4G Investment Strengthens Warid’s Outlook

A stronger commitment to invest in infrastructure and the roll-out of LTE services indicates that Warid Telecom will be a more proactive contributor to the development of Pakistan’s mobile sector than previously expected, said a company statement citing a research report by BMI.

Report said that only downside risk is that its above-average ARPUs of Warid might get diluted after the company reaches lower-value rural areas.

Abu Dhabi Group-owned Warid Telecom aims to invest up to USD500mn in expanding and enhancing its mobile infrastructure over the next five years. The ambitious plans – which follow the renewal of Warid’s managed services partnership with Ericsson for a further three years – enabled the research firm to adopt a more bullish view of the company’s role in the market.

Warid’s subscriber base amounted to just 11.187mn at the end of March 2015, down from a high of 17.887mn in June 2009 and, as the smallest of five players in a highly competitive and saturated operating environment.

In December 2014, Warid launched 4G services powered by LTE technology, an unexpected development in a market where long-delayed 3G services have only just been introduced.

Warid had 66,140 LTE subscribers at the end of March 2015, more than double that of the only other 4G operator, China Mobile-owned CMPak (trading as Zong).

  • How many cities Warid can cover under LTE coverage with its Narrow spectrum? I think time will tell. But what going to happen is customers of Warid in rural areas like Jarranwala, Pattoki, Bhalwal, Jamshoro, Shikarpur, Mardan, and Sibbi will probably never or till atleast five years not t get any kind of 3G or LTE services from company. and in Big cities where Warid has LTE coverage or going to Launch LTE in couple of years 90% of smartphone users have only 3g supported handsets. So it seems clear that growth of Warid’s new customers or minimum with maximum chances of losing customers in rural areas.

    • Looking at the market .. There are alot of cheap 4G phones available now.. so 4G phones are not a problem at all now.. as of coverage.. warid has best coverage in twin cities and other major cities.. their EDGE is far better than all the other operators..

    • Not agreed, Warid aggressively expanding its LTE network soon it will reach to small towns

  • i too will port to warid from mobilink after buying a 4G phone. warid is good. the best thing is that you can share MIFI data volume with 2 other warid sims

  • I dont know why ppl love telenor..telenor sucks big time, getting 32kbps download speed in jauhar,karachi. Even the voice is so badd.. Love you warid.. You rocks.. Keep it up.

    • In wireless it’s all depend upon where you live. If your area has low signals of that network then you are out of luck. So either port your network or wait for your network to expand. There is no point of cursing one network or the other.

  • Luvin warid.
    The cheapest 4G plus the most consistent and best voice quality.

    • Agreed.It seems Warid will overtake other operators in 4G due to their better quality.Warid has also introduced wingles for capturing broadband market within couple of months.There is no match with superior Ericsson equipment.

  • Warid can cover all cities with available spectrum.There is no technical issue.Just they have to speed up their 4G rollout process.Warid customers are growing very quickly due to their better quality of service and consumers are enjoying hassle free internet service.Credit of it goes to Warid Technical Team.

    • and this is Zong’s 3g from haripur (a guy posted it in another article). . . look at that speed.
      Zong 3g >>> Warid 4g

      • Why do you go into such a useless bandwidth war? After ~10 mbps or even less, the browsing speed is unnoticeable. What then matters is the latency (the “ping”). This is where a 3g can’t match 4g. Now you may argue that in the above picture, it’s showing 60 ms for Warid while 46 for Zong. 3g internet won’t always remain in this category. There will be hiccups, which an Lte doesn’t have.

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