Telenor Announces USB Devices with up to 30GB Data Limit and Two Months of Free Trials

Telenor Pakistan has announced its new USB Dongle and Wingle Devices with 3G internet with up to 30GB of data limit per month. Even better, both devices come with free trial of two months with up to 60GB of data limit. Keep reading to know details!

Telenor introduced two devices, one of which is just the Dongle, while second one is WiFi Wingle, which means it will create a WiFi hotspot and up to 10 devices can get connected with it to share the internet.

Pricing, plans and other details of both the devices are as following:

Telenor 3G Connect

  • Price: Rs. 2,200
  • Price Includes Free 3G SIM (Prepaid) which has the 3G Connect Package
  • works on 3G and 2G
  • 1 year warranty
  • Online Web Portal for bundle activations and balance/usage checks
  • Free Trial: 2 months of free internet (20 GB/month).
    • Dial *345*4005# @ Rs.0.1 incl. of tax to activate Free trial
    • You can check your remaining internet data (MB) and its validity by dialing *999# (Charges are Rs. 0.24 inclusive of tax)

Telenor 3G Connect Wifi

  • Price Rs. 3,000
  • Price Includes Free 3G SIM (Prepaid) which has the 3G Connect Package
  • Can connect up to 10 Devices on Wifi.
  • Plug & play installation
  • works on 3G and 2G
  • 1 year warranty
  • Online Web Portal for bundle activations and balance/usage checks
  • Free Trial: 2 months of free internet (30 GB/month).
    • Dial *345*4005# @ Rs.0.1 incl. of tax to activate Free trial
    • You can check your remaining internet data (MB) and its validity by dialing *999# (Charges are Rs. 0.24 inclusive of tax)

Data Packages after Trial Period

As mentioned above, both the devices come with two months of free trial with a data limit of 20GB and 30GB per month respectively. After trial period ends, customers can avail following data packages:


  • Telenor USB Connect and Telenor USB Connect Devices can be bought from Telenor Service centres, franchises and selective Retailers in cities with 3G coverage is available
  • You can check your remaining internet data (MB) and its validity by dialing *999#. Charges are Rs. 0.24 inclusive of tax
  • You can use your existing Telenor Prepaid SIM with the Connect basic after migrating it to a data package, which you can do so by dialing the USSD code *345*4006#
  • Once migrated, voice calls will be blocked on that SIM, so it is advisable to do the migration only if you have a spare Telenor SIM

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  • Zebthakur

    can share internet package on other Telenor SIM?

    • Naveed

      No You cannot.. Connect Packages will only work on Connect Devices :)

    • Freelancer

      All these UNLOCKED and Locked Stock available
      ZONG 4G mifi
      ZONG 4G wingle
      Telenor 4G wingle
      Telenor 4g mifi
      Jazz 4G wingle
      JAZZ 4G mifi
      Warid 4G wingle
      warid 4G mifi

      Contact o3oo-s88s334 call/sms


  • eyescreaman

    If somebody has any of one of these, please share the device’s model number (huawei).

  • still a better love story than PTCL

    • Ayyaz

      Yes PTCL is completely Failed!!!
      Telenor is much much better than PTCL

      I used Zong 3G, Telenor 3G, Warid LTE. All are very good. But PTCL failed… I hate ptcl now.

      • Y EM

        I agree

      • Mulazim Hussain

        i need a evo telenor if you help me

    • iram

      hi plz help me abt the best pakg and cost

      • aliraza

        Mara number pa sma kara mai ap ko sb packeg bata du ga 03316207491

        • KHAN

          Telenor intarnet p

      • Asad Ali

        Hi guys someone can tell me , which is the best evo device for intrnt in pak.

      • Malhi Sab

        Non wifi dongle is worth 2200 rupees. N it has 2 months free internet 20 GB per month.But aik problem ha k Rs 1100 wala package krwany k liay aapko Rs 1500 load krna pary ga. All sim based wingle has the same trouble.

    • anwar

      ptcl kh depter ko tala lgado

  • Waqas

    Does dongle includes in package charges?

