Government to Deduct 0.6% of All Banking Transactions in Taxes

News is that government is planning to levy a 0.6% tax on every banking transaction, including bank withdrawals, cheque transfers, intra-bank transfers or anything that involves cash and bank

While Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is looking for a minimum threshold to spare the poor from the tax, it is not enough to placate the majority of the nation who see this as a desperate ploy by a government which can’t figure out how to raise money and has resorted to extreme steps.

The 0.6% advance income tax could net the government PKR 38 billion in its current form

In 2013-14, there were PKR 6.3 trillion worth of banking transactions. 0.6% of that is PKR 38 billion, a significant amount by any means.

Keep in mind that it would apply to everybody. Transferring cash online, withdrawing via cheque, bank drafts; anything and everything would be subject to the tax. This is precisely why the government’s ineptitude when it comes to collection of tax becomes an issue. Pakistan has 190 million people. Less than 900,000 pay tax. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to increase the number of people who pay tax rather than come down harder on the ones who already do?

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Recent data indicates that the government has taken no such steps to increase tax-net and the decision to not even spare widows and pensioners from the new tax is quite simply staggering.

Currently, an exemption for transactions up to PKR 50,000 is being discussed in the standing committee which is discussing the Finance Bill for 2015. Right now, 0.3% tax is charged from filers and 0.5% from non-filers for transactions above PKR 50,000.

In this year’s budget, cash withdrawal tax would increase for non-filers (0.5% to 0.6%) and reduce for filers (0.3% to 0.25%). According to Ishaq Dar, the standing committee will reconsider the 0.6% tax on banking transactions and would either suggest lowering it or imposing a minimum exemption threshold.

“People have started withdrawing cash from banks and converting into gold to avoid taxes” – Senator Talha Mehmood, JUI-F

Idle money in banks won’t see new taxes but that’s in contrast to developed countries, where it does. Others have said that the new tax would increase activity in the informal banking sector, which is already a huge issue.

via Express Tribune

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

      • why should we even give 60 rupees to these corrupt politicians ? its our hard earned money.

        • This is being given to Pakistan to run the economy. You hard earned this money in Pakistan means utilizing its resources without paying some thing back to Pakistan. Its not a free world dear. If you select good politicians, the corruption will end and all money will be applied to Pakistan’s development. Since people under perception of giving tax to corrupt politicians not bother to file income tax returns, governments are forced to adopt measures like these. Taxes are blood line of a developing economy like Pakistan.

            • lol is mulk me ghareeb crore hai lekin ameer log ginti ke to hai un ko tax kare bhi to kese. Un ka sara pesa un ke UK, ya US wale chacha ya taya ke bank account me hota hai or woh yaha mercedes me kangal ghoomte hai, un ke 4000 gus ke air-conditioned haweli me faake hote hai.

              yahaan to sirf ghareeb hi maze se jeete hai bhai, din bhar jahan jaate hai maze se khudaa ke banaye hue muft ke heater me sufur (suffer) karta hai, government use kiraye ke ghar me bijli, pani, or pese ke tension se bilkul azad rakhti hai. jab government hum ghareebon ka tankhuah, bijli, pani, roti, kapra, or makaan apne pas rakh kar hum par itna ehsaan karti hai to unka hum par tax ka danda marne haq to hoga hi! un chund bechare Kharab pati ameer zadon pe bhala tax lagane ka kya faida. faida to lakhon ghareebon pe tax lagane me hai.

          • Oh god shut the fuck up already…
            Taxes are bloodline of economies like Pakistan. THEN FUCKING STOP WASTING THEM ON YOUR METROS

            • Better to ask this metro question to Ganja & Co. I am not responsible for use of taxes. People choose Ganja and now are weeping and abusing. LOL! Kis ne kaha tha k vote do aisay items ko?

          • its a lot easier to gun down every existing politician then to find one that actually serves the people! The last high ranking government official to serve the people of karachi with the highest degree of true dedication ended up realizing that this country was not worth losing his life and left it.
            The only way this country can free itself from corruption or make headway towards a better future is if the old decrepit and morally decayed politicians who have ruled over the people like tribal land lords since the establishment of the 1973 constitution, their self serving political cliques and the violent army of so called “political workers” they bank roll are all banned, disbanded, or eliminated. That and the establishment of true merit based licensing of politicians and conducting elections under the supervision of the highest socio-political educational institutions of the country and not the military. But is that ever going to happen? god have mercy on us all! our habit of supporting the individual belonging to our mohallas instead of looking at the political overlords he serves has left us in this dire situation. Would we ever know if MQM, PTI, ANP, PML-Q, or any other independent individual or smaller party would have made a difference in this country’s fate? we will never know because all our votes end up in the hands of either PPP or PML-N even if we don’t vote for them (thanks to their vast army of workers and our ignorance to vote for some local baffoon who serves them).

