PTCL Doubles the Monthly Volume Limits for Wingle and Chaarji Users

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) today introduced Double-Volume Double Fun Offer for its Wingle and Chaarji customers.


The new offer by the company enables both existing and new subscribers of EVO Wingle 9.3 and CharJi EVO to enjoy twice the volume for the same monthly charges on all packages for the whole year. Subscribers can avail this offer by visiting any PTCL One Stop Shop and retail outlets.

The offer enables PTCL EVO customers to experience double the volume than they are currently getting till the end of 2015.

PTCL EVO wireless broadband service is available in more than 250 cities and towns nationwide and its foot-print is being rapidly increased to bring more people on to the information communication highway.

Offer Details

As mentioned above, all packages now come with double monthly data limits. Data limits of all PTCL Wingle and Chaarji packages are as following:


*Additional usage at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 150/GB on postpay.
**Additional volume bucket at Rs. 500 for 5 GB.          


Please note that doubled volumes are valid till the end of the year.


  • Promotion is valid for new & existing 3G EVO Wingle & CharJi EVO subscribers.
  • Offer may be availed under both prepay and postpay billing modes.
  • Volumes will revert to those of standard commercial 3G EVO Wingle & CharJi EVO packages upon expiration of volume validity period.
  • Promotion is valid for package conversions.
  • Double volumes are valid till the end of the year 2015.
  • Limited time offer.

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  • PeeTCL need to start working on their backend network and infrastructure instead of giving us the lollipop of free “volume”. What’s the hell you are to do with double volume when you get the sucky speed ?

  • Still crap deal! I bought CharJi and end giving total of Rs 10000 for the first month. Where the hell volume goes I still don’t have a clue.

    • I called 1218 yesterday and asked them about whether this promotion will apply on azadi package or not. They told me that it didn’t, and that I would have to first change my azaadi package to other wingle packages and then they would activate double volume promotion for my wingle.

      • Regarding Azadi package, I am very disappointed with PTCL. First they offered us lifetime of 50% discount on unlimited package. This meant 1250 rs. for Unlimited (75 Gb per FUP) internet on wingle. Then after some months they lowered the limit to 30 Gb. And now its 20 Gb for 1250 Rs., while normal wingle users get 20 Gb for 1500 Rs. Where did the promise of lifetime 50% discount go?

  • Other networks’ CEO be like :
    Manager: Sir , i think we’re getting a bit low on the service quality front.
    CEO : Yes, i think you’re right, we should try and make our services better.
    PTCL CEO be like :
    Manager : Sir, i think we’re getting a lot low on the service quality front.
    PTCL CEO : (sleeping)(yawns) what were you saying?
    Manager : Sir, i…
    PTCL CEO : You know what? Just get me a good drink from the nearest resturaunt ,shut up, and dont bother me while i’m sleeping!

    • ProPakistani bhee sotee mee liktee heen yeah saab…

      “PTCL Doubles the Monthly Volume Limits for EVO, Nitro Users”

      while it is for wingle and chargee

  • PPaani
    zalil na kya kar
    title mein evo wingle likh
    mein samjha evo volum double ho gaya
    ag mein gali nai de raha
    ainda khyal rakhi

  • once you subscribe they will decrease it after few months like they did to me,on promotions that were to last a full year.

  • Just unlock the device and enjoy Zong 4G on it. It’s a better deal altough.

      • It’s just a piece of cake, Man! Just look at the model number of Achaaarji :), all models are Huawei company, just Google the model number and write the word “Unlock” along it. You just need an IMEI number of your device to get the job.


        Not every model is unlockable, please search the internet before buying a device.

  • It still sucks. For example, Rs.1800 for 40 GB? Seriously? Let’s say a person is getting around 20Mbps on PeeTCL CharJi, the 40 GBs would’ve been consumed before they’d even realise it. PeeTCL, please wake THE fuck up!
    Telenor 3G is frickin’ unlimited at Rs.2000/month. Speeds are usually consistent at 8Mbps. They hit as high as 14Mbps during off-peak hours. That’s how good they are. PeeTCL’s days are numbered if they still remain deluded.
    You know what, you all? Just get the CharJi Huawei Cloud device EC5377, unlock it and enjoy any other 3G/4G network on it. Been doing the same :D

      • Too expensive. Why should I go for over-expensive devices when I can get the same at a much lower cost?

      • At default base rate i.e. After you use Rs.50 worth of Internet, usage for rest of the day is free. So when you do the math i.e. 50×30= 1500 + 500(tax) and you get 2000. Hope that helps.

      • I’ve been using it for the past 5 months and I’m satisfied with Telenor 3g.

          • If the device comes with the old firmware, it’ll get unlocked for free. But if you get the one with the 2015 firmware, it’ll cost you around Rs.1000.

            • The device comes for Rs.3500 + and in case the device has the latest firmware, unlocking will cost Rs.1000, so you’re looking at Rs.4500 in total.

      • Telenor
        consume Rs. 50 on 3g- prepaid & rest of the day you get free unlimited

        so 50 x 30 = 1500 + Tax .

        So you load Rs. 2000 & get a balance of Rs.15XX

        with that 1500 you can enjoy whole month unlimited.

        same above scheme on consuming Rs .200 blc 4g

        200 x 30 = PKR 6000 + Tax

        so final total = 8000 (unlimited Warid LTE) for month.

          • you can verify from helpline. it was mentioned on Warid Prepaid tariff page before Feb 2015. then they removed. but i tested it few weeks back.

      • Unlocking can be free if the device has last year’s firmware but in case it has this year’s firmware, unlocking will cost you Rs.1000.

    • u got lucky.

      Just hope it is consistent. otherwise you will be say like us


  • never ptcl wingle or evo . i have some bad experience with wingle for almost a year and i regret it. PTCL should start working to improve its customer service and broad band internet disconnection instead of luring peoples to buy wingle or evo. at first when i start using this piece of crap it got disconnects lot i thought oo maybe its device’s fault i replaced it the day after it but again the same problem pops up disconnect it every 10 mints interval with both lights turn green i called ptcl helpline and complain center but none of them gives a shit about it than i start asking from friends who owns it and from internet everyone complain about the Disconnection. Broadband is not that good either we have 8 Mbp/s at office it got months of slow speed and disconnection and whenever we call ptcl guys they will make a visit show us fake speed test on their own web and leave after 3 minutes again the internet will get slow.
    I request everyone to at least do some research before buying it.

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