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      2 months free internet…. this means that after buying, you’ll get 2 months free internet equal to the price of the dongle itself!
      For example, the non wifi dongle is worth 2200 rupees. N it has 2 months free internet 20gb per month.
      Now if you watch the package list closely, the price of the 20 gb package is 1100, double of that? Youve guessed it, 2200 rupees!
      So you buy the device for free actually, all you do is pay 2 months internet fee in advance, the usb is worth 0 rupees :P

      • Rashid Bhatti

        Right….but my friend has told me that zong 4g is best from all the other networks

        • Zawyar Ur Rehman

          With all due respect sir….
          Look at the friggin’ date of my reply!!!
          And also, where did i mention that telenor is better??!

          P.s. just to confirm, zong IS the best (only their Mobile broadband devices though). As of 12/7/2016!

      • Malhi Sab

        But aik problem ha k Rs 1100 wala package krwany k liay aapko Rs 1500 load krna pary ga.

        • Malhi Sab

          All sim based wingle has the same trouble

  • Shahzaib

    And what about the internet speed?
    Please share the information about its browsing & downloading speed.

    • aamir7

      Speed wohi Jo 3G pay milti hay usually

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Aamir Bhai! Could you tell me what’s its maximum download and upload speed or what its model number? Thanks!

    • Ayyaz

      Brother I am sure that it’s speed will be better than PTCL.

    • afzaal

      Telenor 3G Speed In Lahore

      • Sahir

        Telenore wingle me other network ki b use ho skti hy ya nhe?

  • Zaki Uddin

    these are damn sweeeet ?

  • Saeed Khan

    Bhool mat jana sub 1500 ka pkg k liye apko 2500 ka load karwana pareyga lol

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      its 2000

      • Naveed

        Its inclusive taxes

        • Mubasher Ahmed

          Yes it is inclusive of taxes but it does not include the taxes that are deduced from the load. If you load say Rs.100, Rs.25 would be deduced as taxes and you would only receive Rs.75. So to have a balance of Rs.1500 the load you require would be Rs.2000

          • Naveed

            LMAO .. You dont understand what it means ?? If they are saying its inclusive taxes then you have to load whatever package you have , not more than that … :) SIMPLE

            • Mubasher Ahmed

              YOU really DON’T understand.

            • Mubasher Ahmed

              Just visit the telenor website and check any internet bundle. Below it there would be written, there is NO tax on internet bundles.If you want to subscribe to a bundle costing Rs.15, the amount deducted from your credit WILL BE Rs.15 BUT for you to have Rs.15 in your credit the amount you would have to Easyload would be Rs.20 and after deduction of government taxes you would receive Rs.15 in your credit.

            • salman

              bhai aap nashay main toh nai ho????
              balance load ka tax aur hai package pe 0% tax aur hai …..
              package pe tax nai hai but card load ya balance load pe tax hai!!!!

              • Naveed

                I have confirmed with Telenor.. they are saying if you load 1500rs. on Connect device.. full amount will be recharged

                • Muhammad Aamir

                  Then confirm this also what is the maximum downloading and uploading it has? or what is its model number? Thanks!

                  • Naveed

                    I dont know abt model number but it supports 21Mbps maximum speed

                    • Muhammad Aamir

                      Thanks brother!

            • salman

              bhai package is inclusive of taxes but card load and balance recharge is not!

              • Naveed

                I dont understand why ppl are not understanding .. if you load 1500Rs. you will get full amount and no tax will be duducted .. thats what it means. otherwise why its saying inclusive of tax then ??

                • Zawyar Ur Rehman

                  Inclusive of tax means that it wont deduct the subscription charges etc.
                  Recharge charges will still be deducted from ur acc!

                • Farrukh Khan

                  O bhai ku sab k demagh ke dahe bana rahay ho, I asked telenor tax will be deducted!! As you can also see in the comment below
                  No matter its voice or data sim.

                • Abid

                  Dear Naveed Hope you would have use it and i think you will be right. Those who has not used it then they should first try it then they should talk here otherwise i would request them not to confuse others like they are thereself.

            • Fakhre Alam

              LOL you need to have 1500rs credit and to get 1500rs you need to load 1875rs .

              • Naveed

                No Dude.. You have to just load 1500Rs. and no tax will be deducted as its inclusive of taxes ..

                • wadood

                  you are either a troll or either dumb! never in my life i got complete balance as the amount i paid for recharge. whenever i load 1000 rs cards i receive around 790+ something in my account. the call center ppl must have told you that 1500 is required for 30 GB package which is inclusive of taxes and not balance recharge.

                • Fakhre Alam

                  hahaha try it. i am well experienced in this regard

                • anas qamar

                  When you load a 100 rupee, you don’t get 100 rs. in your credit, you only get somewhere around 80. Its the same when you load 1500, you ill get somewhere around 1250 rs. loaded.