          • “Since people under perception of giving tax to corrupt politicians not bother to file income tax returns”

            Government should stop doing corruption and eating all that money, then you can blame people for not trusting the govern.

            “governments are forced to adopt measures like these. ”

            Government should F*** off from corruption and then be “forced” to tax people. You are asking to pour into a pot that has a huge hole at the bottom

      • Its Rs. 10,000 x 0.6% i.e. 10,000 x 0.006 = Rs. 6 (not 60) and not too much for ordinary person.

            • o bhai why would i pay more taxes when i already pay lots of taxes on every item i buy. why are you supporting this ill govt,

              • Because its Jamhooriat and aqalmand people of Pakistan choose PMLN. LOL! Apart from that, I think PTI would also impose more taxes, not necessarily this type. On a serious note, this tax is advance tax and adjustable and applicable only to non filers.

                Who are non filers? Those whose name is not appearing in the file (Link: Which means, you have to file your tax return, and claim all advance taxes deducted at source like on utility bills, cell phones (prepaid / post paid both sims on your name), air tickets, salary, dividends, profit on bank balance etc. So for the time being it seems a burden, but if u r a filer, u will claim it in the end. Usually people assess how much tax has been deducted on various sources, and ask employer to not deduct tax on salary for 1 or two month. you can do the same and enjoy normal life without any extra burden.

                  • My pleasure Bro.

                    Other than sales tax and FED etc, Income taxes are primarily on your annual disclosed taxable income. Tax is applied based on slab rates relevant to your taxable income range. Note that there is a difference in taxable income and total income. Some heads of income are exempt, some are taxed lower than normal rate and some are taxed normally. So if you are earning more than 100k per month, you can hire a tax consultant to file your return to ensure complex areas are tackled correctly. Otherwise, just enroll online, file ur details in areas and check if tax deducted at source is equal to or slightly more than assessed tax liability. If this is the case, just file the return. If there is huge difference (usually in case if you buy a brand new car, they are deducting around 45k as advance tax), you need a consultant to file the return to correctly claim the difference. As a responsible Pakistani, it should be our duty to file return no matter how much lower is our income. Although there is a limit of Rs. 400,000 (annual) up to which no duty to file return. But they will charge tax as name will not appear in active tax filer list (link in my last comment).

                • But for this i have to show complete record to gov and then that will be another problem..

                • Taxes are always paid by final consumers for instance if i am user of product A suppose it costs me Rs 50 + 5 (tax) = 55 i have to pay 55 company the one that is owner of product will collect the tax and along with price & will submit to the govt as per country tax slabs

                  Net income will be calculated as : Gross income = 33333333
                  – All taxes = 00000001

                  • Only sales and provincial service taxes are theoretically paid by end user. Income tax is different as it will be adjusted from your final tax liability, not the vendor from who you are buying product / service.

                    Banks are always filer otherwise SBP will cancel its banking license.

                    There is no harm in filing returns for majority of the salaried class. Those who hide their income to avoid genuine taxes are causing this govt (or any sensible govt) to take measures like these. When small businessmen start paying right tax at right time, these type of nonsense taxes will be reduced along with reduced general sales tax etc. If you download the list of filer and compare it with the population of Pakistan, you will get the idea why government is bound to take these sort of actions.

                • Rehan is the anus of internet here.
                  If I pay income tax, and then I draw my post-income tax money from account, I still have to pay .6%, then I bring that cash and buy government-caused inflated products and pay sales tax on them. Even if I buy a soap bar I have to pay tax on that. 3 fold tax, and rehand is still bullshitting here

                  • The beautiful language you used in all comments on various posts, you are unfortunately fulfilling the very definition of a PTI supporter. Your language proves you are not anywhere near a Professor rather a Kindergarten. What is your NTN? Do you even file a return? (I file every year) Ever disclosed total income? You totally lack taxation background and have zero knowledge and whinnying like an ignorant. Go learn some differences between different types of taxes.

