 but iphone 5 (1429) do support it.

      but if you but iphone 5 simply without checking model & say it network problem its your lack of info not natwork’s

      similarly all brands have Models launched regionally. if you buy a American HTC / LG etc that will be supporting other bands but not band 3. so check on website & forums specific model Samsung S4 with sub model (1902) etc before you buy.

      • Muhammad Ather

        What would you say about coverage? Map shows whole of Karachi under LTE umbrella but wherever I send LTE to 5555 it says you are not in coverage area. Isn’t it misrepresentation?

        • Tnt4ever

          i have full 3.5G signal on mobilink but poor speed. whenever i call mobilink helpline & complain about speed they say you are not in coverage are.

          such non-sense glitch available on all networks.

        • Tnt4ever

          may be indoor & outdoor issue.

          try changing location in your house.

      • Mohsin Mustufa

        Zong officially support LTE on Iphone 5s(A1533) but also works fine on (A1457)

        • Tnt4ever

          all iPhone 5s & 5c supported on band 3 check apple website.

    • Zanib Ansari

      Well Ather, there are number of handsets for 4G LTE

      check this out http://www.waridtel.com/lte/lte-handset-portal

    • Ammar

      So lemme get this straight; Warid sucks because you’re too ill-informed to get a phone with supported LTE bands?

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        Lol thats what he says i think…

    • Fakhre Alam

      FDD LTE 1800Mhz will work fine with Warid i guess.

    • Malik Abbul Wahab

      Bro which phone u have

    • Malik Abbul Wahab

      I tested warid 4g in sky a850k . Sky a900k

      Lg f180
      And works fine also in sky a870s

    • LoL – Zong and Warid LTE Functions on same phones

      Both are providing Best Services on LTE

      • Muhammad Ather

        Personally tested Warid LTE on Sony Xperia it was damn slow, even below Ufone’s 3g.

  • Azi

    Good but.. AJK main 3G tuh dey doooooo

  • Tnt4ever

    it was launched 2 weeks ago.

  • ahmed

    Today its official launch in Multan as well

    • ads

      i was aspecting this from you garbage employ of warid

      • ahmed

        I wish I could have job in Warid

        • Hamza

          Bro coverage area of warid LTE in multan???

        • Malik Abbul Wahab

          Hahaha iw wish to be in microsoft

  • Syed Asif Ali Hasni

    Karachi mai to full coverage hai nahi. bas coverage list incease kar rahe hain. itni limited coverage hai Karachi mai.

  • Furqan

    warid is fariq

  • Ghazanfar

    Can someone tell me does Samsung Galaxy A5 support Warid LTE network

    • Muhammad Ather

      Yes, it is. But only if you have A500F model.

      • Ghazanfar

        Thanks Ather

  • Malik Abbul Wahab

    Enjoying LTE in lahore awsome but pakages are expensive zong 4g coverage is not good but speed is blazed

    • Hamza

      Can you upload speed tests of both networks ?

  • Farhan Naeem

    Please share your experience if anyone using Warid LTE / Zong 4G over Unlocked Huawei E3276. I tried Warid LTE sim with 4G LTE Huawei E3276 but It is not working with Warid LTE. I contacted Warid Support but they donot support UNLOCKED Device…. Warid very recently introduced 4G LTE Wingles in 2500 PKR. If anyone is using the Warid Wingle Device then please comment. 03337834446 / 03209508495

  • Manzoor ahmad

    Sare network bakwas hy especialy in 3G+4G packages coverage and slow speed
    y sare chor hy mobile companies