                  • Malhi Sab

                    But it is different this happen on voice sim and It is only data sim. There should be no extra deduction. Just like PTCL wingle

                    • anas qamar

                      Although that is true, I am not talking about the wingle, but about simply using the internet without any packages. Plus, the comment is an year old -_-

            • Haider

              Check this bro :P

          • Naveed

            I dont understand you guys.. Data sim is different and Voice sims are different.. Deduction is implented on Voice sims as there is no tax on Bundles .. :)

            • salman

              did you try it yourself?

          • Abid

            is not this cheating If i have to pay 2000 for 1500

            • Malhi Sab

              Yes it is. When u getting internet worth Rs. 1500 why anyone get Rs 2000 from u. Ptcl take some taxes of Rs 100 or 150 extra

        • Sajid

          30GB package in Rs.1500 balance for 30 days. Means daily Rs. 50 for 1GB data.
          However, without any bundle, on defalt rate consume Rs. 50 balance and you get unlimited data for that day.
          Consume Rs.50 daily for one month and you get unlimited data for whole month in just Rs. 1500 balance(Rs.2000 load).
          In this way the Connect packages are costly.

      • Dr Muhammad Irfan Tahir

        after 14% tax imposed in the Federal Budget, you will need an easy load of 2300 (with effect from 1st July 2015) to get the package of 1500 with 30GB Data.

        • Muhammad Musa Raza

          this isnt any package but if you spend 50 rs rest of day is off so it might remain the same. If tax is applied on this package then all packages prices will be increased accordingly so still this will be the best option.

    • Naveed

      Bhai .. there package prices are inclusive of taxes.. Dont worry !:)

      • Haider

        contact them again :P

        • Naveed

          That really suck then :) LOL

          • Muhammad Aamir

            You misguided a lot of people :)

            • Naveed

              I was told this by a telenor representative :(

              • Muhammad Aamir

                hahahaha!!!! No problem it happens sometimes:)

          • wadood

            indeed he misguided every 1 and when we tried to correct him, instead of confirming from telenor, he accused every 1 else of being delusional and misinformed.

            • awais ahmed

              ptcl ka evo pehkne k bhi like nhi zong tha best evo

      • irfan

        please tell me what is the total internet speed of this device ?

  • Taha

    Can i use it for another network like ufone etc.. Amir bhai do you have any crack for this device to use for another network?

    • Taimur Kazmi

      you need to unlock first

  • Aamir

    How about if i use this Dongle on my router , would that work ?

    • Ahmed Habib


    • Naveed

      Yes that would work I think if you have USB Router

      • Aamir

        Thanks Naveed, i have a router which has USB and support PTCL 3g EVO but i am not sure about telenor dongle and its settings

        • Naveed

          just give it a try otherwise USB modems are easily available in the market

        • nasirullah

          ye jaga par malta hay

      • Tariq

        What is the USB router plz guide me

    • Jansher

      YOu can purchase TP link USB 3G dongle and connect it with TP link USB router. I have done the same.

      • Aamir

        I am Currently using PTCL EVO in a router but not sure if Telenor Dongle will work because for PTCL , i did few setting which i checked from an internet but for telenor i didnt find any such settings.

        can you please guide me about setting or should i check with telenor

      • Faizan Irfan

        can u help me configure the usb router with telenor 4g device?

  • awesome :)

  • tjnapster555

    agar 750 ka package kar watay hain tu us par tax kitna lagay gah?

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      You have to load 1000rs

      • Naveed

        Dude that is inclusive taxes… so you need to just load 750PKR :)

    • Naveed

      That is inclusive taxes ..

      • salman

        if you load 750PKR you will not receive 750PKR
        Government taxes will be deducted upon easy load and balance recharge.

        • Naveed

          No …

          • salman

            have you tried it yourself?

  • Mushahid Hussain

    now we are talking ;)

  • Shoaib

    Excellent and economical packages.Well done Telenor.We hope Telenor will maintain quality also while introducing these dongles and wingles.Just see the response of consumers.

    • Fahad Hashmi

      How come economical? just see daily package. For 75 Rs you are getting 2GB…if for 2GBs you have to use 75 Rs then why not use internet without package where internet become totally free after consumption of 50 Rs!!?