                    Less than 1% Pakistanis officially file return. If majority start filing true tax, GST rates and tax slabs will eventually be reduced by government. It is like fuel prices, which government had to reduce because of international fall in oil prices. It is not reduced proportionately, but reduced by 20%-30% as government can’t fake it for long. If PTI come to rule, it will also impose taxes, but will also provide relief to the poor. Log to Zakat poori nahi dete, Aiso se tax nikalwana to bohat acha kaam hai chahe ganja nikalwaye ya khan sb.

              • Imran kutty ko pata hai in cheezon ka ? tere leader tak ko ni pata to tu kiyun bhonk raha hai kutty ki tarah

              • Yeh wo log han Jo na tu tax daity han ya phir WO log han Jo baap ke kamaye pa pal rahay han, or yahan pa keh rahay han k konsa ziada tax ha, inko kya pata aik ghareeb family k sub log buchay say la ker borhay tak mehnat kerty han tu ja ker rat ko unka ghar ma rashan aata ha, Net pa baith ker sonay k chamach la ker paida honay walo, gharebon ke pa zulam kerna chor do, Allah ke Lathi beawaz ha, Allah say daro, Allah ham sub ko hadayat daye,

              • I am also fed up of this Ganja. In any case, you have to pay taxes, even in middle east too (hidden in different names). Taxes are inevitable for economies which are running commercial banking system (including Saudia)

                • Yar taxes sai jaga pe lagen to men shayd apni adhi salary b de dun bhai. Jab mujhe pata ho k koi b meri family men Khudanakhwasta beemar ho to use Govt hospital men free of cost best treatment mile etc

            • same here lets work to end democracy for once and forever and install a system as envisioned by Muhammad ar Rasool Allah (s) and his Companions

        • No Tax for Filers, irrespective of amount
          For Non Filers, upto 50,000 is exempt and then onwards 0.3% till 30 September 2015 and if they are still no filers, then the rate increases to 0.6%

          • No TAX you say? Have you even made a transaction lately? I just drew a check for 150,000 today and paid 900rs Tax on it. So stop bullshitting please. First write a check and then post your crap.

            • Are you a Filer? I said no Tax for Filers.

              If you are getting screwed because of your stupidity that’s your fault. I know what I wrote.

              Show some manners while you are added. Your ignorance of Tax Law does not give you a License to “crap”

            • If you have filed your NTN to your bank, Then its %0.3 for sure. I have checked it all.

      • A cheque of Rs 10,000 will not be taxed Rs.60. This tax is applicable on transactions of 50,000 Rs or More in a Day. But still it is not fair, a salaried person who is paying his tax but not filing returns will have to pay 0.6% although he has paid his income tax, just not filed it.

        • a person who is already paying income tax why is he not filling returns? such a person is plain stupid.

      • If a person does many transaction daily. Lets say he transfers and receives an amount of Rs.50,000 10 times a day. Then his monthly tax becomes:
        (50,000 * 0.6 / 100) * 30 = Rs.9000

        The person is losing Rs.9000 for no means.
        Is that a small amount? My dear! Hmm???

        • Talk about exaggeration. How many people withdraw 50,000 10 times a day for 30 days straight. That is 1.5Crore that he is withdrawing in one month. With that amount of money he needs to file taxes.
          I don’t like to pay these 0.6% tax either that’s why I’m going to become a tax filer and get the tax reduced to 0.3%

  • This government has surely lost it’s way. Absolutely everything is taxed now apart from the air we breathe. Well…a group of monkeys would elect monkeys in an election.

    • After mineral water, you will need to pay for mineral air to stay alive as well. Hopefully this mega project with billions of dollars of loan from China will begin under the command of SHOWBAZ SHAREEF and NOWISE SHAREEF

    • Allamah Iqbal correctly pointed that the bloody slavery of FARANGIS (western world) are the main cause of our destruction and downfall as a muslim ummah

  • Kabhi ap ne PML(N) Govt se achhi tavaqa bhi ki hai, ye khud luteray hain aur INSHA ALLAH ye inn ki akhri bari hai, kitni bd,duaen inn ko ki jati hain rozana, anqareeb ye jail men hon gay, Model Town walat qatl-e-aam men hi ye nahi chhoot saken gay. Allah inn ko barbad karay.

