Pakistani and US Universities to Undertake Joint Research Initiative

There’s a project in the offing under which four Pakistani universities and three American universities will embark on a collaborative research program. The aim of the applied research and collaboration will be to find solutions in energy, water and agricultural issues in Pakistan.

To this respect, an investment of $127 million has been earmarked for the ‘Centres of Advanced Studies’  (CAS) initiative. The investment is being executed under the aegis of HEC and United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID). This initiative aims to support and strengthen Pakistani universities by empowering them to contribute to economic development all over Pakistan.

An investment of $127 million has been earmarked for the ‘Centres of Advanced Studies’  (CAS) initiative

Details of the project were first publicized by US embassy officials and USAID during a roundtable discussion with the media.

The aim of each project undertaken by the CAS is to prepare about 1000 graduates across all strata of society to become leaders in education, business and governance by applying research solutions in water, power and agriculture sectors. The project also aims to provide employment opportunities to those from disadvantaged groups, even the impetus to pursue higher education.

The CASE project, if it comes into practical, would result in and support self-sustaining applied research that’s homegrown and developed in collaboration between universities and graduates that work in the industry. Such an approach will go on to benefit Pakistan’s economic and technological prowess.

A total of 1000 graduates are going to be prepared to become leaders across society by applying research solutions in water, power and agriculture sectors

For universities alone, this can raise the quality of faculty as well as provide an updated curricula, improved governance, increased scholarship opportunities and other reforms to make university –level education more in tune with the needs of the time.

In this respect, a high level US delegation and Pak government officials held an inaugural session of the US-Pakistan Education, Science and Technology Working Group yesterday. The session went on to highlight the two countries collaboration in science, technology and high education.

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