      • It’s just a marketing trick to choose the monthly package. :)

        • Fahad Hashmi

          yeah it’s all about numbers :)

  • monis

    waiting for zong to lower the rates !

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Im doing the same on warid !

  • kamran

    Do I must to buy these devices from Telenor to avail 60 GB free trail for first two months?
    And Let’s say I’ve Telenor wingle USB, Is it possible to insert Zong on it in future to use it?

  • Zahid Iqbal

    Telenor should improve 3g speed.
    Tired of slow speed, connect and disconnect again and again. Now Mobilink come to rescue

    • Ch Usman


  • Talha Rafiq

    What about if I migrate my existing telenor SIM to DATA SIM? Will I get to experience the trial then? :D

    • Naveed

      No :) I am afraid

  • Fakhre Alam

    lol why not use unlimited internet @50rs per day. telenor allows you to DL/UL as much as data upon the consumption of 50Rs per day. similar cost but unlimited data

    • Fakhre Alam

      this is not any package. just start using internet and upon the consumption of Rs 50 . no further charging is done.

    • Naveed

      That comes up for 2k per month (Unlimited ofcourse) but if the user has limited use then 1500/month (Inclusive taxes) is not a bad deal :)

      • salman

        that comes up to 1500 per month.
        did u fail maths?
        50*10=500 rs
        10*3=30 days
        500*3=1500 rs for 30 days
        do your maths

        • Naveed

          I know my maths .. I dont understand why you guys are mixing up credit load on sims and packages

          • haris

            you are mixing up everything bro!

        • Zawyar Ur Rehman

          Lemme confuse your maths a bit, to get 1500 rupees load, you need atleast 2000 rupees as almost 25% of the recharge gets deducted in taxes! In short, naveed is right, you need atleast 2k to enjoy that ulimited internet

          • salman

            well we all know the tax deduction i was referring to the actual cost of internet basic package after recharge tax deductions.

          • wadood

            what about loading up the usb internet device with 2000 rs to get 1500 for the base package???

            • kashifmahmood

              Even Rs 2000 for unlimited monthly for 3G is a super deal. PTCL used to offer these but not any more. I hope more carriers launch such unlimited packages so the rates are lowered and quality further improved.

      • Fakhre Alam

        No you are missing a point. 50×30=1500rs , there’s no taxes on on wireless data including 2g 3g and 4g. though you have to load 2000 to get 1500rs balance.

        • Naveed

          LMAO thats what I mean ..

    • Taimur Kazmi

      After Rs.59.75 incl. of tax of daily charging on default rate further usage will be completely free for the rest of the day. Fair Usage Policy of 1.5 GB.

      • Fakhre Alam

        45gb is still better i guess.

  • Fakhre Alam

    how about i use the wifi version with a power bank? @aamir7 possible?

    • Naveed

      Yes I think it should work :)

    • Jawad Ahmad


    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Surely possible :)

  • salman

    why are my comments being deleted????

  • IrfanAmir

    can i avail with these dongles?

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Maybe yes..

  • abobobilly

    Don’t we still have that option to use Unlimited 3G at just Rs.50 daily? Or is it finished?

    • Naveed

      Thats On :)

      • abobobilly

        So isn’t it a better option to use than this? Granted, that “Unlimited one” comes out at slightly more expensive (approx. Rs.1800, inclusive of Tax) … but that’s just so much more convenient.
        I once uploaded more than 10GB in just 6 hours with it (Tethered to PC) and downloading was near 15GBin same time. So basically, I always got speeds more than 1MB/s which is amazing (considering I don’t really get very good signals in my area).

        • Naveed

          Yes thats indeed a good option …

  • M.Zia-Ul-Islam

    is it working all over country or is specific for any region???

  • Farrukh Khan

    I have asked telenor representative, For the 3GB package which is for Rs. 300 you have to pop up your account by easyload/Scratch card and pay Rs. 500 aprx.
    So Its not a cheap asusual…

  • Zaeem

    Telenor chaa gya hai yar <3

  • Ch Usman

    doungle bohot behtar ha iss sa jo unlock hoti ha

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    I am using TP Link M5250 MiFi device with telenor sim. Currently I am using default telenor package on which after 50 Rs. Consumption 3G data is absolutly free. It leads me 50*30= 1500 per month with unlimited 3G Data. By including withholding tax it becomes 2000 per month with average 3G speed of 4-8 Mbps which is far better than crap evo wingle or PeeTCL DSL which remain disconnected half of the month.