  • Well Mr. Syed Talal you should cover the complete story instead of spreading rumours. If you had read the complete budget, this 0.6 % advance income tax is only for the Unregistered persons. People who don’t have an NTN number or in a layman term people who don’t pay taxes. This is charged so that doing business becomes costly for people who dont declare there income and they are inclined to get a NTN to avoid such taxes.

    • you are 100% right, we have people with half mind empty like Mr. Talal and same as Aamir Atta who without having full knowledge spread the wrong or mis-conception among the layman, as you can see above comments from general public.
      You cannot grab a person by asking him “are you a tax payer”, this is the right way if anyone want to move the money he must be taxed according to filer or non-filer category.

      Same as people get the loyalty cards from the megastores or company outlets to get extra discount benefit on purchase.

      These is how they become tax payers as well.

      • Ok lets assume u r rite. Everyone has to file its return, although m not agree with this concept. What if I am earning less than 1st slab if income tax, perhaps it was around 34k previously and had make a transaction of above 50k. Tbe advance tax will be deducted and if i show record it in my tax return which will be nil as i am not falling in incime tax slab. The advance tax will be my tax receivable, but govt. is not going to give me back that money, instead i can only adjust them in next year’s tax return. And what will the benefit for me if mine next years tax return is also nil ? Think about it. Its only a lollypop.

        • Right you are … The people who do not fall in the Tax Slab, or people who are not eligible to file Tax Returns, for them, this Tax is not Refundable

    • MR.Khalid… Seriously are saying M.Syed Talal gone mad?? What about those who only paid RS 25 to 5000 as Tax so now this tax will not apply on them..majority rich people in Pakistan paying taxes in thousand and rupees even they are earning in millions..whats the use of imposing this tax if they are exempt from this… they are killing small businessmen who just earn in thousands..

      • It’s not like any Government has ever taken the initiative to teach people. How taxes work and how taxes need to be filled. The amount of budget allocated to Education speaks for itself.

      • You are Right … The people who do not fall in the Tax Slab, or people who are not eligible to file Tax Returns, for them, this Tax is not Refundable

      • They assume you being a student wont conduct a single transaction of more than Rs 50,000. Sounds logical right?

        • Yes logical. If you are taking some foreign courses you have to pay fees in dollars, pounds etc. I also used to conduct transactions of more than 50k when I was a student and had to pay my fees in pound sterlings.

          • I think the person who is paying your fee will be taxed at 5% (correct me if I am wrong) but, again, this Tax amount is adjustable against the Income Tax liability of the filer

      • if you are student still you have to file your return and its obligation on you. ap return file kren gay k apki koi income nahi hai.
        ye kartay ho apni duty puri ap?

      • You have a false degree, how do you have the balls to talk about false reporting against your masters? It is people like you who bring shame to the name of Islam and education and honesty. There was a time i used to think mistakenly that you were an Ashiq e Rasul but after knowing your Dirty deeds, i have not an ounce of respect left for you. May Allah protect us from such Dajjals as you

  • For sure it will increase the volume of black economy. Right now a lot of transactions for cars, property etc are done in cash with wrong value declared. This kind of measures will further force people to opt for non banking channels. It will create risk and security incidents.

  • Do an article of “How to file for taxes” I have received a letter of my taxes that i have to pay but little to information on how to do it.

      • fbr is one confusing website. I tried to enroll for filiing taxes electronically and it asks for NTN number. Now i have to see how to first get an NTN number and then file for taxes. If you already know the details please reply back.

  • well 0.6% will going to charge to those persons who are non filers.
    This type of tax is one of its kind in the world normally, deposits in banks are appreciated by government because it brings money into economy whereas Pakistan is the only country who is charging tax on bank transaction, surely people will avoid to make transaction through bank.

    There other several ways to bring the non-filers to tax net.

      • impose huge duties on luxury items like vehicles, increase tax on properties , bring big businesses to tax circle.

        • 250 % + tax on much you want now?
          500 % okay?
          property tax is already taken which was too high.
          all luxury items already taxed heavily.
          even from last one year all those bank account holders who don’t have NTN number, government charging tax and taking their money directly from bank.
          Aik choti si baat ha: hum government ko hur kam main blame kerty hain per khud ko nahi. Itni gov dheeth nahi jitni awam hai is mulk ki.

