3G/4G Users in Pakistan Reach 13 Million

Pakistani mobile phone operators added one million 3G/4G users during April 2015 to take the total count of 3G and 4G users in country to 13 million, said recently released stats from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Zong topped 3G charts and added 487,487 new users to its 3G network, while Telenor added some 326,844 new users to 3G data services. Mobilink was able to grab 226,877 new 3G data users during the month of April.

PTA said that Ufone lost around 121,389 data users during the month.

Total number of 4G users in Pakistan reached 141,177 with Warid leading the ranks with its 79,213 4G LTE users.

More details in below infographic:

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    • U said it bro!
      pakkey chor hein ufone waley
      .. esa hi hona chahiye unkey sath

      • bcoz ufone Charge WhatsApp Calls With Regular Data Tariffs and speed caps which is the reason for losing user but i hope they will lose more so that they know is not uae :D

        • well as per my knowledge there is no more speed capping on Ufone & Mega Internet package rocks which work from 12 AM to 12 PM in Rs. 6.

          • well those who has no work or school then its good for them coz i cant awake whole night for ufone package 12am to 12pm

      • I was facing the same issue then i called them on helpline 333 and they fixed it so for me Ufone is good.

  • Hmm… zong seems to be catching up with warid due to its new sim upgrade scheme…

  • Ufone’s days are numbered I guess lol they can just make ads. Most pathetic operator of them all.

  • As 3G/4G users are growing, but we don’t have a system like Paypal in Pakistan. When it will be?

  • the first chart should also say 3G users (in thousands). The pie chart should display from largest to smallest. So rearrange the pie chart. What is the units of MoM growth.?

  • Ha…ufone suck it. . . . You deserve derogatory user response. . . . And zong has done it just by offering the best speed out of every 3g/4g operator ….. And warid has largest 4g user base just because of largest 4g coverage
    …whereas in terms of speed zong beats the crap out of every operator . . .

  • Soon zong will be on top both in 3G and 4G numbers due to its superior quality data services. I had used all networks but Zong is only operator which provides 1-2 MB/s downloading speed constantly, which is Warid’s LTE speed. And on 4G I am getting 2.5-4 MB/s average speed which is fantastic.

    Note: please dont get confuse b/w kB/s and MB/s

    • i partially agree, people may not turn that much to zong because of bad track record!

      • But time has changed my dear. If you are talking about voice quality than Zong is still ahead than crap Ufone, and its not bad either as I am using zong and have no issue in voice quality. But today is time of data services in which Zong has upper hand among all operators. I am seeing in future that data services will generate more revenue than call and sms services once 3G coverage will expand all over the country. For example I am using Zong postpaid 300 per month with 600 Rs. 3G bundle. So bassically I am paying more for data services than voice.
        So once coverage will done and 3G packages will lower down it will deffinitly replace PTCL crap internet and generate more revenue from data services.

        • yeah, you are right but there customer services sucks, btw tell mr about there podtpaid dude, its cheap what i know, thinking to get that

          • I am Using 300 Line rent package. by adding taxes bill goes to around 415 Rupees approximately. I get 300 minutes on all networks with 150 sms and 300 MBs 2G/3G/LTE internet.

            • by using postpaid do you get any priority over prepaid users? meaning in a network congestion area where prepaid users are not able to make calls will you be priortized above of them and will face no congestion or is it the same for every one?

              • I never face these kind of issues. But I get priority at help line services and on CSC.

    • Exactly you summed it up correctly … it’s the speed and the consistency of the speed that people are opting for zong.
      whereas Mobilink has messed up their speeds recently and Telenor gives consistently 3-4Mbps. . . . . while Ufone …. is ki to baat hi na karein to behtar hai.

      • Mobilink sux in its coverage bassicly. Mobilink is the only operator which doesn’t hv coverage map. In Faisalabad where other companies moving towards adjacent areas after covering whole city Mobilink even Fails to cover Main areas of the city under 3G coverage. Even University of Agriculture inside the city doesn’t hv 3G coverage. Even Warid LTE has better coverage than Mobilink 3G. Telenor and Zong topping the chart just because wherever they go, they make sure to cover whole city in 1st attempt unlike Mobilink which starts with half city and than forgot to expand coverage by moving to another city.

      • Brother! Could you tell me the strength of Zong’s 3G signal of your area? In terms of dBm.