    • Hamza Mustafa

      default package kse ho ga ?

      • Naveed


      • Zahid Iqbal

        use 3g without any package. it is deault

    • Awan

      Hi plz tell Can i use usual sim or a special data sim to use this TP-Link wifi and its support any network sim or only telenor. As I’m new user so thts y less knw abt this plz guide me

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        If you buy TP link Mifi device it will works on all network sims. And no special sim required for that conventional sim will perfectly work on that

  • Jawad Younas

    if i convert the spare sim into this package .. it will work on mobile or i have to buy a 3g telenor dongle ??

  • Haida Kay

    Mufta haii yaaar muftaa haiiii .. Laanat to PeeTCL !!!

  • Naveed Saleem

    If we don’t like the service or facing network issue in area, Will they pay our deposit back ?

    • Naveed

      No Dude.. :)

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Itna acha koi b nhi

    • Zahid Iqbal

      not at all

  • Awais

    Telenor 3G Speed in Rawalpindi Cantt

    • Naveed


    • Naveed

      ZONG Super 3G .. No One Can Beat This ;)

      • Muhammad Aamir

        I’m living in Nowshera Cantt, getting speed only 3Mbps (-91dBm signal) on Zong Super 3G :( After 10 days, we’re going to Lahore permanently where I have a hope for getting a good speed.

  • Tariq Mahmood

    i have very bad experience with this telenor wingle…me and a friend of mine buy 2 wingles in rs 3000 per wingle to avail 60 gb data for 2 months…data sims were provided with wingle free…we dial relevent code *345*4005# to activate our data…now 4 days gone but no data received line say every time ur complain is forward…very frustrating experience from telenor

    • Muhammad Aamir

      Brother! Could you tell me what is the model number do you have? Thanks!

    • Naveed

      I would like to know the model of the device as well…

    • Farhan Naeem

      Dear Tariq, can you please let us know, Telenor is offering Huawei Locked Dongles / Wingles… Please confirm the Huawei Model number for Dongle and Wingle …. JazakAllah

  • Tayyab

    While good to know that Telenor has started the 3G bundle game now for everyone commercial use. PTCL was dominating this field from last 10 or more years. While mentioning there that the PTCL was not the one offering Wireless Braodband service. There were also big names Worldcall, Wi-Tribe, Wateen and Qubee too. They are charging high by offering not only low bandwidths. All of them have poor services too and they even don’t want to invest a single penny for the up-gradation of their networks.

    I think that the market will be changed after services from Telecom Operators and services will be better.

  • I recently take info. from telenor call center he said that the same charging policy will be apply as you charge card or get easy load the tax will be deducted.. i.e to get balance of Rs 75 you have to pay Rs 100..

  • auxiL ain

    amAxing…..”.) sPeed. 6. 7 mbs downloading speed. b . mEra vIsaa agayaa haiii dubai k . kesii ko chaye ho to 1 days use jx 2000 connect wifi 3000 wala package hai 03042212940

  • Capt.

    Cmon Now No Unlimited Package Im Willing To Pay Even 5000 For An Unlimited Package On 3G Dongle Devices

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      It’s been a year since Telenor is providing unlimited Internet just come out of rock you are hiding in

      • Capt.

        Thanks Bro I just started using telenor but the problem is how can i use telenor internet on my laptop and tablet any advice

        • Muhammad Musa Raza

          You can buy a dongle or cloud device from computer market and use telenor sim in it. It’s like ptcl wingle and cloud device

          • Capt.

            thank you sir

  • KMQ

    Aaamir bhai, please can you get confirmation on this, would it be inclusive of tax or not? I just talked on customer support on telenor website and at first he said I would need to load around 2000 to get 1500 balance but then after some harsh words from my side he asked me to wait till he double checks after 10 minutes or so he replied following.

    • Nemesis

      I dunno but I think experience is the only thing that counts in Pakistan.

  • Mohammadee

    Telenor customer service says Tax will be deducted even on Telenor Data SIM. On the other hand, I already have Zong Data sim. When i recharge it with PKR 100, I get full PKR: 100 balance without deduction of any taxes. I must say, Telenor and all other Data SIM/ services providers must provide the same recharge balance (no tax should apply as there is no tax on internet)

  • Saif-SB

    Any SMS package on Data SIM?