    • Since interest rates are cutting down, this shows that the Govt is trying to mobilize amount from banks to actual development activities directly and not through banking loans as loan is a tool of credit multiplier. I think it is fine owing that majority of population is non-tax payer or non filer. Even Imran Khan will have to take steps like this. You need to think it has little impact on individuals, but collectively it will generate loads of revenue for Govt. Thats another part where they will use this revenue, but from economical point of view, these measures (obviously along with other measures) is the need of the time for Pakistan’s prosperity. (Note: I am not a Noora league supporter :P but please have guts to appreciate little little steps of Noon League if feels correct)

    • I always held that the banking system of FARANGIS, especially when it comes in the hands of slaves of east is nothing but total corruption and unislamic, worse then pork meat. Therefore, the nation should rise and say NO to banking for once and all and let the NOWISE SHARIF and SHOWBAZ SHAREEF empire collapse

  • What’s fuck this? Already there is tax on everything on phone and on everything, now they also try to deduct tax from banking transaction, I am residence of saudi arabia and they never detuct tax from anything phone or banking transaction etc.

      • What has Saudi has to do with tax increase in Pakistan. Pakistan loans money from IMF and world bank. They in turn suggest tax increase to pay back the loan

      • I don’t think tax is barakaat of saudi arabia and this is our and our government peoples barakaat and we blame on others.

  • A very good decision. This is a WITH HOLDING tax which means it is advance income tax. The tax return filer has a benefit in it. where as those who earn millions and pay nothing should be hit hard. Salaried class is already deducting their taxes through the employer and this tax can adjust in it. where as people who earn handsome amount like the owner of this blog, doesn’t pay a penny. so it must be levied.

    • Really! what about those who are earning around 20,000 per month from Internet and other resources?

  • On 1 Lac transaction, Rs 600 will be deducted. What a shit. People dont use bank transfer, instead, return to old days send money by hand.

  • 0.6% TAX hadd he. Abhi mujhko 10$ se le ker 100$ exchange kerwanay pe 1000Rs ka tax dena parta ha ab 160 ka dena parega. Lanatun Shaddedun

  • what about big businesses, privately owned fast food restaurants who are operating in 5 star shopping malls and paying nothing

    • btw they are paying taxes.
      also its rule and any customer can demand their NTN number and they have to print it on the receipt.
      Usually kfc pizza hut print their NTN if not they will put their certificate on public counter.
      If you didn’t see anything like that , as a citizen its your duty to report to FBR and yes action will be taken upon your complain and you’ll be informed by FBR that what they did on your complain.

      • the NTN is used for filling income taxes whereas Sales tax registration is actually required to be printed on invoices which shows that 17% tax goes to government on every sales
        The problem is lack of knowledge in people.

        • yes lack of knowledge in you.
          its also mandatory to write their NTN number so people know they pay taxes and can verify.
          If not written that mean they aren’t paying any tax.

          • go to lawyer and ask him, ntn for income tax, sales tax no. is for gst which restaurants are charging @ 17% but they don’t deposit in government treasury

    • Mawlana Diesel and Lazy Sapper!! Guys tell me something please, Like what if people get together in this pathetic country and start withdrawing all the amounts from banks, would that possibly work or no? And what if you convert them in to a dollar account, would the shit be the same guys! What do you folks say.

      I truly appreciate both you guys and your comments. Salute!


      Ali Mohammad

  • Your money in BANK is your money. When you pay all the other TAXES (like wealth tax, income tax, sales tax, taxes on your elec.gas.water bills) or if you are a widow, dependant, disabled person why should these pigs be entitled to money from any of your hard earned savings?

    Ishaq Dar is the other name for IBLEES e KHABEES. But he is just an employee of the SHAYTAN E AKBAR: NAWAZ SHARIF and SHAYTAN E ASGHAR: SHAHBAZ SHARIF.

    These peons of Sharif family only do announcements. The REAL policies are made by the greedy SHAYTAN E AKBAR AND SHAYTAN E ASGHAR

    May Allah annihilate them, their policies, their belongings, their clans and all their remainders with the hundreds of millions of powerful curses of all those who curse them day and night for the injustices they are doing on an already tortured nation.

  • These bloodsuckers of Hell got fake votes, but with the hope to give relief to the people. However, they are continuing in a manner which puts even Zardari to shame. So much relief for public. Even pain killers will stop working now!

  • Nobody should get even a single penny from my money. My money is my money. Some son of a bitch, cos his name is MINISTER or PRIME MINISTER XYZ has no right to make a GULLU BUTT LAW and impose it as word of GOD to snatch even one rupee out of my account!