        • I have ufone SIM but want to change network operator with same number ( no matter 0333 change to 03n but number should be same ) which service is better, my concern is mostly use 3G and ufone sucks …

          • If you have zong 3g coverage in your area and want to eperience superior quality data services than Zong is best but you might find it expensive. 2nd option is telenor. It has largest 3g coverage and have cheap packages as compare to zong. Their defalut package has option that after consumption of balance Rs. 50 unlimited internet will be free for whole day. You can choose package of your own choice as well

  • @Aamir7 Bhai, If I am not wrong, all these statistics are based on Smart phone users. Dongles, Wingles, MiFi are part of this game as telcos are introducing these devices gradually. I am waiting for time when Users would be surfing 3G / 4G via UNLOCKED Devices ( Huawei, ZTE, TP-Link, D-Link ) for tough competition among telcos for data services. For Time being telcos are forcing users to use their own LOCKED device.

    • You can buy D-link USB dongles that support all SIMs. I bought a D-Link of 21Mbps at Rs.2700 via symbyios. pk. It shipped from Karachi to Nowshera just in 6 days.

      • Aamir bhai, i am based in Islamabad. And I am using 100 Mbps Unlocked Huawei E3276 4G LTE which i bought in Feb 2015 in 3500 PKR ( Now Market Price is 2800 Approx. )… Fortunately D-Link have own offices in Pakistan while T-Link is selling its products via Distributor in Pakistan. D-Link 3G Dongle Price is 2100 PKR while T-Link is Costly. D-Link 4G Dongle is near to launch in Pakistan. Both D-Link & TP-Link devices supports maximum 21 Mbps. If would be great if Huawei lauch its Dongles along its smart phones on retail outlets … then you would see positive change in 3G/4G markets….. Only Huawei offers 100, 150, 450 Mbps devices to use internet….

          • http://www.daraz.pk/huawei-4g-usb-e-3276-dongle-146235.html

            But before buying from Daraz, please confirm what you are buying exaclty ? There are two verion of Huawei E3276

            –> Simple Huawei E3276 – 100 Mbps – Older Version. This model is not being offered in China. Importers in Pakistan are selling this model. They bought old stock from somewhere. This model donot support Warid LTE. For Zong LTE, I have no idea.

            –> Huawei E3276S – it is improved version of E3276 with 150 Mbps. Please read Daraz Website with care before buying becuase they can not differentiate between E3276 & E3276S. Un ki website par product picture to E3276 ki hay but tech specs unho nay E3276S ki di hui hain … Cost Price in China for both version is $60-$75 per unit without DHL & Customs import charges.

            Please keep in mind that both E3276, E3276S are dongles NOT Wingles – WiFi support.

            –> I propose you also Huawei E8278 Wingle 4G LTE 150 Mbps with 10 Devices WiFi Connection. Zong is offering this device as LOCKED Device in 12000 PKR. if you can unlock it then it is very good investmet in long run.

            Again. Cost price of Huawei E8278 in China is $100+ with DHL & Custom Import Charges.



          • Why don’t you go for PTCL’s Huawei CharJi Cloud EC5377 device instead? Unlock it and you can use any SIM on it. :)

            • I have PTCL CharJi Wingle – Huawei EC8372u-876… PeeteeCL is so clever. They choosed such model which support LTE but donot support LTE 1800 MHz… If you have any software to crack / Unlock the Dongles / WiFi / MiFi then please share it at [email protected] or call me 03337834446

              • The model you have mentioned can’t be unlocked. I can only unlock EC5377 so if you have the EC5377 modem, I’ll be glad to help you out. :)

      • i tested all 5 operators on my Huawei E3276. Although, Huawei E3276 supports LTE 1800 MHz but it donot support Warid LTE. Currently, there is no perfect package available to use from any operator on UNLOCK DEVICE. Mobilink and Ufone cheated me in this regard by changing package. Mobilink was offering 7Gb in 60 PKR & Ufone was offering 50 Gb in 6 PKR….

        • Could you tell me where I can buy Huawei E3276? is there any dongle that supports both Warid LTE and Zong LTE? Thanks!

        • Best one is Telenor base package. Just load 2000 rs card and use truely unlimited downloads for 30 days ☺

  • Ufone’s really the worst of the lot! Coverage and their packages suck balls! PTA should strip them of their 3G license for how they’re operating. Their 3G department really needs to rethink its strategy or they’ll sink along with their parent company – PeeTCL.

  • One correction in column chart of 3g / 4g users, when selecting chart for 4g subscriber base, the heading on the chart states 3g users instead of 4g, pls see screen shot for correction

  • Well Done Telenor and Zong for brilliant and awesome performance in 3G While Warid for marvelous performance in 4G.

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