  • Shakir Khan

    I just only used hardly up to 3GB from trail of 1st month, my internet data was finished in just only 10 days. dont buy it telenor is deceiving people.

  • Bilal

    i our area signal service of telenor is not good, normally one or two signals. any body there will suggest me a solution of this challenge? i will thankful to that guy!

  • usman

    I don’t know if its helpful or not but i purchased a telenor wingle, my free trial was activated very next day. But after 9 days my internet services were restricted. Now they keep on giving me 72 hours deadline and after every 72 hours they extend the deadline for resumption of internet services. In all i am without internet for last 9 days. The new deadline as usual of 72 hours expires on friday and i know it will be extended for another 72 hours because in E-mail they say that we will get back to you with updates on this date. Updates means no resolution

  • iram

    i need above 40 GB data pakage limit…plz guide me

  • Irfan Ashraf

    Super muhahiy

  • bilal ali

    Who says ptcl is floap now
    Still the best is ptcl dsl internet both in prices and in service too
    However the evo devices are below the average

  • Muhammad Salman

    Suna hai ky telenor 3g bht jaldi khatm hota hai??

  • Shahsawar Muhammad

    FYI, this free package for two months starts after 8 days of activation of your 3g device. I bought a new one today, and i had to charge for first 8 days, bcz customer service guy told me that you can’t start the free 2 months right away, you have to wait upto 8 days to have that 60gb in your data bundle.

  • Talha Yasin

    Not recommended. Not woring in office at shahrah e quaideen.

    Zong is much better.

  • asif ali

    please mujy koi sasta sa pekege batao

  • wasi khan

    how to change the usb wifi passward

  • awais ahmed

    ptcl ke evo pe lanat hai

  • awais ahmed

    zong sab se best hai

  • Nemesis

    I’m using this since last 4 months, It’s awesome apart from 30gb bandwidth limit. Telenor please upgrade the 30 gb limit to 50 gb atleast. :)

  • 3g telenar

    Yr muge ye bato k jahan 3g nai hai telenar ki.wahan ye kitni speed de giiii…

  • Noreen Mirza M

    I have huawei E5330 wifi mobile device isit Compatible with telenor 3gUsbdata package

  • Romaisa

    How can i check my remaining data????

  • Abid

    I would like to request those who has not used this device should not confuse others with the reates. Those who has used it or using should give sincere advice to all viewers. Thanks

  • Guys dont buy this shit device me ne b telenor 3g li thi is main aksar net kaam nahi kerta like 1 week me 2 dkn net band rehta ha jabkey telenor help se rabta kia to jnhon ne bataya k ye 2 din ham internet ki chutti rakhtey hain.agar esa ha to phir telenor 3g ka kia faida?ab me zong 4g use kr raha jo sab se best ha downloading speed on idm 600 to 800 love zong 4g.

  • Tanvir Haider

    I want to buy used Dongle any body have?


    Could be telenor 3g activated sim utilize with Ptcl evo device??

  • Arsalan

    Wat is meant by 20 gb data limit,,,,? I hv used ptcl which gves 4 mb speed,,,,,,, i get 3g speed,,, but wat is meant by the data limit, ex: 20 gb, 30 gb etc,,,,

  • Nasir Mandokhel

    Very Very Expensive packages: if Rs. 700= 30 GB per month then will Good:

  • Adeel Awan

    i’m going to Telenor Wingle today IF its result is Zero in Multan City near CANNTT STATION TNEN Plzzz suggest me others then which is better

  • Shafi Bhai

    yar kia ya evo vingle ki taah hai ya evo nitro?i mean ka ya sirf ak he laptop sa connects hoti hai ya at a time mobile r laptop donun sa connect ho jati han,,kindly jis ko confirm hai?

  • numan zafar

    mein 3 mah sy use kr rha hn lahore mein kahen kahen achi speed ati ha but mostly boht bakwas speed ha evo wingle sy b gi guzri

  • ahmad khan

    wt is the procedure of geting this ?

  • sharyarkhan

    mera 30gb 20 din ma khatam ho gaya ha ab agly mahiny mujhy dobara 30gb mily ga oper too 30gb per month likha hwa ha

  • xul

    zong 4G is worsrt, zong wingle is not supporing 3G also .. #Fuckyouzong #burninhellzong

  • Muhammad Ahmed Raza

    Can u send me pic

  • Ibrahim

    Telenor 3g connect which price is 2200 that can connect mobile or tablets etc or just attached with laptop