    This is the result of a CURSED SECULAR DEMOCRACY. Had this country been running under a TRUE islamic system, there would have been no such HARAMZADGIS by these Haramzadas

  • Aur dain vote inko hum, if you compare today taxes with two year before taxes you will come to know how much sacrificing you’re. We need to think about our children we must think about it, otherwise with in next three years you will be paying 50% for your salaries into taxes. On the other hand see Nawaz and Shahbaz boths pays only 5000 tax for whole year for whole property for whole income? LOL actually how fool we’re?

  • While not in the fav of thIs tax. I think it only applies to non filers of tax. This is also why I favour bitcoin

  • Already 0.5% is alot of money, now they want to increase and also tax all transactions even online ones? This is ridiculous!

  • Is this bugger Ishaq Dar falling short of Qarz-e-Hasana to send to Dubai, Pakistan has gone to dogs!

  • It’s a shame. As it is, Pakistan is an underbanked country. Meaning millions prefer to keep cash rather than rely on the banking sector. This tax will encourage people to move their deposits out of the formal banking sector as well.

    I wonder how many politicians will be paying these taxes also.

  • Now Downfall of Banks begin. Most of the Traders avoid depositing there money in Banks.

  • Now Downfall of Banks begin. Most of the Traders will avoid depositing there money in Banks.

  • it is nothing to debate here fellows , in every field of life we get examples of western civilizations!!! West is very cruel in its tax earning/collecting method ! then why for this tax issue we are praying to collapse this system/ government/ democracy

  • It’s really amazing how the Pakistani Government thinks. These morons don’t realize that they are forcing taxpayers to go towards informal banking channels. People who have declared income have money in their bank accounts. Instead of taxing the banking transactions, the Government should tax the cash transactions and provide relief to already overburdened taxpayers of Pakistan.

  • In all over the world taxes only applied on rich people while there is in pakistan rich people are becoming more rich while poor has became the poorest person…………

  • This is totally unacceptable ! instead of expanding tax net they are imposing more taxes on us ! :@

  • let me give you the idea
    so if you are a big businessman and you got a cheque of 1 crore then 60,000
    will be deducted. And when you will buy things from this remaining 99 lakh 40,000 then again 59 thousand 500 hundred will be deducted from your money. Total loss 1 lakh 20 thousand.
    Aur karo sher ko support :) sher insaan ka dost nahi dushman hota hai

  • jitna hum earn karte hai hum 06/percent govenment ko dete hai kyun ke wo bhoot hungry hai specially for ashiq dar

  • Your salary has already been subjected to deduction of Tax at source so why you pay even a single paisa for using your own, purified money ?

  • Except Pakistan there is no other country which corn their own people by taking taxes multiple times. For Example, all employees pay tax then why do even pay a single peeny extra as a tax rather then getting benefits because its Pakistan. I am outside Pakistan and really shocked after hearing this news because me as well as other colleagues/friends were thinking to invest in Pakistan but why should we pay extra on hard earned Hallal money after paying appx 40% of tax. Simple Eample, if a foreigner want’s to buy a small house which now a days cost appx 1 core+ the bank will deduct huge chunk of money (jagga tax) .. Why ???? I think the government is full of GOOF (foolish) people and trying to meet the IMF conditions and repeating what a blunder they have already done in 1998-99 by freezing the foreign currency. If they will continue this stupidity of taxation (I heard 10% on foreign currencty) then it will be another blunder and foreigners will instead of sending remitenance to Pakistan, will start investing in other countries. Feeling really sorry for Pakistan !!!!

  • i want to transfer 10 lac from differnt bank to my bank. i m non filer… how much tax do i need to pay ? with thanks

    • Transfer through pay order, you will pay 4000 tax only for 1 million PKR, but it will take 2 to 3 days to transfer, and you need make pay order from your bank and deposit it on the bank where you wants to transfer. It would be in a day if same bank transfer, charges remain same 0.4 in both case.

  • don’t you think taxation is robbery. how can Govt. formed by majority encroach private property, and lives of its minotiry citizens. Minority according to wealth.

  • Those who are working abroad and send back their savings,helping corrupt Govt to run Govt, why they are also punished by such taxis

  • Kia baqwas hai yar mene 26th June ko Rs.320,000 withdraw krwae hain or aj unho ne mere account se Rs.1920 tax deduct kr liya hai.

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